XMouse Remote Mouse & Keyboard Download Latest Version APK

Download XMouse Remote Mouse & Keyboard Latest Version APK

This project is open source: https://github.com/bradand/XMouse

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Remotely control X11 via SSH commands generated by your phone or tablet. Works well on the Raspberry Pi or any other Linux machine.

– Authentication via password or private key (ssh-rsa only)
– Keyboard and Mouse emulation
– Mouse move, two finger scroll, two finger zoom in/out, one finger scroll on right edge, tap to click, short hold to initiate drag
– Customizable keyboard functions and position, can save multiple layout profiles
– Volume rocker on device mimics keyboard volume keys
– Many other special keys, your functionality may vary
– Send custom ssh commands
– Tested on Ubuntu Linux, not windows, not mac
– Minimal design
– Free with no ads

Required programs on Linux host machine
– openssh-server
– xdotool
-add option to invert mouse scroll direction
-reduce size of edit text for keyboard layout text editing
-various bug fixes
-Android 7 compatibility bug
-Improved default keyboard layout by Xalalau Xubilozo, Brazil
-Android 6 SD card read/write permissions fix

>>>Download XMouse Remote Mouse & Keyboard 2.0.27 APK<<<

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>>>Download XMouse Remote Mouse & Keyboard 2.0.27 APK<<<