Avatar Maker: Anime Girls Download Latest Version APK

Download Avatar Maker: Anime Girls Latest Version APK

Who doesn’t love anime? We’ve prepared a dress-up game for you where you can create full-height anime girls! Invent your own unique style and costume design for your model, then choose accessories and makeup for her.

? The game is completely free, and no internet connection is needed!
? You can save the finished image to your photo gallery or send it to your friends.
? 100% Japanese anime style.
? Enormous choice of clothing combinations: yukata, business suit, uniform, school uniform, wedding dress, fashion, everyday clothes.
? Prints and loads of accessories.
? Different backgrounds: choose your own!

Think up a storyline, like a trip to the disco or a date with a boy, and have fun creating a stylish image. You can write a fanfic story or create a comic book with pictures, and share it with your friends right from the app.
Anime forever. Nya! Kawaii and peace.

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Avatar Maker: Anime Download Latest Version APK

Download Avatar Maker: Anime Latest Version APK

Want to create an avatar of a new anime character? Or maybe you dream of a picture of your favorite character but are not good at drawing? Our avatar constructor is what you need! The app offers a large variety of fragments for you to mix and match and make up your original character for any type of story: ninja, contemporary, fantasy, fiction, knights, school, romantic. Customize your character’s eyes, lips, hair, clothes, and other attributes. Share your pic or set it as wallpaper.

☆ 10,000+ character options
☆ Save and share features
☆ Flexible color options
☆ A great variety of stunning accessories
☆ Female and male characters

Add your characters to comics, anime and manga to make up your own kawaii stories! *^_^*

>>>Download Avatar Maker: Anime 2.5.3 APK<<<

Avatar Maker: Anime 2.5.3 screenshots 1Avatar Maker: Anime 2.5.3 screenshots 2Avatar Maker: Anime 2.5.3 screenshots 3

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Avatar Maker: Anime Boys Download Latest Version APK

Download Avatar Maker: Anime Boys Latest Version APK

Here’s your chance to create your perfect boy! Just imagine what he’d be like, and get started! And we’ll be happy to help your love affair along.
Just for you, our game offers a massive choice of functions to edit your character:
❤ Loads of color lenses and different hairstyles
❤ A huge wardrobe for your sempai to choose from, with different styles of clothes: classic, romantic, school, fantasy, BRUTAL
❤ Different facial expressions to convey emotions: happiness, embarrassment, caprice, shyness, and loads more
❤ Choice of accessories and other objects, available right away and for free
❤ Beautiful anime/manga graphics to create a romantic atmosphere
And you can easily use the finished picture in your art or on social media by saving the image… Do you like to relax and play with avatar makers? Then create an avatar that will impress everyone who sees him!

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Avatar Maker: Anime Boys screenshots 1Avatar Maker: Anime Boys screenshots 2Avatar Maker: Anime Boys screenshots 3Avatar Maker: Anime Boys screenshots 4Avatar Maker: Anime Boys screenshots 5Avatar Maker: Anime Boys screenshots 6Avatar Maker: Anime Boys screenshots 7Avatar Maker: Anime Boys screenshots 8Avatar Maker: Anime Boys screenshots 9Avatar Maker: Anime Boys screenshots 10Avatar Maker: Anime Boys screenshots 11Avatar Maker: Anime Boys screenshots 12Avatar Maker: Anime Boys screenshots 13Avatar Maker: Anime Boys screenshots 14Avatar Maker: Anime Boys screenshots 15Avatar Maker: Anime Boys screenshots 16Avatar Maker: Anime Boys screenshots 17Avatar Maker: Anime Boys screenshots 18Avatar Maker: Anime Boys screenshots 19Avatar Maker: Anime Boys screenshots 20Avatar Maker: Anime Boys screenshots 21Avatar Maker: Anime Boys screenshots 22Avatar Maker: Anime Boys screenshots 23Avatar Maker: Anime Boys screenshots 24

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Avatar Maker: Dragons Download Latest Version APK

Download Avatar Maker: Dragons Latest Version APK

This character builder lets you create an original dragon image. You’re bound to love it: it’ll be unique, and ever so cute. Hundreds of different details will help you create your dragon and then train it. You can dress it up, spend holidays with it, and make it sad—or cunning and happy. Your dragon will be able to breathe fire, become a knight, or grow flowers from its body. And much, much more!

Download the maker, create your pet dragon, and don’t forget to share your comments with us and let us know whether you’ve managed to train it. Happy creating!

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Avatar Maker: Dragons 2.5.3 screenshots 1Avatar Maker: Dragons 2.5.3 screenshots 2Avatar Maker: Dragons 2.5.3 screenshots 3

>>>Download Avatar Maker: Dragons 2.5.3 APK<<<