3rings Download Latest Version APK

Download 3rings Latest Version APK

**You’ll need a 3rings Plug to use our app.**

Do you worry about your ageing Mum & Dad?

The 3rings app together with the 3rings Plug can help!

Just plug a kettle, TV or almost any appliance into your 3rings Plug and tell us when you want us to check that your ageing Loved Ones are OK.

Your 3rings Plug will alert you and your family, if that cup of tea isn’t made or the TV hasn’t been turned on, right on your Android device or computer.

If you like, you can also get notified that your Loved Ones have used the appliances in your defined time window, so you get the reassurance of knowing they’re up and about every day.

This helps maintain independent living for your Loved Ones and gives the rest of the family peace of mind.

From the 3rings app you can see if your Loved Ones have used their appliances today and know they are OK.

You can set multiple events such as Mum’s morning tea and Mum’s evening brew, just to gently check for regular activity.

Multiple family and friends can also be supported to form a family circle of care for your Loved Ones.

Additionally, multiple Plugs can also be supported so you can have your Mum, Dad, your in-laws and your other ageing relatives being looked after from one app.

So simply plug in and connect your ageing Loved Ones to all the family.
We’ve made a few little improvements in this version to keep things running smoothly.

>>>Download 3rings 2.1.1 APK<<<

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>>>Download 3rings 2.1.1 APK<<<