Router Admin Setup Download Latest Version APK

Download Router Admin Setup Latest Version APK


The Application doesn’t aim to do any hacking.

What is the benefit of this Application? Router Admin setup App helps you to install and configure you WIFI router settings setup, or LAN settings configurations by using your phone instead of using computer or laptop normal browser, it also helps you discover all the connected devices with your network

– It can be used for the following tasks: Install and configure your router, IP scanner, IP finder, and scan internal network

This is typically for:
1- The normal user who wants to change WIFI password, or configures the Router as fast as possible by his smartphone, or discover the connected devices by scanning the network
2- Users who is there job is based on the Routers settings and Setup.

How is it doing that?

It will detect your gateway, which is the Router Setup Page, whatever it is, and open it directly to you, that’s why it will work for you whatever you Router Brand is.

For instance, It Supports, Netgear Nighthawk, xfinity, Technicolor router, TP-link router, Huawei router, BT, BELKIN, TALKTALK, SKY, SKY-HUB, Spectrum, eero, Synology, iiNet, Intelbras, Linksys,KEO, Multilaser, TENDA, Mikrotik, Apple, … and so on, generally any DSL Router with a Dynamic IP mechanism.

The Most Popular Gateways are,,, …., But don’t bother yourself by searching on the internet about it, we will get it for you.
What we offer here is a fast, stable, and reliable performance that you can depend on, and we are open for any user contribution to help us improve and add more value to you.

App Features: –
1- Detects your WI-FI Router Gateway by different mechanisms to support the variety of Routers gateways all over the world.

2- Opens it directly once the App detect it.

3- Scan Internal network for every connected device, IP finder and IP scanner.

4- Search for your Router default username and Password in an offline database by your Router Brand or Model, in case of you haven’t change it before

5- Generate a Fast-Secure Password by your own to protect either the WIFI or the Router Login Page itself.

6- You can just know what’s your IP, Gateway, Lease time, Service Address…. and so on by a single click on the DHCP button.

We are fast responders, just drop us an email or even a comment if there is any problem, or a feature you see it will help you and the other users too.

We are doing, and will do the best we can to give you a good experience and a dependable application

Happy Day …
Improve Application Design
Performance Improvement and bug fixes

>>>Download Router Admin Setup 7.02 APK<<< Router Admin Setup 7.02 screenshots 1192.168.1.1 Router Admin Setup 7.02 screenshots 2192.168.1.1 Router Admin Setup 7.02 screenshots 3192.168.1.1 Router Admin Setup 7.02 screenshots 4192.168.1.1 Router Admin Setup 7.02 screenshots 5192.168.1.1 Router Admin Setup 7.02 screenshots 6192.168.1.1 Router Admin Setup 7.02 screenshots 7192.168.1.1 Router Admin Setup 7.02 screenshots 8

>>>Download Router Admin Setup 7.02 APK<<<