Adopt a Life Download Latest Version APK

Download Adopt a Life Latest Version APK

“Adopt a Life” is the world first interactive mobile application to help people who undertook the Spiritual Adoption of the Conceived Child

During the 9 months of your commitment:

– you will get daily prayer notifications

– you will see the prayer text

– you would be able to use the rosary reflections prepared for each day

– you will see how the baby is developing each week

– you will hear its heart-beat

– you will see its weekly USG images

– the baby will tell you how it is feeling each day

The “Adopt a Life” application is being developed and maintained by the Tiny Feet Foundation. Please consider donating if you would like to support us.

Why have we created a mobile prayer assistant?

– to educate – application allows the person who prays to get to know the process of baby development, which she/he takes care of.

– to support in the perseverance in the 9-month prayer and remind about the commitment

– in order to shape the sensitivity of the defender of life, who thanks to the application can get to know the baby she/he is adopting better at any stage of development

– to promote the defense of an unborn life. This app can always be at hand and be a testimony one can give regardless of her/his circumstances

– to take advantage of new technologies in the service of truth and goodness, to get through them to a wider audience.

We are working on developing an application for iOS and other platforms. Please support our efforts by donating.

If you would like to get in contact, you can find us at

You can also e-mail us at [email protected]
Fixes for notification mechanism
new UI improvements (background color)
Improved end screen

>>>Download Adopt a Life 3.3.3 APK<<<

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>>>Download Adopt a Life 3.3.3 APK<<<