Five Heroes: The King’s War Download Latest Version APK

Download Five Heroes: The King’s War Latest Version APK

The land needs you. The skeletons are upon us and our great heroes don’t know what to do without an experienced commander such as yourself.

Recruit the heroes, upgrade their abilities, explore the land and choose which enemies to engage with. Complete all the quests and defeat the evil and powerful skeleton king.

When you are ready, head on to the Arena of Heroes to battle your friends’ heroes and see who has the strongest party!

We just love the feedback we got so far:

“I found rarely this type of game. I love it.”

“Good fighting system, the game has a lot of potential!”

“The game is really cool, I swear it’s really exciting”

We’d love to see you start your own Five Heroes adventure, it’s going to be awesome!

Made with tons of love by Banditos.
Hey generals, how are you doing out there?

It’s now easier to know when the enemies (and chests!) come back to the map!
You can skip the respawn time if you are looking for some more chests. It’s available in the world map screen.

We also have some new boosts (double XP!), a brand new shop UI and additional special offers to keep things fresh.

We resolved some bugs and the game now loads faster!

OK, enough talk. Back to working on the new content, talk to you later,

>>>Download Five Heroes: The King’s War 1.5.5 APK<<<

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>>>Download Five Heroes: The King’s War 1.5.5 APK<<<