West Gunfighter Download Latest Version APK

Download West Gunfighter Latest Version APK

Are you ready to take part in the #1 exciting 3D western adventure? Explore the open world in an Old West of kill-or-be-killed frontier as a western cowboy now!

West Gunfighter is the game where Wild West is as real as it gets. Play as a cowboy or cowgirl, you’ll tackle missions, earn rewards, challenge & duel to take out bandits, and find hidden loot. Or you can just ride a horse, drink at saloons and enjoy the land’s beauty. It’s all your call!

Game Features:
– Customizable cowboy characters with dozens of clothes
– Hundreds of various activities in the game
– Different horses and weapons to help you on the journey
Fixed some crash issues of the game. Thanks.

>>>Download West Gunfighter 1.8 APK<<<

West Gunfighter 1.8 screenshots 1West Gunfighter 1.8 screenshots 2West Gunfighter 1.8 screenshots 3

>>>Download West Gunfighter 1.8 APK<<<

Stickman Fight Download Latest Version APK

Download Stickman Fight Latest Version APK

Stickman Fight is #1 fun and addictive beat them up game with realistic physics.

Enlist today and cut down wave after wave of enemy warriors in the shooting adventure! Or enter the arena and perform amazing stunts & blows to defeat your opponents!

You must fight against enemy stickman and have no mercy against them. Hear the sweet screams of your victims as you perform physical tricks and mercilessly destroy them, or strafe them with shot gun fire and roast their remains with the flamethrower.

Game Features:
– Simple and easy controls but hardcore gameplay
– Realistic ragdoll physics and unique & beautiful graphic style
– More than 90 levels of 6 different combat styles plus endless mode
Fixed some crash bugs of the game. Thanks.

>>>Download Stickman Fight 1.4 APK<<<

Stickman Fight 1.4 screenshots 1Stickman Fight 1.4 screenshots 2Stickman Fight 1.4 screenshots 3

>>>Download Stickman Fight 1.4 APK<<<

Bunny Skater Download Latest Version APK

Download Bunny Skater Latest Version APK

Bunny Kim is back in his MOST ANTICIPATED adventure ever to hit Android! Bunny Skater is #1 exciting skateboarding game on Google Play.

Grab the board and get ready for a kick-flippin’ adventure now. Bunny wants to become a hollywood star so he needs the carrots to grow more attractive. And it is your job to guide Bunny to shred through the obstacles to collect all the carrots. The more carrots you collect the more point you score!

How to Play:
– Tap bottom left button to accelerate
– Tap bottom right button to jump

Game Features:
– 3 beautiful skate worlds to get lost in
– 72 challenging levels and more to come
– Realistic physics to ensure a familiar skateboarding experience
– Multiple paths on each level for extra replayability
v1.5: Fixed some minor bugs of the game
Thanks so much for your support!

>>>Download Bunny Skater 1.5 APK<<<

Bunny Skater 1.5 screenshots 1Bunny Skater 1.5 screenshots 2Bunny Skater 1.5 screenshots 3

>>>Download Bunny Skater 1.5 APK<<<

Surfing Master Download Latest Version APK

Download Surfing Master Latest Version APK

Ride on the forward face of the moving wave, perform amazing tricks in the air, and become the pro surfer there is! Surfing Master is #1 realistic 3D surface water sports game on Android.

Master the maneuvers of bottom turn, re-entry, cutback, reverse, layback, snap, stall and all latest real-life tricks. Surf in breathtaking locations all over the world now! Your skill and imagination are the only limits to the tricks you can pull off!

Game Features:
– Real-life physics that create realistic riding moves
– Stunning 3D graphics and intuitive controls
– 10+ surfing boards, 8 different surfers and tons of challenging levels
v1.0.3: Fixed some crash bugs the game. Thanks.

>>>Download Surfing Master 1.0.3 APK<<<

Surfing Master 1.0.3 screenshots 1Surfing Master 1.0.3 screenshots 2Surfing Master 1.0.3 screenshots 3Surfing Master 1.0.3 screenshots 4Surfing Master 1.0.3 screenshots 5Surfing Master 1.0.3 screenshots 6Surfing Master 1.0.3 screenshots 7Surfing Master 1.0.3 screenshots 8Surfing Master 1.0.3 screenshots 9Surfing Master 1.0.3 screenshots 10Surfing Master 1.0.3 screenshots 11Surfing Master 1.0.3 screenshots 12Surfing Master 1.0.3 screenshots 13Surfing Master 1.0.3 screenshots 14Surfing Master 1.0.3 screenshots 15Surfing Master 1.0.3 screenshots 16Surfing Master 1.0.3 screenshots 17Surfing Master 1.0.3 screenshots 18Surfing Master 1.0.3 screenshots 19Surfing Master 1.0.3 screenshots 20Surfing Master 1.0.3 screenshots 21Surfing Master 1.0.3 screenshots 22Surfing Master 1.0.3 screenshots 23Surfing Master 1.0.3 screenshots 24

>>>Download Surfing Master 1.0.3 APK<<<

Lose Weight – Slimming! Download Latest Version APK

Download Lose Weight – Slimming! Latest Version APK

If you want to get rid of your fat, why not try it first on your phones or tablets? Lose Weight offers 6 challenging mini-games for you to choose how you want to lose weight in real life.

Help the fat girl to change appearance through slimming in this challenging game. With a choice of 6 unique mini games of Exercise ball, Step test, Dumbbell lifting, Weightlifting, Swimming and Sandbags punching, you will be able to test your finger skills in a variety of highly addictive challenges. Are you ready to meet the weight loss goals?

Game Features:
– 6 addictive fun & challenging mini games
– Play bonus game to keep healthy eating habits and earn more coins
– Replay each game to beat your high score and get higher grades
– Easy and fun to start, but challenging to master
v1.7: Fixed some crash bugs of the game. Thanks.

>>>Download Lose Weight – Slimming! 1.7 APK<<<

Lose Weight - Slimming! 1.7 screenshots 1Lose Weight - Slimming! 1.7 screenshots 2Lose Weight - Slimming! 1.7 screenshots 3Lose Weight - Slimming! 1.7 screenshots 4Lose Weight - Slimming! 1.7 screenshots 5Lose Weight - Slimming! 1.7 screenshots 6Lose Weight - Slimming! 1.7 screenshots 7Lose Weight - Slimming! 1.7 screenshots 8Lose Weight - Slimming! 1.7 screenshots 9Lose Weight - Slimming! 1.7 screenshots 10

>>>Download Lose Weight – Slimming! 1.7 APK<<<

Modern Sniper Download Latest Version APK

Download Modern Sniper Latest Version APK

Aim and Shoot! Modern Sniper is #1 first person shooter game that will blown you away!

An over-the-top shooter in every sense, Modern Sniper takes you on a whirlwind tour of the criminal underworld. You are a modern sniper ready to play your part in dangerous attacks and silent assassin missions. Eliminate a mob of enemies at street level or take out the single high-profile target. With access to an inventory of sniper rifles and assault rifles, you will rely on your marksman skills to finish the work.

Game Features:
– Over 50 crime shooter missions to complete
– Ultra REALISTIC 3D graphics
– 6 unique maps and stunning locations
– 7 different real-world weapons to choose and upgrade
v2.00: Fixed some crash bugs of the game. Thanks.

>>>Download Modern Sniper 2.00 APK<<<

Modern Sniper 2.00 screenshots 1Modern Sniper 2.00 screenshots 2Modern Sniper 2.00 screenshots 3Modern Sniper 2.00 screenshots 4Modern Sniper 2.00 screenshots 5Modern Sniper 2.00 screenshots 6Modern Sniper 2.00 screenshots 7Modern Sniper 2.00 screenshots 8Modern Sniper 2.00 screenshots 9Modern Sniper 2.00 screenshots 10Modern Sniper 2.00 screenshots 11Modern Sniper 2.00 screenshots 12Modern Sniper 2.00 screenshots 13Modern Sniper 2.00 screenshots 14Modern Sniper 2.00 screenshots 15Modern Sniper 2.00 screenshots 16Modern Sniper 2.00 screenshots 17Modern Sniper 2.00 screenshots 18

>>>Download Modern Sniper 2.00 APK<<<

Tap Tap Glider Download Latest Version APK

Download Tap Tap Glider Latest Version APK

How far can you fly your paper plane?

Use your finger to guide the plane through a world full of obstacles. You need to tap the screen in little bursts to give your plane a wind boost to make it fly higher to avoid crashing. Judge carefully how much to boost as the plane can not hit the obstacles…

Unlock new planes as you progress through the game. Each plane has its own special ability.

How to Play:
– Touch on the right side of the screen to boost the plane
– Collect 3 bubbles and then touch on the left side of the screen to activate a special ability

Game Features:
1) 3 well-designed paper planes (more to come)
2) Different difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard
3) Simple one touch control gameplay
v1.4.2: Fixed some crash bugs of the game. Thanks.

>>>Download Tap Tap Glider 1.4.2 APK<<<

Tap Tap Glider 1.4.2 screenshots 1Tap Tap Glider 1.4.2 screenshots 2Tap Tap Glider 1.4.2 screenshots 3

>>>Download Tap Tap Glider 1.4.2 APK<<<

Shadow Skate Download Latest Version APK

Download Shadow Skate Latest Version APK

Shadow Skate is the most exhilarating running and skating game on Android. Navigate skyscrapers, forests, parks, and night clubs as you try to escape the shadows. Test your reflexes as you skate down modern cities and along skyscrapers roofs. Speed up, jump & crouch to avoid obstacles, collect coins to buy power ups, and see how far you can skate!

Game Features:
– 4 beautiful skate park environment to get lost
– 40 challenging levels with unique vector tricks to try
– Realistic physics and stunning shadow arts graphics
v1.0.6: Fixed some crash bugs of the game. Thanks.

>>>Download Shadow Skate 1.0.6 APK<<<

Shadow Skate 1.0.6 screenshots 1Shadow Skate 1.0.6 screenshots 2Shadow Skate 1.0.6 screenshots 3Shadow Skate 1.0.6 screenshots 4Shadow Skate 1.0.6 screenshots 5Shadow Skate 1.0.6 screenshots 6Shadow Skate 1.0.6 screenshots 7Shadow Skate 1.0.6 screenshots 8Shadow Skate 1.0.6 screenshots 9Shadow Skate 1.0.6 screenshots 10

>>>Download Shadow Skate 1.0.6 APK<<<

Break the Prison Download Latest Version APK

Download Break the Prison Latest Version APK

Breaking the rules is way more fun than playing by them. And breaking the prison is even more fun, especially you are framed into the jail!

You have been sentenced to death for a crime you did not commit. Now you need to devise an elaborate plan to escape the prison and clear your name. As a brilliant mechanical engineer, you need to build up the tools in your cell first. Then steal the keys from the guards, discover the escape route by solving puzzles, and break out the prison by sneaking into an escape tunnel underneath the prison. Are you ready to escape and prove your innocence now?

Game Features:
– Mind-bending puzzles plus addictive action game-play
– Chilling atmosphere and beautiful visuals
– 40+ challenging levels in 8 different themed cells
v1.0.13: Removed unnecessary permissions and fixed some bugs. Thanks.

>>>Download Break the Prison 1.0.13 APK<<<

Break the Prison 1.0.13 screenshots 1Break the Prison 1.0.13 screenshots 2Break the Prison 1.0.13 screenshots 3

>>>Download Break the Prison 1.0.13 APK<<<