Aleenta Barre On-Demand Download Latest Version APK

Download Aleenta Barre On-Demand Latest Version APK

Enjoy workouts anywhere, anytime with Australia’s leading barre fitness studio. With world-class, fun & motivating trainers focussed on ensuring the workouts are low-impact, enjoyable & most importantly, effective. You can enjoy working out every inch of your body to tone, strengthen & nurture your body as well as your mind.

NEW classes are added weekly with over 150+ workouts for you to enjoy a range of barre, mat Pilates, yoga & HIIT Cardio Classes. Mix & match shorter classes or enjoy full 60min workouts.

Find every fitness style you need with Aleenta Barre On-Demand, download today and receive a FREE 5-day trial.

Aleenta Barre On-Demand Features:

Unlimited access to challenging & fun barre, mat Pilates, Yoga & HIIT workouts.
Range of workouts from 5 to 60 minutes – mix & match
Range of Customised Programs
All workouts can be completed with no equipment or simple substitutions from around the house!
New workouts added weekly

Here’s a run-down of the different workout styles:


Barre is our focus & our love. This low-impact form of exercise is a tough toning workout utilising ballet techniques combined with yoga & Pilates exercises. It uses small isometric exercises to make your muscles burn. You will see results in as little as 10 classes over 3 weeks. Great for strengthening, toning & improving posture.

Fitness Level: Beginner to Advanced.
Perfect for: Muscle toning & overall body strength

Mat Pilates

Classic mat Pilates class held entirely on the mat. The goal? Strengthen the body’s ‘powerhouse’ – abdominals, lower back muscles, pelvic floor, hips & glutes. It’s a low-intensity class, yet super effective at working all muscle groups.

Fitness Level: Beginner to advanced (modifications provided)
Perfect for: Injuries, injury prevention, strengthening core & improving back strength.


A high-intensity cardio class designed to increase your heart rate, transform your body & improve your metabolism. A circuit class with short high-intensity exercises followed by minimal rest periods – including a range of workout formats such as Boxing HIIT, HIIT, TABATA & AMRAP to keep you motivated. This energising class provides optimal weight loss and cardio fitness.

Fitness Level: Intermediate to advanced
Perfect For: weight loss, strengthening, improved fitness, endurance & cardio.

Exhale Release

A dynamic stretch & mobility class with a focus on myofascial release & mindful movement. Flow between gentle movements to warm the muscles and static holds to open, lengthen & relive tension & soreness in this restorative class. Great if you have spent many hours hunched over a desk.

Fitness Level: Beginner to advanced
Perfect For: Injury prevention, increased mobility, flexibility and relaxation.


Wide and varied range of yoga classes such as yin, ashtanga and hatha styles. Complements these classes with a selection of meditations to focus on your inner energy & find moments of calm & positivity. Perfect for those just starting to find their yoga practice or continuing to advance your yoga flows.

Fitness Level: Beginner to advanced
Perfect for: Flexibility, strengthening & mindfulness.
Initial release.

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