Mini Messenger for Facebook Download Latest Version APK

Download Mini Messenger for Facebook Latest Version APK

Both Facebook and Messenger in one small app.

A light alternative client for Facebook based on the web with a modern look.

Free, lightweight alternative for both Facebook and FB messenger which allows you to chat with your Facebook friends, send emoticon, videos, images, gift, browse newsfeed, comments, etc… and protect your privacy.

As you already know, FB Messenger only allows you to choose the conversation’s color in a list of 15 colors. That’s pretty boring.
Messenger for Facebook Lite gives you the chance to customize the colors of your conversations on FB Messenger to any colors that you want. Your friends on all platforms (iOS, Android, Web…) can see the new colors without having to do anything.
Why not getting your FB Messenger personalized with custom colors starting right from today?

? Save your battery and memory ?
– Only 2.65MB and 15MB roughly after installing compared to hundred of MB by official Facebook and Messenger
– Background connection to Facebook server is optimized to save battery
– Using no more than 15MB RAM to save your battery
– Simplify Facebook layout to save your battery

? Protect you privacy ?
– Login and chat instantly using Facebook account with public profile (we don’t need this but it’s default by Facebook)
– Requires only handful of permissions to let you send and receive images downloaded from Facebook
– Please take a look at our privacy policy at the end of this page for more information

? Very smart and easy to use ?
– Both Facebook and Messenger in a small app
– Push notifications to make sure that you never miss a message
– Compatible with older Android version
– Send images, download videos from Facebook
– Video call and voice call with Facebook friends

Totally free!
If you like it, give 5 stars and leave comments or suggest us any features.
– Messenger For Facebook have included Facebook and Messenger, do not require you to install separate Messenger.
– Simple, Faster & Faster Facebook chat office.
– Messenger For Facebook help you filtering friends fastest, store your chat history or recent chat conversations, notification in status bar for incoming message or changed statuses. Vibrating and sound notification when selected friends coming online.
– Intergrated news feed, chat (messenger)… all in one Messenger For Facebook for Facebook apps.
– Material Design UI
– Save precious battery life.
– Work well with slow network.
– Easy download photos and videos.
– Chat with Emoticons
– Lock or unlock when use apps (Coming soon)
– 100% free, it only uses your internet data connection (2G/3G/4G) or WiFi.
– Login and chat instantly using Facebook account
– Friends on Facebook cannot know whether you read their message or not
– Receive notification from Facebook or new message coming
– Requires only handful of permissions


This application only an messenger app that using official Facebook XMPP Chat to help you connect with your friends quickly, easily and smoothly for all devices. It is NOT official Facebook application.

Thanks very much!

>>>Download Mini Messenger for Facebook 1.0 APK<<<

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>>>Download Mini Messenger for Facebook 1.0 APK<<<