Fingerprint Action Pro Download Latest Version APK

Download Fingerprint Action Pro Latest Version APK

Fingerprint Action Pro lets you to control your device with Simple Gestures on the Fingerprint Sensor of your device.

Important : Many Stock and Custom ROM’s have disabled the Fingerprint Gestures API. This app will not work on such ROM’s. For eg. Some OnePlus devices have disabled this API.

Fingerprint Gestures Supported :

• Swipe Up
• Swipe Left
• Swipe Down
• Swipe Right
• Double Swipe Up
• Double Swipe Left
• Double Swipe Down
• Double Swipe Right

Actions Supported : 30 Actions

• Take Screenshot – Android P Beta Exclusive.
• Lock Screen – Android P Beta Exclusive.
• Toggle Rotation Lock
• Toggle Notification
• Launch App
• Scroll Screen Up
• Scroll Screen Down
• Back
• Home
• Show Recent Apps
• Open Google Assistant
• Open Notification Panel
• Play/Pause Song
• Previous Song
• Next Song
• Show Power Dialog
• Toggle Split Screen
• Show Quick Settings
• Swipe Screen Left
• Swipe Screen Right
• Swipe Screen Up
• Swipe Screen Down
• Toggle Flashlight
• Brightness +
• Brightness –
• Audio +
• Audio –
• Toggle Auto Brightness
• Maximum Brightness
• Minimum Brightness

Support thread :

The app is currently under development and is a beta release. Rate the app positively to show support. If you find issues please write in the XDA thread or email at [email protected], instead of rating the app negatively. Enjoy 🙂
Added Toggle Rotation Lock Action
Added Lock Screen Action – Android P Exclusive
Added Take Screenshot Action – Android P Exclusive
Fixed double dialog issue.
Launch App List Sorted.

>>>Download Fingerprint Action Pro 0.0.5b APK<<<

Fingerprint Action Pro 0.0.5b screenshots 1Fingerprint Action Pro 0.0.5b screenshots 2Fingerprint Action Pro 0.0.5b screenshots 3

>>>Download Fingerprint Action Pro 0.0.5b APK<<<

Game Controller KeyMapper Download Latest Version APK

Download Game Controller KeyMapper Latest Version APK

Game Controller Test is now Game Controller KeyMapper. Game Controller KeyMapper is World’s most Downloaded and Trusted Gamepad Testing & Mapping utility. Now you simply map your Game Controller buttons and Analog Sticks in the simple interface ONCE. And use Any Controller to play Any Game or Emulator. Simply Plug & Play.

The app remains as simple as ever, with a beautiful and easy to use interface which follows the Material Design guidelines. Supports all Gamepad buttons, DPAD , Bumpers, Triggers and Analog Sticks.

IMPORTANT: Root Access required with the latest SuperSU & BusyBox for Keymapping.

Extra Features included:

– Invert Analog Sticks
– Use Analog Stick as DPAD(Great for Emulators).
– Adjust Dead Zone of Analog Sticks according to liking.
– Use DPAD as Analog(Useful for Controllers without Analog Stick)
– More features under development.

Common issues it fixes:

– Infinite Spinning of Camera on Connection of Controller
– Most buttons not getting detected by Game/Emulator
– Incorrect button detection by games.
– Incorrect Analog Stick axis detection.

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IMPORTANT: Playstation Controllers supported only when Wired. Xbox One Controller NOT supported by ANDROID.

•Long press on the button name followed by Physical Button press.
•Use the reset button on the Action Bar to reset all buttons assignments to default values.

Logo & Graphics by :
Game Controller Test is now Game Controller KeyMapper with all new Plug & Play KeyMapping abilities. Map ONCE, use Controller in any Game.

– Improved Program Flow.
– Added option to cancel Initial System Setup
– Fixed License Verification issues.
– Added User Guide
– Added Button to directly contact Developer.
– Decreased Ad Frequency
– Handled a Crash when Keys are pressed before initialization.

>>>Download Game Controller KeyMapper 0.0.7b APK<<<

Game Controller KeyMapper 0.0.7b screenshots 1Game Controller KeyMapper 0.0.7b screenshots 2Game Controller KeyMapper 0.0.7b screenshots 3

>>>Download Game Controller KeyMapper 0.0.7b APK<<<