BubCon Messenger Download Latest Version APK

Download BubCon Messenger Latest Version APK

BubCon messenger is a new, innovative messaging app. By using so-called bubbles you can create sub-groups from the main group which lead to more clarity in the different chats. Hence, communication is easier and well arranged.
Rejoice in our unique designs and design your groups individually, just as you like.
BubCon guarantees maximum security since we use end-to-end encryption .

FAMILIAR FEATURES OF CURRENT MESSENGERS: Our messenger offers all features you are used to and like in current messengers, e.g. sending/receiving voice messages, pictures, videos and documents…
SUB-GROUPS: Create up to eight sub-groups from the main group, with different topics and ensure more clarity in your chats. Never again you will be confronted with endless scrolling in order to find information.
MULTI-PURPOSE: It does not matter if you use the new messenger for school/college/university or for work, it is a great tool in all areas of communication.
2 UNIQUE DESIGNS: You may choose between the innovative bubble-design and the classic alternative design. As a result, BubCon messenger is suitable for private or business purposes and young or old users.
COOL STICKERS: Improve your communication possibilities by using stickers which are integrated into the keyboard.
VOTING: Our voting option allows you to visually capture a group‘s attitude towards a topic of your choice.
HASHTAGS: Mark important messages or media with key words, so called hashtags, in order to find them quickly again in a hashtag list.
ADVANCED MUTE-FEATURE: You can easily mute chosen chats with one click, so that you will not be disturbed. So you could mute the main-group while leaving the sub-groups on and vice versa. You also have the possibility to determine via date and time in which time period you do not want to be disturbed by a ring tone.
IMPROVED AUDIO RECORDER: With the new audio recorder you can record voice messages and listen to them before you send them. Furthermore, you can use it as a dictating device. Dictate a message, press hold, carry on dictating and then listen to your message before you save or send it.
INTERNET TELEPHONY & VIDEO TELEPHONY: Internet telephony and video telephony will be available approximately soon.
DATA SECURITY: BubCon uses end-to-end encryption which is the safest way to communicate because only the sender and recipient can read the message.
GERMAN SERVER: BubCon messenger represents reliability and high quality and was designed following the German legal basis. Therefore, we only use servers that are located in Germany.
NO SELLING OF DATA TO THIRD PARTIES: We wish to emphasize that we do not transfer any of your data to third parties. Neither BubCon nor anyone else has access to messages that have been sent, files or media due to the aforementioned cryptographic technique.

Fehlerbehebung und Performance Optimierung
Benachrichtigungs LED Bug gefixt

>>>Download BubCon Messenger 1.4.245 APK<<<

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>>>Download BubCon Messenger 1.4.245 APK<<<