Horizon Blocky Racing Download Latest Version APK

Download Horizon Blocky Racing Latest Version APK

Retro arcade racing equals drive! Race to horizon, fast cars, feeling of wheels on the asphalt, nitro drive – all that is Horizon Blocky Racing, our new retro arcade race simulator. Prepare to drive – asphalt of countless race tracks, nitro drive and race wheels are waiting. Race to the horizon!

Features of Horizon Blocky Racing:
– Career mode
– Blocky town 8-bit race
– Race tracks generator
– Lots of cars
– Fuel tank and nitro drive
– Nasty pedestrians
– Daily bonuses
– Fortune wheel

Nitro drive is the only drive!
Race cars feel slow? Hit the nitro! Drive wheels on true racing speed. Buy faster cars with better nitro drive to dominate the asphalt of 8-bit race track. No race simulator can offer retro arcade nitro drive. Drive blocky cars to horizon unlike real wheels. Unleash nitro drive! Pick nitro supply from the asphalt. Blocky 8-bit race tracks of Horizon Blocky Racing are full with fun retro arcade stuff!

Racing challenge is racing fun!
retro arcade racing with no challenge is boring racing. Cars need fuel to keep racing! Your wheels won’t reach horizon empty, even in retro arcade racing simulator. Pick fuel tanks from asphalt like nitro balloons. Drive smart – keep fuel and nitro supplied, that’s how you win the 8-bit race in Horizon Blocky Racing. Victory on the asphalt of Horizon Blocky Racing simulator comes to smart!

Race tracks to the horizon!
You’ll always have new horizon to drive cars to. The simulator has blocky 8-bit race track generator – perk of retro arcade race game. Infinite challenge for your wheels awaits on the asphalt of Horizon Blocky Racing. Drive cars into the unknown with nitro drive. Reality is better in arcade race simulator – fuel on the road, nitro drive, 8-bit race track generation and hitting pedestrians work best on the asphalt of retro arcade racing!

Race on the asphalt of blocky city of Horizon Blocky Racing – new horizon of retro 8-bit arcade!
– improved car physics
– improved rivals physics
– fixed issues with stucks

>>>Download Horizon Blocky Racing 1.01 APK<<<

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>>>Download Horizon Blocky Racing 1.01 APK<<<