Moses the Freedom Fighter Download Latest Version APK

Download Moses the Freedom Fighter Latest Version APK

Learn how freedom was born in a thrilling adventure game based on the story of Moses, a story that shares a common thread, that unites all people with a hero, celebrated by Christians, Muslims and Jews alike as one of the first human rights activists to stand up against the oppression of slavery.  But, most importantly, Moses ignited the torch of freedom that continues to burn bright today.

This game is free, created to spread the message of freedom, and dedicated to those who are willing to stand up against injustice, whether it be Moses or Martin Luther King Jr.  This game is for those who believe it is the responsibility of humankind to remind people from all different creeds, countries, cultures, colors and refugee camps that we must all unite to carry the torch of freedom. 

“Let my people go!…” -Exodus 9:1

Playing firsthand through Moses’s evolution from refugee to leader and hero, the game features vibrant animation and a storyline that is both playful and dramatic as the indomitable Moses grows up and leads his people to freedom:

• Challenging Gameplay – Each level is a homage to a different retro video game, specifically designed to improve spatial attention, memory function, cognitive flexibility, and split-second decision making skills, all while putting your “old skool” gaming skills to the test.

• Interactive Storytelling – Play with purpose as you journey along with Moses from the River Nile to Mount Sinai. Learn about pinnacle moments leading to a revolution that united people out of the shackles of slavery.
• Immersive Learning – Adapted from the Book of Exodus with cited passages that seamlessly connect each game to the storyline. Designed to facilitate the brain’s ability to interpret situations.

“Moses the Freedom Fighter” is more than a great gaming experience—it’s also a gaming first. This is the first time a for-profit company has released a free mobile game with 100% of the donations in perpetuity going to a third-party charity.

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>>>Download Moses the Freedom Fighter 3.9.8 APK<<<

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>>>Download Moses the Freedom Fighter 3.9.8 APK<<<