My Talking Dog Download Latest Version APK

Download My Talking Dog Latest Version APK

Hey Dog lovers! Here comes the cutest Dog ever, My Talking Dog. If you’re not familiar with talking games, here is a chance to experience the excitement! Our app repeats everything you say in a funny and amusing way. We wanted to give you a Dog that you can interact with to entertain yourself as well as your kids, and keeps you laughing so hard.
Getting a talking cat or a talking dog is exciting, but a talking Dog is something completely different. You speak and he will transform your words into a ridiculously funny voice. It’s an app that will keep you entertained all day! You’ll be able to interact and share conversations where he’ll repeat whatever sentence you say in its very strange Dog like voice.
If you cannot have a real pet Dog, then this is the right choice for you. It is ready to play! It loves to keep you entertained so why spend so much time playing other apps, when you can make your voice funny with this?
The app is simple, which is why it’s a good game for toddlers. Yet, it is cool and fun, which makes it a great pastime game for girls and boys, but a game for adults as well. So, what are you waiting for? Download my talking Dog and get a new funny Dog that speaks.
Some features:
1. It listens intently on everything you are saying.

2. It repeats in an extremely hilarious voice.

3. Guaranteed to keep you laughing all the time.

This app will make you want to show your friends. It may seem boring, but neither you nor your friends will be able to resist the charm of this silly Dog. Once you start playing our game, you’re talking dog or cat will be stacked somewhere in the far corner of your mind. Believe us, our Dog will become your best friend in a blink of an eye.
Real Dogs are messy and expensive, and there’s no guarantee they’ll ever speak!
This cool talking Dog toy will repeat whatever you say!
It will perch on his swing at the same time!
It happily repeats everything you say TWICE in its own Dog accent!
He is also happily give you a small dance move if you shake your phone!
We designed this game for everyone to enjoy, so spend some time with and listen to everything you say repeated to you in a funny voice.
We guarantee that it will keep you busy for hours regardless if you are an adult or a child.

The app has amazing graphics and smooth control feelings with no lag.

Are you itching to try it?

-Then simply install and open the app.

-Click the start button and just start speaking.

Talking animals have become such popular games for girls and boys so this Dog app is an awesome addition to the bunch!
It will bring lots of laughter, so do not hesitate to download it as soon as possible!
We welcome all comments and idea on how to improve our app, so please feel free to contact us via our developer contact button and share your ideas.
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>>>Download My Talking Dog 2.0 APK<<<

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>>>Download My Talking Dog 2.0 APK<<<