Beauty Girl at Nail Salon Download Latest Version APK

Download Beauty Girl at Nail Salon Latest Version APK

In this manicure game, you will help a girl to regain the beauty of her nails and you will do that following 3 major stages. First, you will go to the spa session to clean the nails and the hand as well, then you will move to the treatment part where you will remove the infections and fix the broken bone, and in the end, you will use your creativity to design a colorful manicure with different nail polishes. So, there are some special masks you will apply, but first, you have to prepare them and prepare the hand as well. Mix the bio-ingredients and wait to put on the hand treatments. The nails need a good care and the hands are in a critical stage too. Make sure you will design a fascinating manicure with a moisturized hand. Clean her hand, then make a full treatment and designing. Next, the manicure implies cutting the extra nails and smoothing the surface for the nail polish. You have the possibility to customize each nail with colorful polish and glowing accessories. Choose the colors you like and be creative. Keep testing your abilities and try to add some innovative aspects to this manicure. Maybe some sparkling texture or a crazy color could make the hands more attractive. You will also have some fascinating tattoos and jewelry to choose from. Keep in mind that details make the difference!

All of that and you still can find these amazing features in this game:
-Easy control of the game and free playing
-Challenging tasks and diversity
-A multitude of tasks to accomplish in the beauty nail area
-Cool designs to create for a girl’s manicure
-Earn your name as the best manicurist
-Beautiful colors and textures to choose from and pretty impressive accessories
-Manicure session and hand caring as well
-Interesting experience to have

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Babysitter a Day with Triplets Download Latest Version APK

Download Babysitter a Day with Triplets Latest Version APK

Your day could evolve easily into a disaster if you are not handling this challenge right, but if you know how to approach babysitting these triples you might become a specialist. Have an interesting experience and go through some activities with all three of them in order to complete your tasks as a good caretaker. Take responsibility in your hands and start this game with the part where you will enter into the beach to play with the kids. You have to verify each need and once you are taking care of one baby you will continue with the others. Build a sand castle, decorate it, dig in the sand, let them play with the ball and try to do all sorts of things that you could do by the beach. Once this step is done, move further to the feeding part because the kids will be hungry after some hours in the sun. Make sure you will fulfill the requests they made in the matter of food. Just because they are triplets doesn’t mean they will want the same meals, so get them what they wish. The following step includes activities in the playing room and here you will be assembling some puzzles, or matching the shapes in the right holes. You will also stimulate their creativity by painting and coloring lovely pictures. After all these tasks you will have one more thing to do: find a nice look. Use your instincts of a fashion designer and create diversified or even the same outfit. Add cool accessories, funky t-shirts or a cute overall.

Need to take a look at these game’s features because they are specially designed for you:
– Simple gameplay
– Be a babysitter for baby triplets
– Multiple activities to accomplish
– Free for playing
– Beautiful clothing items to use and accessories
– Having fun in different spaces
– Build a sand castle and design the outside look
– Prepare a variety of meals for each baby

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Babysitter a Day with Triplets 1.0.0 screenshots 1Babysitter a Day with Triplets 1.0.0 screenshots 2Babysitter a Day with Triplets 1.0.0 screenshots 3

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Baby Panda Day Care Download Latest Version APK

Download Baby Panda Day Care Latest Version APK

This baby panda is for sure in a lot of pain, your mission in this animal game is to remove that suffering with a proper treatment for each disease that cause so much trouble for this little bear. You need to follow simple steps to get the treatment done and to let the wounds be healed you have to begin as soon as possible. Take this process serious and don’t miss any phase because it’s vital for your patient to find the reason he is having these symptoms and then you could use those specialized devices to help him out. Check his temperature, look at his heartbeat and only after that you have to start disinfecting his injuries. Use cream and bandage also you have to put that eyes drops and the spray where it’s necessary. Inject some vitamins to make him feel better and also to improve his immune system.

Once you’ve finished the nursing part, the recovery should begin so his condition must improve. Now the only thing that remains is to create a new design for his wearing. Take a few minutes to think about the style you want to adopt and then choose the clothes that fit the most your idea. Make this baby panda happy again and put some accessories to customize his look.

There are many features this game brings for you:
– Possibility to develop nursing skills
– Offer a new and refreshing outfit for this baby panda
– Creative ways to dress a cute fluffy bear
– Great tools and practical techniques to learn
– Major role in making this patient feel better again
– Helping out a sever recovery and understanding the process
– Cool experience and new abilities in taking care
– Free to play
– Amazing background sounds and graphics

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Baby Panda Day Care 1.0.7 screenshots 1Baby Panda Day Care 1.0.7 screenshots 2Baby Panda Day Care 1.0.7 screenshots 3

>>>Download Baby Panda Day Care 1.0.7 APK<<<