Music Pics Transfer Share Files Download Latest Version APK

Download Music Pics Transfer Share Files Latest Version APK

File Sharing made amazingly fast & easy! Share all kind of files & media – Photos, Audio, Video, iTunes Music, Text Files, PDF’s, APKs, Apps, etc. You can even send entire Folders and Sub Folders. Share with just one device or multiple devices. No USB cable required, Transfer, Share files wirelessly by WiFi Direct, Same Wifi Network connection, WiFi Tethering /hotspot!!

Sync your Android device with iTunes from your PCs, Laptops, Macs to Android devices! Sync your Music, Movies, Podcasts, Books and more

NO LIMITS! ABSOLUTELY FREE!! Why Pay when you are getting everything for FREE

Supports wide variety of platforms:

Android (SmartPhones, Tablets)
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
Windows PCs
Apple Mac

Now you easily share files & transfer from anywhere to anywhere like from Android Phone to iPhone, Android Phone to Windows PC / Computer, Android Phone to Apple Mac, iPhone to iPad, iPad to Android, iPhone to computer and much more. Use it to sync data from old phone to New Phone.


+ Fast & Easy sharing of files / transferring of all types of files – Photos transfer, Sharing Audio, Video, Sharing Apps (APKs), share files, PDFs and more!
+ Sync your Android device with iTunes! Sync your Music, Movies and more
+ Supports sharing of Folders & Sub-Folders with file manager.
+ Share files or folders unlimitedly. Extremely easy selection of the photos, videos, music, apps, apks, Sync iTunes Music, media which you want to share are organized in categories.
+ Supports files transfer of large data in multiple of GBs! Up to 50 times the speed of Bluetooth!
+ Connect with One or Multiple devices, computers. Share files & transfer my data files between multiple devices at the same time.
+ App is available for Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), Computer – Windows PC & Apple Mac OS X. For Windows computer & Apple Mac (osx) download the app from our website at
+ Two way files transferring (transfer my data files photos, apps, Sync iTunes Music etc) between devices, computers. Connected devices can send / upload & receive / download files at the same time by Wifi, WiFi Direct, Wi-Fi Tethering.
+ Supports WiFi Direct, Same wireless Wifi network (or wlan), Wi-fi Tethering / hotspot. If WiFi Direct interface is not available in the device, it chooses appropriate options.
+ Quick Pairing of devices by QR Code, NFC verification
+ Option of changing your Receive directory path as per your convenience. Intuitive file manager.
+ Easily Share Apps available on your Android device
+ Devices which do not have the Share Files app, can receive files through a web browser. Manual Key code support. Zip file support & inbuilt web server share it. Supports Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox etc
+ All devices connections are shown at a single place with sending and receiving transfer status.
+ Background processing feature – very useful while you are sending lots of files or large files in GBs. You can do some other activity while the transfer data (upload / download) is being sent or received
+ Duplicate file support
+ Easily share iTunes Music directly from iPhone to Android. Get iPhone app from
+ Inbuilt photo, music player and Video player, web server.
+ File manager to manage you files for sending and receiving.
+ Phone to Phone Transfer – Transfer my data files from Old Phone to New Phone, iTunes Music
+ No worry ! NO USB cables and driver installation needed to transfer my data, no approvals.
+ No Cellular data connections needed – supports same Wifi, Wifi Direct or Wifi Tethering. Absolutely free of data usage & charges.

File sharing & transferring made easy, fast and hassle free! Its FREE!

Get it today!! Easily transfer & manage photos, videos, audio, Sync iTunes Music and much more!

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V 1.14: Few Improvements

Earlier Versions: Added a major feature. Now you can sync iTunes data – Music, Podcasts, Books and more from your Desktop/Macs to Android devices!

>>>Download Music Pics Transfer Share Files 1.14 APK<<<

Music Pics Transfer Share Files 1.14 screenshots 1Music Pics Transfer Share Files 1.14 screenshots 2Music Pics Transfer Share Files 1.14 screenshots 3

>>>Download Music Pics Transfer Share Files 1.14 APK<<<