Tv Remote Control Download Latest Version APK

Download Tv Remote Control Latest Version APK

TV remote control is an android application that work with the IR mode for control your television, one of the best tv remote contrôl for your phoe or tablet.

After downloading Tv remote control for free, no problem if :
★ Your remote are Losing, 
★ Batteries worn out, 
★ Biting your batteries
★ Boiling your batteries
★ Smacking your little sibling for breaking it, 

Effective, Easy, Simple best tv remote control

If you dont like the complicated applications, tv remote control is smallest, very esy to use To achieve the stains the more complicated in your phone without complicated terms and different screens to activate a wide variety of functions. With  friendly and intuitive interface. Our Tv remote control app will get the job done without needing to wait for centuries or clicking on different dialog screens. we made it really simple. Just tap the fonction as for as the universal tv remote control button and that’s it !

simple and easy

It is a very simple and easy free Android application to contrôle your TV that allows you control your Samsung B Series TV (2009) , Samsung C-Series TV (2010), Samsung D Series TV (2011) and E-Series TV (2012) with your smartphone or tablet or any other android devices .  the mode of use and works is the same as a real Universal tv Remote. With remote control TV, you can control almost all TVs. Supports Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, LG, Vizio, Hitachi, Cable, Dish Network, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Philips, JVC, 3M , Dish Network, and many more TV models !

The following TVs are Supported : (tested)

• Samsung 2009 series (B610, B630, B640, and the B650)
• TVs from 2010 with [email protected] feature: Models greater or equal to LCD 650, LED 6500, PDP 6500
• TV from 2011 with AllShare feature: Models greater or equal to LCD 550, LED 5500, PDP 5500
• TV from 2012 with AllShare feature: Models greater or equal to LCD 550, LED 5500, PDP 5500
• Bluerad Disc Player released in 2011 with Smart Hub feature
• C490, C5100, C6300, C680, C687 are unsupported for this moment.

Very Useful

Tv remote control Free powerful and efficient application that will make your life easy.

How tou use : Menu -> About to get the guide .
★ Turn on your TV
★ To enable your TV to receive remote control signals over the network, go to TVs menu -> System-Settings.
★ Connect your phone and your TV via wifi with the same network .
★ Start Tv remote contrôle on your phone and
★ Go to Menu -> Settings -> Hostname -> Find automatically. (Make sure to enable communication between wifi devices.)
If no device could be found, try to determine the ip-address of your TV manually (e.g. look into the webinterface of your router) and type it into the hostname input field.
★Now enjoy the remote control should work

★ For Samsung B series you shoud Download « Remote Lan Control »


? Universal tv remote control for samsung b,c,d and E series tv
? IR actions
? Simple and easy setup
? TV remote control will make your life easier
? Power OFF Control.
? AV / TV.
? Mute / UniMute.
? Channel Digits buttons.
? Channel index and lists.
? Channel fav (Favorite)
? Volume Up / Down Control.
? Channel Up / Down Control.
? Left / right Controls + volume
? Red / Green / Blue / Yellow buttons
? Menu Button
? Multiple purpose soft keys
?This application is compatible with:
– remote for Dish TV
– remote control for LG TV
– Remote Control for Sony TV
– Remote control for Samsung TV
– Remote Control for Panasonic TV
– remote control for Sharp TV
– Remote control for Vizio TV

Tv remote control is the ★ best InfraRed TV Remote control and it will be the best friendly remote control for your TV.

★Note★ that IR blaster is required.

Enjoy the New Tv remote control N*1 Phone tv remote control for FREE, limited time only !
+ add help guide .
+ how to use Tv remote
* 3.0.3
+add more language
+add help actions
+ add good design to remote control
+ modify help
* 6.7.1
+ add Samsung tv 2012 remote control
+ min size

>>>Download Tv Remote Control 7.1.0 APK<<<

Tv Remote Control 7.1.0 screenshots 1Tv Remote Control 7.1.0 screenshots 2Tv Remote Control 7.1.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download Tv Remote Control 7.1.0 APK<<<