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Download 40Mee Latest Version APK

FORTYMEE Company Ltd was established by a group of technology professionals who, through personal experience, saw the challenges and dangers when trying to manage and track groups of people. As we witnessed group leaders, teachers and tour guides battle to keep track of their attendees and trying everything from shouting to writing lists, it was clear that a technology based solution was needed.

We gathered our team of designers, electronic engineers, software developers, project managers and more and set to work building 40MEE with absolute attention to detail to build easy to use, functional and durable solutions. After extensive development, testing and prototyping, we finally had our unique and patented solution.
Special care and emphasis was placed on building a low energy Bluetooth solution, taking into consideration safety and compliance to the strictest (US & EU) FC and CE standards, while also taking into account customer needs and feedback. FORTYMEE is all about using technology for the greater good and we continue to invest heavily on research and development to ensure that our solutions keep evolving to meet the demands and expectations of users today and into the future.
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>>>Download 40Mee APK<<<