Torrent Downloader Download Latest Version APK

Download Torrent Downloader Latest Version APK

Torrent Downloader for Android is a full-featured BitTorrent client and download manager. Using the torrent P2P protocol it’s possible to split the files to download in multiple parts, so that you can boost the download speed by 10 times or more.
This app is designed to be used in a simple and immediate way, just import a torrent file or paste a magnet link and the download will immediately start. With only one app you can download videos, movies, music, ebooks, pictures, ZIP archives, ISO images and any other files from Internet!
With Torrent Downloader you can customize every settings of the app and you’ll have the ability to start, pause and resume a torrent, a very important feature useful, for example, when you lose you Wi-Fi signal or when you’re using a 3G/4G connection with an unstable signal.

Here there is a partial list of the available features:
– torrent files and magnet links supported;
– no speed limits;
– set a custom download folder or select a MicroSD drive as output;
– Local Service Discovery (LSD), Distributed Hash Table (DHT), Universal Plug and Play (UPNP) and NAT Port Mapping Protocol (NAT-PMP) supported;
– custom listening ports selection;
– internal torrent search;
– customization of connection options (global number of active torrent, global maximum number of connections, maximum number of connected peers per torrent, download bandwidth, upload bandwidth, etc…);
– download scheduling;
– encryption and proxy support;
– pause/resume/stop/delete/recheck a torrent;
– view advanced torrent details (state, downloaded pieces, time informations, etc.);
– add/remove/modify/view torrent trackers;
– add/ban/limit/view connected peers of a torrent;
– view/rename/choose one or more files of a torrent;
– create custom torrents from a file or a folder on the device;
– show advanced network activity (download and upload rates) in a chart;
– set advanced completed torrent notifications.

Use the application only for lawful purposes. The developer is not responsible for incorrect uses of this application. Please, before starting using Torrent Downloader for Android read and understand its EULA to avoid misunderstandings.
v.4.0g ~ 2018.12
– fix crashes on K and L devices.

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Simple unzip, unrar and zip Download Latest Version APK

Download Simple unzip, unrar and zip Latest Version APK

ZIP and archive files are everywhere. So what can you do if you wanna extract (unzip or unrar) them or just create a new one using the files or the folders of your Android device? Then ZipDroid is the archive manager you are looking for!
With ZipDroid you can open archives with ZIP, RAR, 7z, TAR, etc… formats directly from your default file manager, from your browser, or from its main activity in a very comfortable way. You can browse the internal files of the archive, select them, extract them, open them or even delete them from the zip file. ZipDroid GUI will let you do it in a very immediate way. With this app you can choose, for example, to extract all the files or only some files of the zip file and you can even use its advanced activity to set personalized settings for the extraction process.
Ok, but what if you have to create a zip file instead? Then again ZipDroid is what you need! You can use the default options from the menu to compress files or whole folders in ZIP or 7z formats. If you want instead a better level of personalization for your compressed archive files, you can choose the CreateZip activity that will let you choose the output format, the compression level and method, set a password and even split the output file in different parts.
ZipDroid is just the ultimate archive manager for Android. You’ll find it a fundamental tool to use in your everyday experience with your Android device.
The application has been developed with a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) philosophy. What does it mean? It simply means that ZipDroid comes to you as a complete archive manager, with all the functionalities available and usable by the final user. There are no paid features to unlock and no in-app purchases are required, how other apps do. What you see is really what you get!
v.2.2a ~ 2018.10
– deprecate armeabi;
– update p7zip to 16.02 version;
– rebuild libs with latest NDK18;
– target is now API 27, min required Android version is API16 (Android 4.1);
– update app drawer with a modern NavigationView;
– minor fixes and improvements.

>>>Download Simple unzip, unrar and zip 2.2a APK<<<

Simple unzip, unrar and zip 2.2a screenshots 1Simple unzip, unrar and zip 2.2a screenshots 2Simple unzip, unrar and zip 2.2a screenshots 3

>>>Download Simple unzip, unrar and zip 2.2a APK<<<