Shooter Of War-FPS:Битва героя Download Latest Version APK

Download Shooter Of War-FPS:Битва героя Latest Version APK

【A 3D map with a complicated terrain creates many different modes.
Say goodbye to a fake 3D map! On all the maps “Shooter Of War-FPS: Battle of the Hero” there are difficult terrains of different heights, heroes can jump, climb the wall, fly, hide in different buildings inside and attack opponents. In this complex three-dimensional scene, each hero can be based on his characteristics to take various offensive and defensive methods.

【5-minute battle, many different types of combat modes】
A 5-minute battle gives you a tense and early military test! In the game, many different types of combat modes are waiting for you, such as unit mode, explosion mode and “fun” mode.

【You can use many heroes for free for a week】
For a week we offer many border heroes, which you can use for free. Come see the characteristics and skills of each hero, and this helps you master the skills and strategies of the game!

All the heroes here gather together!

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Fixed known problems and optimized gaming experience

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>>>Download Shooter Of War-FPS:Битва героя APK<<<