Trickipedia Skateboard Download Latest Version APK

Download Trickipedia Skateboard Latest Version APK

Trickipedia is Trick&Tips application with 3D animation of skateboard doing trick. This app is your skate buddy. Lots of tricks in five level of difficulty (more in future). Description and 3D animation of skate tricks. Must have for skater! Skateboarding tutorial on you smartphone, learn: ollie, frontside, backside, shuvit, kickflip, heelflip, hardflip, varial kickflip, 360 flip and lots more.

Learn to skateboard with our application!!! Skateboard trick tips for beginning and advanced skateboarders.
Fix crash bug.

>>>Download Trickipedia Skateboard 1.3 APK<<<

Trickipedia Skateboard 1.3 screenshots 1Trickipedia Skateboard 1.3 screenshots 2Trickipedia Skateboard 1.3 screenshots 3

>>>Download Trickipedia Skateboard 1.3 APK<<<

S.K.A.T.E: Skate Dice Download Latest Version APK

Download S.K.A.T.E: Skate Dice Latest Version APK

This is first skate dice application made by skater for skater. Only real trick, five level of difficulty. FREE sk8 dice, great for all skateboarders. App for true skaters. Must have skate application. SKATE and DICE!

Use it to play in game of SKATE between yourself and friends on real skateboard.

Have fun, and go skateboarding!
Version 1.5
New tricks (Laser Flip, Double Heelflip and Bigspin Flip)

Improved interface, adding new trick (Hospital Flip) for 4 and 5 level.

Version 1.3
Better interface for big screen device (like tablet) and very small (QVGA).

>>>Download S.K.A.T.E: Skate Dice 1.6 APK<<<

S.K.A.T.E: Skate Dice 1.6 screenshots 1S.K.A.T.E: Skate Dice 1.6 screenshots 2S.K.A.T.E: Skate Dice 1.6 screenshots 3S.K.A.T.E: Skate Dice 1.6 screenshots 4S.K.A.T.E: Skate Dice 1.6 screenshots 5

>>>Download S.K.A.T.E: Skate Dice 1.6 APK<<<