Guide for Clash of Clans Download Latest Version APK

Download Guide for Clash of Clans Latest Version APK

Guide for Clash of Clans Learn Play Lead the COC

Looking for the best guide, Tactics and strategy bases layouts for Clash of Clans ( COC ) ,or for strategy maps defense , farming, war maps ?

It will help you build the best base for your Clans town hall village, win clan wars in Clash of Clans.
Strong Clash of Clans war base for war defense, Defensive trophy base and Strong hybrid base.

These are the strategies followed by the Top-Players to achieve Trophies and Resources
All these strategies explained clearly along with Troop Composition, Strategy Execution, Trophy Level Required, etc.

Base-Layouts :- Base Layouts added to this Guide in 2nd Update, Most of these Layouts are Briefly Described with their Strengths and Weakness.
All provided with their Forum Link which contains more in depth details and research notes about them.
You have an option to share Layouts and now you can use pinch to zoom gesture for Layouts.

Goblin-Bases :- Goblin Bases are also called as Single Player Campaign, which were added to this Clash of Clans Guide in it’s 3nd Update.
These provide a Strategies to how to take out a Goblin Base with minimum effort and resources.
These also show the Traps in Single Player Campaign, So you can plan your attack accordingly.

it provide for you all new wiki And Effective Guide, Tactics and Strategy for your village.
Guide for Clash of Clans ( COC) with beautiful interface for Clash of Clans.

Complete Clash of Clans attack strategy guide and tips.

Clash of Clans basic tips and tactics, easily explained to fast evolution without gems.

Real time Clash of Clans News, Leaks and Sneak Peeks.

Tactics to win Clash of Clans ( COC) Clan Wars!

The only app updated in real time with new Clash of Clans ( COC) troops and stats.

Direct access to the best army calculator tool.

Tactics to obtain free gems without hacks.

Sample bases, tactics, strategies, tips.

Find out how the loot is calculated and the best way to protect your resources on the game.

Clash of Clans matchmaking system explained so you can take advantage and win more battles!

Gem Box, Trees, Xmas, Halloween, pic, price and gem odds.

Stats to all Clash of Clans ( COC) troops and buildings.

Exclusive Clash of Clans ( COC) strategy guide with tactics and tips written by Legendary players!

If you’re not familiar with Clash of Clans, it’s a game where you build forts with gold and elixir resources. Buildings are dragged and dropped, however, players like, and resources are collected and stored periodically throughout the day as they check in. Over time, players build an army of various troop types. They can be taken on single player missions to raze the villages of nearby goblins, or on raiding parties of neighboring villages. Similarly, other players can raid your town. Don’t worry, nothing is permanently destroyed, though adversaries can snatch some of your gold and elixir. Players earn and lose trophies through their multiplayer raids to determine rank, and band together in clans

1. Be patient, save your gems
2. Offense is the best defense (and vice versa!)
3. Shields up!
4. Punch your weight in Clan Wars
4. Tailor your armies in Clan Wars


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>>>Download Guide for Clash of Clans 4.0 APK<<<