Scary Granny House Download Latest Version APK

Download Scary Granny House Latest Version APK

Have you ever get a chance to play the scary horror games? Do you like to play haunted escape story? We have introduced the most haunted survival escape house story of all times. You can never experience the way this horror story has presented to you. So be prepared to play the scariest game of all times. Come and accomplish the survival escape game. There is no other game that can make you feel the goose bumps in your whole body. So let’s get ready to be a part of the extreme horror haunted story.

Here is the horror haunted escape story in which you are the lone survivor in the scary grandma neighbor house. You are required to face the horror grandmother as you are stuck in the neighbor house. So you need to accomplish the survival mission as well as to finish the scary grandma. The survival is not easy so you need to be more strategic this time as there is not only the escape but also the killing of the haunted grandma. Feel the thrill as well as the excitement in inside you that will push you to complete this game regardless of your scariness.

Let’s start the horror story!!! You are in the mysterious haunted scary house because you are kidnapped by the haunted grandmother. You are trapped in this horror house. You are all alone this horror escape story house. There is no one in this scary house. You are trapped here. But you need to think for the dead escape in the shortest possible time. You will try to find out and make an escape plan from this spooky house but this is the mystery that you need to uncover.

The more alarming situation is that there is no escape from this creepy haunted horror house and you are totally trapped. This is the most mysterious and puzzled scary grandma horror house because you are not able to find any escape. You are trying to get out of this horror neighbor grandma house but you are failed to escape. This is the house adventure. The grandmother scares the evil neighbor house innocent people. You are now in the grandma horror house. Become the survival of this horror dead escape story in which you need to escape. Survive from the grandmother spooky house as soon as possible so that she won’t be able to harm you more at any cost. So you must silently try to escape from the horror game or you need to shooting dead escape before the escape shooting survival mission. You are now part of the horror story.

This is the time to escape from the old grandma house. Play this thrilling scary grandma old haunted escape house escape shooting dead game to reveal the secret of escaping from the haunted survival house. Solve the creepiest spooky house quest. You have to accomplish the ultimate survival escape shooting mission to get rid of the scary grandma as well from this old house haunted story.

You are trapped for few days in this haunted old house. Dead Escape shooting dead from the old house before angry grandma catches you and finishes you. Find out the keys at any cost before someone find you and tap on your shoulder from behind.

• Tap to start the horror survival dead escape house story
• 5 characters of the horror grandmother
• Select the weapon to shoot the grand ma: pistol, shotgun, M4, Grenade, Baseball bat
• Select the scenes from 2 scenes
• You are trapped in the horror grandma house
• In the first scene you need to escape from this horror house after finding out the keys
• In the second scene you need to kill the grandma before the escape shooting
• You have few days to accomplish this mission
• Stay quiet and find out the keys for the escape survival mission
• 3D haunted escape house simulation
• Different weapons to select
• 2 scenes to escape from the spooky house
• FPS haunted simulation
• Scary horror background sounds

>>>Download Scary Granny House 1.1.3 APK<<<

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>>>Download Scary Granny House 1.1.3 APK<<<