The DigitalXpress – A true freedom of speech app. Download Latest Version APK

Download The DigitalXpress – A true freedom of speech app. Latest Version APK

Freedom of expression is a fundamental right that everyone should be able to exercise without being penalized for it. The situation was not that difficult 10 or 20 years back. With job security and the virtue of tolerance as well as family support in place, no amount of pressure could crack a person. However, the rising pressure in the workplace coupled with the fact of long working hours, often cause people to snap at the slightest provocation. There is a great need for talking things out for better mental health. However, ranting in public about any issue may have repercussions. There is a need for an anonymous chat room where people can share the latest news or blogs without any backlash.

More often than people would like to admit, breaking news today are made up of things about which people do not care. Things and issues which should actually become news today are often suppressed. This can be attributed to threats and hostile responses. People rarely come forward with secret news as they fear for their life. There is a huge requirement for a breaking hot news app that allows users to provide the latest news today anonymously. This way, news which actually matters is disseminated without any fear for life-threatening or career-damaging consequences.

What is The DigitalXpress?
Considering the backlash and repercussions that whistle-blowers have to face; monetary losses, threat on life, social oppression etc. there is a desperate need for a digital news or blogs writing platform that provides users with the opportunity to inform the general public about such issues. The DigitalXpress is an anonymous chatting app that provides you with a platform to practice freedom of speech without any harm to you. You can easily share the latest secret news or a blog about your organization, corruption, mismanagement in the government etc. through this secret news app.

What makes The DigitalXpress App special is that it allows users to share hot news or a blog through the group chatting app anonymously. This method safeguards your identity while sharing important information which otherwise may prove detrimental to your career. Sincerely believing that exercising your fundamental right of freedom of speech should not cause you trouble (which is often the case), The DigitalXpress news app, brings anonymous chat room where you can freely speak about incidents which are important but haven’t been discussed or disclosed.

Top Features:
The top features of the latest secret news app which make it unique include:

-Facebook sharing,
-Smart camera, and
-Anonymous Group chatting

Freedom of Expression: Digital express news is one of the most efficient ways to disseminate breaking hot news without thinking about consequences. Its Facebook sharing feature lets you share your news or a blog and personal experience without disclosing your identity. The post will be shared with The DigitalXpress without the user’s name. You can even earn with news or blog writing. A Facebook Ad campaign is also run for your news or blog to reach a maximum number of people.

Smart Camera: Another feature that makes The DigitalXpress a hot news app is the smart camera feature. With the smart camera feature you can shut down your display scene and replace it with a black screen with a single tap. With a recording, it is not that easy for the culprits or people in question to claim ignorance.

Group Chat: You can freely spread your voice among millions of users by group chat. In The DigitalXpress app the group segment platform allows individuals to create a group where you can send images and photos as well as chat with people anonymously. More often than not, corruption within government or harassment are issues which people have dealt with across places. This way, anyone can chat, share images and create videos in a group anonymously.

With excellent features, this latest news app hopes to make changes so that people can freely share information and news namelessly.

>>>Download The DigitalXpress – A true freedom of speech app. 1.0 APK<<<

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>>>Download The DigitalXpress – A true freedom of speech app. 1.0 APK<<<