LivingAlone2 Download Latest Version APK

Download LivingAlone2 Latest Version APK

Please take care your Student lives alone!

More fancy items and houses!
Play with various Customizing and cute pets!

From a shabby house to a grand palace!
Only part-time, You can make enormous money!

(This game has greatly reflected the lives of Korean college students.)

Living in a small room, you have to earn a university tuition and living expenses with a very small amount of money!
Please earn money for your brilliant future!!

▶Will you make money by part-time job or raise grades and take scholarships?!
It’s time to choose!

▶From small shabby room to luxury palaces!
You can move to the highest grade of residence by part time!

▶Earn money and spend it like a millionaire!!
Collect upgraded furniture and various contents!

▶What will happen after graduate University?
Make your student graduate!

▶What a crazy Living alone life!
Find out 89 Sudden defeat endings!

-After 4 years, you will graduate and find out your future!
-Your future is depends on what you learn at University!
-Part time level system! Higher level earns much more money!
-You can move to next house when you buy all furniture at shop!
-Study hard and win a scholarship! It helps your life!
-Touch your pet to level up! Pet earns more money!
-Collect Sudden defeat Endings! It’s hard to live alone T_T
-Buy new costumes and make your own character!
-Message to your lover and live together!
NEW Living Alone 2!!
Get 200 Gems for free!

-Waikiki monkey bug fixed.

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Monthly Idol Download Latest Version APK

Download Monthly Idol Latest Version APK


▶ Grow your small entertainment agency into a global TOP agency!
You are the BOSS who will choose a girl group or boy group to grow own agency.

▶The basic contract period with IDOLs is five years. Please make them into TOP IDOLs.
Of course, you can renew your contract after five years.

▶Make a recording through PRODUCING! If you choose a favorite theme for the public,
the number of records sales, music streaming and YouTube views will increase!
Of course, there may be a lot of album purchases among fans.

▶Get popular through the SCHEDULE! As you become more popular,
you will receive a variety of schedule exceptions!

▶Every Idol’s Dream! Take the World Tour!
The chance to win a jackpot is only in CONCERT! Let’s watch the fans with their light stick!

▶Auditions and idol’s home are being updated! Please be looking forward for it!

#Event is always in progress on #SNS. Please come!
#Please let me know immediately about any questions regarding bugs. Thank you.

Instagram :
Facebook :
-Add popular costumes of contest
Can purchase or buy by Golden Pig > Two Girl Group Sets
Can by at Fancy shop or get every 2 hours > Girl group and boy group set 1 each
– Fix the golden pig to pass slowly
-Revise Other Bugs

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Monthly Idol 5.3 screenshots 1Monthly Idol 5.3 screenshots 2Monthly Idol 5.3 screenshots 3Monthly Idol 5.3 screenshots 4

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