L Tweaks Download Latest Version APK

Download L Tweaks Latest Version APK

This is my little tweaks for some Android apps, Xposed is needed for most functions.

Google Play Services: Dismiss location settings checker.
Block system update notification.
Google Search App: Remove bottom bar.
Use google.com to search.
Allow keyboard suggestions in search box.
Google+: Remove bottom bar.
Put “New posts” to top right menu.
Hide comment edit box, replace it by floating button.
Url no redirect.
Google Photos: Remove bottom bar.
Google Newsstand: Remove bottom bar.
Google Play Books: Remove bottom bar.
Google Play: Add menu “View in Coolapk”.
View on ApkPure.
Search in Mobilism.
Search in ApkMirror.
Jump to App Info page of system.
Google Messenger: Disable direct share.
Chrome: Search in incognito with selected text.
Menu “Open in incognito” in Chrome and Custom Tab.
Long click link menu “Open in incognito” in Custom Tab.
Menu “View Google cached webpage”.
Menu “Wayback Machine”.
Menu “Go top or bottom”.
Open current url by other supported apps.
Lookup IP info of current website.
Youtube: Remove bottom bar.
Automatically set quality.
JD: Open link in app.
Share product by “System Share”.
Price history in share menu.
Suning: Share product by “System Share”.
Price history in share menu.
SMZDM: Open link in JD app.
WeChat: Customize incoming ringtone.
Remove bottom bar.
QQ: Dismiss “Contact Enabler”.
Remove banner ads.
Use outer browser.
Collapse bottom buttons first in chat activity.
Set a clear and undistorted chat background.
Exit directly by sharing.
Fix image sharing.
Disable notification of discussion group.
Prevent “Press To Talk” panel popup automatically.
Pushbullet: Push to all devices by default.
Douban Movie: Open link in app.
Search with selected text.
Remove bottom bar.
Remove fullscreen ads.
Bilibili: Search with selected text.
Open link in app.
Remove bottom bar.
Get cover.
Steam: Share url with system share.
View in Steam Database.
Menus to go top and reviews.
Text Aide: Use Youdao dict.
Youdao Dict: Create shortcut for quick query.
System Share: Scan QR Code in shared image.
Search (Google, TinEye, IQDB) image by shared image.
Hide user specified items.
Copy to share.
Scan qr code with WeChat.
Coolapk: Remove bottom bar.
Shadowsocks: Set primary DNS.
Quick Settings: Tiles to open adb wireless, “4G/3G Switch” (Same as *#*#4636#*#*).
Nav Bar: Input cursor control.
Trust Agent: Smart Lock with WiFi, use trusted WiFi to unlock device automatically.
Solid Explorer: Replace streaming url for accessing server video directly, without redirect by Solid Explorer.
App Info: Open app data folder.
Open app external data folder.
Open app APK folder.
Go to market.
Allow core system apps to be disabled.
LineageOS: Set Live Display time manually.
Remove Gallery bottom bar.
Text: Double click text to let text to be selectable.
A share menu for display or reprocess shared text.
Block, sort, rename selection floating menu.
Show all floating menus.
Keys: Long press back key to kill current app.
Recent Tasks: Right swipe to kill app.
Phone: Deny access phone number.

And so on, please download and check list in app.

Open source on github:
[Shadowsocks] Use iptables to set route at transproxy mode enabled.
[Quick Settings] A tile to set preconfigured and auto brightness.
[Display] Dark wallpaper color.
[Display] Display H+ instead of H for HSPA+ signal.
[bilibili] Hide follow button at full screen.
Never check for update.
[Debug] Show app crash info.
Always enable MTP .

>>>Download L Tweaks 1.22.0 APK<<<

L Tweaks 1.22.0 screenshots 1L Tweaks 1.22.0 screenshots 2L Tweaks 1.22.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download L Tweaks 1.22.0 APK<<<

Google Plus Bottom Bar Remover Download Latest Version APK

Download Google Plus Bottom Bar Remover Latest Version APK

Remove Bottom Tab Bar from Google Plus, it’s a Xposed module.

This module will no longer be updated alone, it has been part of “L Tweaks”.
Compatible with G+ v9.5.

>>>Download Google Plus Bottom Bar Remover 1.4 APK<<<

Google Plus Bottom Bar Remover 1.4 screenshots 1Google Plus Bottom Bar Remover 1.4 screenshots 2

>>>Download Google Plus Bottom Bar Remover 1.4 APK<<<