WD TV Sleep Timer Download Latest Version APK

Download WD TV Sleep Timer Latest Version APK

The first Android-Application in the world that adds the missing Sleep-Timer functionality to your Media Player WD TV® Live Hub™, WD TV Live™ oder WD TV Play™.

Many people know the problem. You want to watch a TV series when you go to bed (it doesn’t matter if you use Netflix, Youtube, a harddisk drive or any other data source) and then you fall asleep at some point. Your media player will continue running the whole night and you will not know at which episode you felt asleep. (Quite apart from the unnecessary power consumption and the used internet data volume). With the help of the WD TV Sleep timer this problem will become a thing of the past. Simply set the desired sleep time and your media player will automatically turn off after this timespan. When you use your media player the next time it will be must easier for you to find the desired episode.

To use the WD TV Sleep Timer your smartphone or tablet must reside in the same network as your WD TV device. It doesn’t matter if your media player is connected via WIFI or ethernet cable. If it is possible for your smartphone to connect to the WD TV device and a sleep timer is started, the Sleep Timer application can also run in the background and it will even turn off the media player if it is in standby mode.


• Some Western Digital devices require that they are already turned before your smartphone can connect to it
• Unfortunately your WD TV Media Player doesn’t provide a way to detect whether the device is turned on or off. This means that if the Media Player is turned off manually before the timer expires, the media player is turned on again by the application. Therefore you have to manually stop the timer when you are manually turning off your media player before the timer expired.


• Sleep Timer (up to 24 hours) allows to automatically turn off your WD TV media player
• App allows you to manually turn on and off your WD TV media player
• Automatically connects to your WD TV media player


• All features supported by the IR remote control should be implemented in the Android-App
• Simplified input of search terms using the keyboard of your smartphone
• Increase ease of use with the help of voice control


The PRO version disables annoying ads and allows you to set the sleep timer duration to up to 24 hours. Upcomig functionality like voice control are also covered by the PRO license.
You can test the BASIC version free of any risk and if the application works with your WD TV device you can buy the PRO version at any point of time.

If there are any problems, crashes or questions please contact me via email before you give a poor app rating : [email protected]

>>>Download WD TV Sleep Timer 1.0 APK<<<

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>>>Download WD TV Sleep Timer 1.0 APK<<<