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Download Myx – New Underground Music Latest Version APK

Discover. Get Discovered.

Welcome to Myx! Like SoundCloud for a new and unsaturated music scene! Like Spotify, but for ORIGINAL music! Like Pandora, for discovering new underground tracks and genres! Like Instagram for rising artists and musicians!

Myx is the newest music sharing app dedicated to aspiring musicians who wish to let the world hear their ORIGINAL music! Whether you are a Hip-Hop/Trap artist, a Rock/Metal musician, an EDM DJ, or a music producer; you are in control of your musical talent and you can share your songs with the world in an instant!

Create a profile as a LISTENER or a MUSICIAN. Browse through a wide variety of songs, add them to your playlists, and listen to them on the go! Whether you want to share your original music with the world, or just have a place to keep your personal songs, albums and Myxtapes, we’ve got you covered.

As a MUSICIAN, join the Myx community and Get Discovered! Become a large part of a growing music scene and upload your music in an unsaturated market, ensuring that your own music will be one of the first and your name to be the largest and most popular one featured in Myx! Gain thousands upon thousands of followers in an instant, and upload your original music through the musician’s website. If your songs get enough “FIRE” votes, you will be featured in the weekly TOP CHARTS on the front page, helping you gain even more fans and followers—along with the potential to Get Discovered by a record label!

As a Myx musician, you are in control of your own music and your own profile. You can:

– create your own profile, upload your artist’s picture, and share a description about yourself.
– create your own music and upload it onto the Myx app from the musician’s website.
– create albums and Myxtapes for listeners all over the world to share to their friends!
– get your most popular songs and tracks featured in the TOP CHARTS on the front page!
– get your musician’s profile featured on the FEATURED MUSICIANS panel on the front page!

In the Myx app, you will always have a personal place to keep your original music.

As a LISTENER, you can Discover thousands of new music from upcoming artists and musicians! Listen to thousands of original music and show them your support by voting their songs FIRE and giving them a chance to step into the spotlight and make it onto the Myx TOP CHARTS! The Weekly Top 10 gets featured on the front page, making it easier for musicians to step into the spotlight for all to see!

– Discover NEW and ORIGINAL music directly from your Myx app!
– FOLLOW your favorite artists and musicians and be notified when they upload a new track or Myxtape!
– show support to your favorite underground artists and bands by voting their songs as FIRE, directly giving them a chance to be featured in the Myx TOP CHARTS on the front page!
– listen to a RADIO of your favorite genre or songs from a similar artist that you like!
– download your favorite music and create an endless amount of playlists to add to your music library!

Join Myx now for free! Discover. Get Discovered.
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>>>Download Myx – New Underground Music 1.0.0 APK<<<

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>>>Download Myx – New Underground Music 1.0.0 APK<<<