CloudSane: Sync media files to cloud Download Latest Version APK

Download CloudSane: Sync media files to cloud Latest Version APK

▸ All-In-One Free Cloud Syncing
CloudSane makes syncing media files to the cloud quick and effortless. Fully integrated with cloud storage devices, including Google Drive, Dropbox and Box, you can sync and share files directly from the app with just a few taps. It has never been easier!

▸ Instantly Sync Media Files
CloudSane lets you instantly sync and upload your pictures and videos to the cloud as you’re taking them, saving you the hassle and time of uploading each one to the cloud manually. Automatic syncing could save you hours – especially if you take lots of pictures and videos.

▸ Simple, Easy-To-Use UI
We’ve kept the design simple and beautiful to make it as easy as possible to use the app. Integrate your cloud storage accounts and link them in minutes, adjust image quality and quantity and much more!

CloudSane – Core Features
✓ Effortlessly sync media files and share on the cloud
✓ Supports Google Drive, Dropbox & Box
✓ Automatic, instant syncing as you take pictures and videos
✓ Simple UI packed full of features
✓ Flexible settings help you control your content & file syncing
✓ Integrate all your cloud storage accounts in minutes
✓ Extensive FAQ and help topics to help you get the most out of CloudSane

▸ Sync your media files the smart, easy way. Download CloudSane for free today! ◂


What is CloudSane?
Cloudsane is a sophisticated media sharing app with major cloud storages(Google Drive, Dropbox and Box), with rich features and awesome UI. You can share images and videos from gallery OR you can capture/record media, to directly store them into one of the cloud storages with one time configuration.

Do we store your passwords?
CloudSane never stores your password. This app has no backend server or database or local storage to store credentials. CloudSane acts as a bridge between your phone and cloud storages through powerful APIs and authentication is performed outside the scope of CloudSane.

What are the available cloud storages?
Google Drive, DropBox(Pro Version) and Box(Pro Version).
Fixed memory related crashes in Samsung devices

>>>Download CloudSane: Sync media files to cloud 1.2 APK<<<

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>>>Download CloudSane: Sync media files to cloud 1.2 APK<<<