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Slice the Field is a singular puzzle sport involving chopping cardboard into superb shapes. Lower off the surplus to kind exciting-thing-a, exciting-thing-b, exciting-thing-c, and extra. You will be restricted by the variety of slices you may make, the size of the slices, and the place you’ll be able to slice! These enjoyable, mind-bending puzzles could have you chopping cardboard for days!

The place exciting-thing-a/b/c are 3 completely different cool shapes/designs you’ll be able to minimize out.
Bugs fixing and enhancements

– bugs fixing
– enhancements

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Slice the Box 2.2.0 screenshots 1Slice the Box 2.2.0 screenshots 2Slice the Box 2.2.0 screenshots 3Slice the Box 2.2.0 screenshots 4Slice the Box 2.2.0 screenshots 5Slice the Box 2.2.0 screenshots 6Slice the Box 2.2.0 screenshots 7Slice the Box 2.2.0 screenshots 8Slice the Box 2.2.0 screenshots 9Slice the Box 2.2.0 screenshots 10Slice the Box 2.2.0 screenshots 11Slice the Box 2.2.0 screenshots 12

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Infectonator Download Latest Version APK

Download Infectonator Latest Version APK

Tired of killing zombies? How about turning people into zombies instead!
“Best Game of the Year 2012” – Armor Games
“Carnage Was Never So Cute” – JayisGames
“Guaranteed to bring mayhem fun” – Indigo Entertainment
“This Game is Epic” – AstralX7
“Infectonator is made more robust” – IGN
“Great Pixel Art Graphics” – AppAdvice

Infectonator is infecting mobile devices! From the popular Flash game hit, The Infectonator series is now mobile. New characters, awesome pixel-art graphics, and more! Best of all, it still has the same addictive chain reaction gameplay! Infectonator gives you all the awesomeness of Infecting people, turn them into zombies, and dominate the World once again from the palm of your hands!
minor quality of life improvements.

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Infectonator 1.6.2 screenshots 1Infectonator 1.6.2 screenshots 2Infectonator 1.6.2 screenshots 3Infectonator 1.6.2 screenshots 4Infectonator 1.6.2 screenshots 5Infectonator 1.6.2 screenshots 6Infectonator 1.6.2 screenshots 7Infectonator 1.6.2 screenshots 8Infectonator 1.6.2 screenshots 9Infectonator 1.6.2 screenshots 10Infectonator 1.6.2 screenshots 11Infectonator 1.6.2 screenshots 12Infectonator 1.6.2 screenshots 13Infectonator 1.6.2 screenshots 14Infectonator 1.6.2 screenshots 15Infectonator 1.6.2 screenshots 16Infectonator 1.6.2 screenshots 17Infectonator 1.6.2 screenshots 18Infectonator 1.6.2 screenshots 19Infectonator 1.6.2 screenshots 20

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Interlocked Download Latest Version APK

Download Interlocked Latest Version APK

Have you ever seen those masterfully crafted wooden block puzzles? The ones that look so simple, yet prove such a challenge to pull apart? Interlocked serves up cleverly crafted 3D puzzles where the goal is to figure out how each interlocking level fits together in order to pull it apart.

With simple, intuitive, touch-based gameplay and five beautifully crafted chapters, Interlocked will delight puzzles fans of all skill levels, completely free.

– 3D brain-teasing puzzles
– 5 challenging chapters to beat
– Brought to you by the creators of the original Flash game, played by over 20 million!
– Many achievements to unlock

“I thought it its concept was ingenious, and the way it made me feel like a genius was unmatched.” – 148 apps

“If you’re a true puzzle head, you cannot let this one slip past you.” – jayisgames

“We like puzzle games – as our dedicated readers will know – which is why we’re tickled pink by the content here.” – iPhone App Review
Minor improvements.

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Interlocked 1.3 screenshots 1Interlocked 1.3 screenshots 2Interlocked 1.3 screenshots 3Interlocked 1.3 screenshots 4Interlocked 1.3 screenshots 5Interlocked 1.3 screenshots 6Interlocked 1.3 screenshots 7Interlocked 1.3 screenshots 8Interlocked 1.3 screenshots 9Interlocked 1.3 screenshots 10Interlocked 1.3 screenshots 11

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Cursed Treasure 2 Download Latest Version APK

Download Cursed Treasure 2 Latest Version APK

Why be good when you can be bad? Cursed Treasure 2 is an addictive and strategic tower defense game where the forces of evil are at your command. Stop annoying do-gooders from carrying off your magical gems by building towers of demons, orcs, and the undead to unleash a variety of devastatingly dastardly effects.

The latest installment of the tower defense game is now available the Android devices! Go up against paladins, ninjas, angels and more, all with their own unique special skills, and keep them from carting off your treasure in each level. Earn skill points to upgrade your abilities, unlock potent magical spells, and much more. They say nice guys finish last… that’s only because they’re going up against you, your Evilness.


· Hours of gameplay, including Night Mode – where the darkness is against you!
· 24 levels to spread dismay and panic
· Variety of towers that evolve from 3 basic types as the Evil gets stronger
· 30 mighty skills to learn and master
· 50 badges – must-have for any evil Overlord
· Evilopedia, also known as The Book Of Forbidden Knowledge, is included
· A special guest – Black Market Goblin – offers you powerful spells
Minor bug fixes.

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Cursed Treasure 2 1.4.3 screenshots 1Cursed Treasure 2 1.4.3 screenshots 2Cursed Treasure 2 1.4.3 screenshots 3

>>>Download Cursed Treasure 2 1.4.3 APK<<<