Creep Bouncy Block Shock Jump Download Latest Version APK

Download Creep Bouncy Block Shock Jump Latest Version APK

Welcome to Creep Block Shock Lite arcade-style game. A Fun addicting and fast jumping game, impossible to play on IMPOSSIBLE ROAD Path, skill based electric creeper jump casual game that’s hard yet fun and as addictive as any run hopping fast jumping endless runner game.move your creepy block forward by making it Backflip Madness.
.Tap the screen to jump and flip the block to block as they tilt and rotate towards the void spikes. Time your jumps just right to stick your landing and balance on the shock blocks to score a point.creep block shock terrific little game. It’s easy, fun for all ages and addictive enough to keep you wanting more HotStar. nothing is impossible face Hurdle you will be the queen/prince of this game by defeating scores of your friends on playstore.


★ Smooth and delicate animation.Hours of fun, exciting play.
★ You are a Block creeper, a square creep, hopping blocks and jumping to survive
★ Hop, jump, flip, bounce, and tilt to avoid the void spikes and survive in this endless jumping, sliding and flipping electric adventure
★ vault or fall off the balance blocks when the tilt and rotate
★3 worlds of impossible jump hopping endless runner electric action
★ WARNING: This game is HARD (nearly impossible) and moves FAST and is also super fun & as addictive as any bounce jumping endless run creeper game
★ Train your reaction skills in this impossible block hopping and jumping game
★ Can you guide your creeper from block to block past the void spikes through the worlds to conquer the leaderboard?
★ Super complex: Advanced 2D physics engine makes this a game that requires strategy, skill and dexterity to master.

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>>>Download Creep Bouncy Block Shock Jump 1.0.6 APK<<<