AMVs – Anime Music Video Download Latest Version APK

Download AMVs – Anime Music Video Latest Version APK

Supported Anime-

Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, Fairy Tail, Bleach, Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin), Hunter x Hunter, Tokyo Ghoul, Kuroko no Basuke, Assassination Classroom, Seven Deadly Sins, Death Note, Yuri On Ice, Mob Psycho 100, Akame Ga Kill, Boku no Hero Academia and more…

What is AMVs?
An anime music video (AMV) typically is a fan-made music video consisting of clips from one or more animated shows or movies set to an audio track, often songs or promotional trailer audio.

Love AMVs?
Anime AMVs is just for you to get latest, hot AMVs of your favorite anime in a single tap. Trending Battles astonishing music compilations, favorite sound tracks everything in one place.

With AMVs, you can watch the whole Arc or Complete Fight within few minutes that are set to astonishing music including all major scenes of that Arc/Fight.

All your favorite Anime AMV’s at one Place
Find AMV’s by Major Arcs, Main Fights, Main Characters
7 Long Anime- Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Hunter X Hunter
5 Short Anime- Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, Kuroko No Basuke, Seven Deadly Sins, Assassination Classroom

Well Built Catalog for listed Anime. No need to search just select your favorite character or fight from catalog & get AMVs.

Favorite Section-
Love that AMV? Can’t find it later. Don’t worry add that AMV to your Favorite Section and Access it later.


Q- Failed to Initialize YouTube Player Help?
A- Make sure you have latest YouTube app install on your phone. If not please download YouTube app from play store?

Q- App not working properly or App Crash?
A- Please inform through support email or reviews and BackWings Studio will try to resolve as soon as possible

**More Anime will be Added Soon**

Note- BackWings Studio doesn’t own any materials or characters all the Images and Videos are fan made. All these Characters and Anime belongs to their copyrighted owner

Support- If you find any bug or want to add your favorite anime in app, please feel free to email me (Look at bottom of developer email)
*********v 1.35********
1. Crash Fixes for Some Device
2. New Logo (Dragon Ball)

*********v 1.23********

1. Major Bug Fix (Sometimes app not showing any Video)
2. Other Bug Fixes

Upgrade your app for Faster and Smoother Performance

*********v 1.21********

1. Performance Improved
2. Faster Video Loading
3. New App Icon

>>>Download AMVs – Anime Music Video 1.5 APK<<<

AMVs - Anime Music Video 1.5 screenshots 1AMVs - Anime Music Video 1.5 screenshots 2AMVs - Anime Music Video 1.5 screenshots 3AMVs - Anime Music Video 1.5 screenshots 4AMVs - Anime Music Video 1.5 screenshots 5AMVs - Anime Music Video 1.5 screenshots 6AMVs - Anime Music Video 1.5 screenshots 7

>>>Download AMVs – Anime Music Video 1.5 APK<<<

Anime X Wallpaper Download Latest Version APK

Download Anime X Wallpaper Latest Version APK

Anime X Wallpaper app designed specifically for Anime Lovers. Anime X contains over 1 million
Anime Wallpaper Collection & 757, anime to browse wallpapers from.

– No need to search app will do anything for you.
– Smallest app size only ~ 3mb
– HD Anime Wallpapers
– Include almost every fantastic anime.
– Over 1 Million Anime Wallpapers
– Latest Wallpaper section Updated every minute
– Almost every anime supports
– Character list for all anime.
– Browse wallpapers by character specifically.
-Set all your favorite wallpapers on Lock Screen
– Immersive UI for better experience

The unique kind of anime wallpaper to personalize your phone.

All wallpapers are in Full HD 1920×1080 top resolution.

Some of the popular anime Wallpapers-

* Naruto
* One piece
* Dragon Ball Super
* Dragon Ball Z
* Hunter X Hunter
* Tokyo Ghoul
* A punch man
* Attack on Titan
* Death message
* Code Geass
* Soul-eaters
* Fairy tale
* Pokémon
* Boku no hero academy
* Darker than black
* Boruto

and more…

*************** V3.20 ****************

Major Crash Fixed. Update app to make it Work Properly

>>>Download Anime X Wallpaper 3.20 APK<<<

Anime X Wallpaper 3.20 screenshots 1Anime X Wallpaper 3.20 screenshots 2Anime X Wallpaper 3.20 screenshots 3

>>>Download Anime X Wallpaper 3.20 APK<<<