Kids Monster Truck Download Latest Version APK

Download Kids Monster Truck Latest Version APK

Kids Monster Truck – it’s exciting extreme off-road racing for children with Hippo. The game is adapted for younger kids.

The game has a lot of exciting off-road trails, rich variety of obstacles that kids will be happy to overcome. Blow up and destroy another cars and everything in your way. The more damage, the more points you can earn! Hippo and her car easily be able to overcome any obstacles. At this SUV is not afraid of any danger and the power of any extreme slopes. Monster Truck or Monster Car – kids off-road racing game with colorful graphics and realistic physics!

Well, if you’re willing to sit in your car and forth to conquer the off-road with Hippo!

– Monster Truck for children,
– 10 different levels,
– Extremely explosive tricks,
– Many cars to destroy,
– Driving music,
– Beautiful and colorful graphics,
– Realistic physics.

Extreme racing and stunts like not only boys, but girls! A cheerful and cute hero Hippo will make the trip an exciting and unforgettable!

Enjoy new game – Kids Monster Truck with Hippo and her car!

>>>Download Kids Monster Truck 1.3.3 APK<<<

Kids Monster Truck 1.3.3 screenshots 1Kids Monster Truck 1.3.3 screenshots 2Kids Monster Truck 1.3.3 screenshots 3Kids Monster Truck 1.3.3 screenshots 4Kids Monster Truck 1.3.3 screenshots 5Kids Monster Truck 1.3.3 screenshots 6Kids Monster Truck 1.3.3 screenshots 7Kids Monster Truck 1.3.3 screenshots 8Kids Monster Truck 1.3.3 screenshots 9Kids Monster Truck 1.3.3 screenshots 10Kids Monster Truck 1.3.3 screenshots 11Kids Monster Truck 1.3.3 screenshots 12Kids Monster Truck 1.3.3 screenshots 13Kids Monster Truck 1.3.3 screenshots 14Kids Monster Truck 1.3.3 screenshots 15

>>>Download Kids Monster Truck 1.3.3 APK<<<

Drift – Online Racing Download Latest Version APK

Download Drift – Online Racing Latest Version APK

Real racing with natural graphics …

Select your favorite car, Custom it. Upgrade your car parts, and now it’s time to hit the road and the streets!
Of course, this is just one part of the game, “Drift” has a story section where you can race with our storyline characters, and increase your ability by participating in onlinٍe environments
This game requires 2 GB of RAM and an internet connection.

>>>Download Drift – Online Racing 2 APK<<<

Drift - Online Racing 2 screenshots 1Drift - Online Racing 2 screenshots 2Drift - Online Racing 2 screenshots 3

>>>Download Drift – Online Racing 2 APK<<<

Kids Skateboard Download Latest Version APK

Download Kids Skateboard Latest Version APK

New cool and funny kids skateboarding game for fans of sports and skate! Hippo on a skateboard!

Take skate on and go! Along the way, collect all bonuses, stars and cups, jump over obstacles on your way, and perform a variety of tricks on a skateboard. Earn points and unlock new levels. The game have 2 zones, each with 30 levels with a wide variety of landscapes for skateboarding.
The game has checkpoints from which you can continue the game if you lose. The result it is a colorful runner for kids with Hippo in the starring.

To control the skateboard uses just two buttons: acceleration and jump. For convenience in the game settings can be interchanged.
For a more realistic perception, if you have connection to the Internet in the game reflects the real weather conditions and time of day player!

– Colorful graphics;
– Pleasant sound design;
– A variety of tricks on the skateboard;
– A lot of of locations;
– Realistic physics;
– Easy operation;
– A beautiful arcade skateboarding game for kids;
– The button layout can be changed in the settings of the game;
– Favorite and cheerful hero Hippo.

A variety of tracks, tricks and bonuses to expect from the new kids skateboarding game with Hippo

>>>Download Kids Skateboard 1.1.1 APK<<<

Kids Skateboard 1.1.1 screenshots 1Kids Skateboard 1.1.1 screenshots 2Kids Skateboard 1.1.1 screenshots 3

>>>Download Kids Skateboard 1.1.1 APK<<<

Vehicle Simulator?Top Bike& Car Driving Games PRO Download Latest Version APK

Download Vehicle Simulator?Top Bike& Car Driving Games PRO Latest Version APK

No Ads, All Vehicles and Levels Unlocked Already !! Have Full Fun !!

Do you Like best car driving simulator games, best motorbike driving games, BMX driving games or maybe Hilux 4×4 driving simulator games, what about Aircraft driving games ??
Welcome to Ultimate Vehicle Driving School Simulator !!
All In One Vehicle Driving Academy. Extreme Car Driving Simulator Game 3D 2018 Pro
Vehicles Garage

Sportscar Driving Simulator
10 Super fast GT racing machines

Aircraft Driving Simulator
1) Nieuport 28 : WW1 aircraft racer
2 ) Cessna 172 sp : Civilian Plane Simulator
3 ) Grumman Duck : Sea aircraft sim
4) Mig 17 : jet aircraft flying
5) P-51D : Flight Simulator
6) F 14 Tomcat : Turbofly airplane simulator
7) B -17 : airplane driving simulator
8) RC Mini Toy aircraft flight sim

Aircraft racer with pilot view for best aircraft simulator games 3d
3 Motorcycle Driving Simulator
1) Sports Bike : Heavy Racing Bike simulator
2) Motocross Bike : offroad Mountain Stunt Moto bike Simulator
3) Police Motorbike: cops chase bike Driving

Drone Driving Simulator
1) Drone White
2) Drone Buzz
3) drone racing, Red
4) drone simulator, Splinter
5) Mini RC Toy helicopter simulator

Ship Driving simulator
1) Racer Boat : Racing Simulator ship driver
2) Motor Boat Simulator ship driver
3) Torpedo : Cruise War Ship Simulator ship driver

Bicycle Driving Simulator
1 BMX bicycle driving simulator

Other Vehicle Driving Simulator, offroad driving simulator
1) Buggy offroad pocket rally racing car
2) MMX offroad Hilux 4×4 driving, Pickup driving game
3) Roadster
4) Modern SUV driving simulator / jeep simulator
5) Old Sedan driving simulator
6) Euro truck simulator : Flat Bed
7) Heavy Europe Cargo UK Truck simulator : Trailer
8) USA Coach bus simulator
9) Minivan simulator

traffic cars
minivan , modern sedan , old sedan , passenger bus simulator and Garbage Truck simulator


Career Race Driving
Race with fast racing rivals in arcade sports cars, trucks, bus ,beach buggy ,low riders and motorbike racing in different racing no limits series
Race in the docks , circuit , kart race course , Heat Rally dirt Track ,best car racing games experience

Drift Driving Simulator
Real drift games across 6 race tracks with most realistic drifting
Real simulation of engine, drive train, tires of the car and brake & skid
Earn points by sling drifting at high speeds, at high drift angle.

Free Roam Drive
Adventure the city for endless fun ,Smash Street Objects ,traffic light .Drag Objects .Fly mountains of Rock and Mud or dodge xtreme city like superhero to get city fever.

Fun Traffic City Driving
Dodge the traffic racing for endless fun.

City Tour
GO for Urban city tour through highway , bridges , Airport surrounded by ocean and sea with hill island. Aeroplane flight or surf the water with ships or ride underground Parking lot with bicycle driving games

Mission Mode
Action Missions,time trial attack , Well of death stunt , extreme mad jumps. Become a pro traffic rider,Impossible stunts, climb Vertical Mega ramp, reckless stunts with bmx driving games

World Challenges
X treme Levels .Smash Max traffic car ,Street traffic light at speed in time limit and break the record around the globe

Online leader boards to get high score & enjoy drift 3d racing car games for free

Game Play
1) Real graphics based on real physics give the best racing games & top driving games gameplay
2) Different camera views including racing in car interior
3) Best Ultimate car driving simulator 3D free
4)Huge open world map to burn asphalt with high engine torque or take off flying in the sky with aircraft wings
5) Customize vehicles body& wheel color, best car simulator
6) free no internet, offline, best offline car racing games for kids,girls & best city car driving games
Get Vehicle Simulator Now Free
Bug Fixes

>>>Download Vehicle Simulator?Top Bike& Car Driving Games PRO APK<<<

Vehicle Simulator?Top Bike& Car Driving Games PRO  screenshots 1Vehicle Simulator?Top Bike& Car Driving Games PRO  screenshots 2Vehicle Simulator?Top Bike& Car Driving Games PRO  screenshots 3

>>>Download Vehicle Simulator?Top Bike& Car Driving Games PRO APK<<<

Train Crash Full Download Latest Version APK

Download Train Crash Full Latest Version APK

Tilt your Android to control the train.
Go to the Station.

But the station is the rail terminal.
Reduce the speed not to strike a bumping post.

This is Full Version.
You can control additional trains.
The Hi-speed Train, the locomotive Train and Liner Motor Car are added.
Liner Motor Car is added.

>>>Download Train Crash Full APK<<<

Train Crash Full  screenshots 1Train Crash Full  screenshots 2Train Crash Full  screenshots 3

>>>Download Train Crash Full APK<<<

Hot Wheels: Race Off Download Latest Version APK

Download Hot Wheels: Race Off Latest Version APK


Everything you love about Hot Wheels brought to life in an awesome racing game:

– RACE 25+ Hot Wheels cars across 50+ insane physics racing tracks
– BLAST OFF of boosters, loops, and jumps to stunt on the iconic Hot Wheels orange track
– CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS and the world in competitive multi-player mode

Hot Wheels: Race Off is pure adrenaline sure to get your heart racing. Download the best free racing game today!
– Bug fixes and optimizations

>>>Download Hot Wheels: Race Off 1.1.11277 APK<<<

Hot Wheels: Race Off 1.1.11277 screenshots 1Hot Wheels: Race Off 1.1.11277 screenshots 2

>>>Download Hot Wheels: Race Off 1.1.11277 APK<<<

Monster Truck Destruction™ Download Latest Version APK

Download Monster Truck Destruction™ Latest Version APK

Monster Truck Destruction is the best monster truck game! Great physics, real-time destruction and over 60 licensed trucks such as BIGFOOT and USA-1 to race in 28 dirt and snow covered tracks.

Compete in 4 championships across 28 offroad tracks in drag or freestyle, land insane jumps, backflips and master your monster truck.

Drive over 60 licensed monster trucks such as BIGFOOT, USA-1, Boogey Van, Outback Thunda, Virginia Beast tanks, Traxxas RC trucks and upgrade your engine exhaust, intake, suspension and transmission to keep up with the competition.

Realistic real-time damage and physics make this sim the ultimate Monster Truck game.

HOW TO PLAY – The game loads and you’re given 150,000 credit to buy your first truck. Scroll left and right to view all trucks. Once you’ve chosen your truck click ‘BUY’. You’re now able to compete in either Single Event or Championship.
For technical support or feedback, [email protected]
We require WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to keep backwards compatibility with our game
Fixed crash on level 23
Fixed issue where game may potentially stall on adverts screen after purchasing the Remove Ads iap

>>>Download Monster Truck Destruction™ APK<<<

Monster Truck Destruction™ screenshots 1Monster Truck Destruction™ screenshots 2

>>>Download Monster Truck Destruction™ APK<<<

LEGO® DC Mighty Micros Download Latest Version APK

Download LEGO® DC Mighty Micros Latest Version APK

Play with LEGO BATMAN™, LEGO WONDER WOMAN™ or with LEGO SUPERMAN™ in this free and fun LEGO® DC Comics racing game.

Chase or be chased! You can play as the Killer Moth™ or BIZZARO™ and escape the city before BATMAN™ or SUPERMAN™ can catch you. Or would you rather be the superhero?

This game is a fun and free racing LEGO® game designed for boys and girls with the following ages: 5-12

You can race through multiple environments and enjoy the ride with your favorite LEGO® DC superhero.

Do you want to see your favorite LEGO® DC Mighty Micros sets in action?

* Swoop through the air in the LEGO® DC Mighty Micros Batcopter and swat Killer Moth™ out of the sky! Throw Batman’s Batarang at the flying bug’s wings and send the villain crashing, but watch out for the cocoon gun.

* Doomsday™ is powering up his Mighty Micros car and going in for the attack with his club. Watch Wonder Woman™ strike back using her mighty sword and shield as she zooms around the villain in her Invisible Jet!

* Zoom into battle and catch Bizarro™—if you can! Who knows which direction Superman’s imperfect nemesis will turn next in his back-to -front Mighty Micros car. Use the blue Kryptonite to sap Bizarro’s energy, but watch out for the green Kryptonite! Bump the giant fists against each other to see who will win this crazy battle.

* Collect and play as your favourite DC Comic character and explore the 3 different worlds!
* Great fun for kids 5-12!
* Become the hero or play as the mischievous villain
* Fun cinematics to watch and learn about the villains and heroes!
* Bluetooth Game Controller Support

LEGO DC Mighty Micros is free to play and offers no in-app purchases.

For app support contact LEGO Consumer Service.
For contact details refer to

Our privacy policy and terms of use for apps are accepted if you download this app.
Read more on and

LEGO and the LEGO logo are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2016 The LEGO Group.
Minor update

>>>Download LEGO® DC Mighty Micros 1.7.1418 APK<<<

LEGO® DC Mighty Micros 1.7.1418 screenshots 1LEGO® DC Mighty Micros 1.7.1418 screenshots 2LEGO® DC Mighty Micros 1.7.1418 screenshots 3LEGO® DC Mighty Micros 1.7.1418 screenshots 4LEGO® DC Mighty Micros 1.7.1418 screenshots 5LEGO® DC Mighty Micros 1.7.1418 screenshots 6LEGO® DC Mighty Micros 1.7.1418 screenshots 7LEGO® DC Mighty Micros 1.7.1418 screenshots 8LEGO® DC Mighty Micros 1.7.1418 screenshots 9LEGO® DC Mighty Micros 1.7.1418 screenshots 10LEGO® DC Mighty Micros 1.7.1418 screenshots 11LEGO® DC Mighty Micros 1.7.1418 screenshots 12LEGO® DC Mighty Micros 1.7.1418 screenshots 13LEGO® DC Mighty Micros 1.7.1418 screenshots 14LEGO® DC Mighty Micros 1.7.1418 screenshots 15LEGO® DC Mighty Micros 1.7.1418 screenshots 16LEGO® DC Mighty Micros 1.7.1418 screenshots 17LEGO® DC Mighty Micros 1.7.1418 screenshots 18LEGO® DC Mighty Micros 1.7.1418 screenshots 19LEGO® DC Mighty Micros 1.7.1418 screenshots 20LEGO® DC Mighty Micros 1.7.1418 screenshots 21

>>>Download LEGO® DC Mighty Micros 1.7.1418 APK<<<

Touch Racing 2 – Mini RC Race Download Latest Version APK

Download Touch Racing 2 – Mini RC Race Latest Version APK

Challenge yourself in Radio Control races in this driving simulator. Race with extreme vehicles in this arcade RC game! Perform stunts, avoid obstacles, overtake your rivals and upgrade all the 4×4 SUV, speedcars and boats and drive to victory in a racing game. Ready… Steady… GO!

Accelerate to top speed, burn the asphalt or surf the water and jump over your opponents in this extreme racing game. Drive over the marks on the road to get nitro and sprint to overtake the other pilots, win the Grand Prix! Get the best score driving faster, doing stunts and jumping higher than the others players in this RC racing simulator! The sheer variety in vehicles, opponents, tracks and environments makes the game feel constantly challenging in this driving game!

Burn the road, splash the water and overcome the rivals in races across the streets and the sea. Dominate all the circuits and win the championships, personalize your buggies, speedcars or crafts with the rewards and upgrade your all RC vehicles. Drive your mini Radio Control and tune them with the customization possibilities at the game workshop in our driver simulator. Avoid the other mini vehicles or hit them in your way to the first position of the World Championship. Hitting the asphalt in a speedcar or the water in a power boat in the new racing arcade game.

What about visit the garage? Upgrade the engine and increase the top speed of your RC vehicles, level up the chassis to get more aerodynamics or boost the spoiler to improve your stunts and nitro, make an unstoppable vehicle! Push your driving skills to the limit in the Limited-Time Events or challenge your Facebook friends in the multiplayer mode. Be the ultimate racer and drive full speed drifting fast and doing burnouts in this race simulator.

Are you ready for extreme velocity? Get in the buggy, car or ship, heat the engine and hit the throttle! Run faster and jump higher in this exciting R/C drive game and become a pro driver in this real racing simulator, totally addictive! Dominate the track in our highway driving game, become a hero driver and defeat unique bosses for each mini vehicle category in your way to the legend career!


Level up your driving skills after every race, become the champion in this Radio Control driving simulator.
Upgrade your RC boats and cars, improve the chassis, tires, engine, body, spoiler and blade as you progress through your legend career in a new driver game.
Set the engine power, tune the turbo and no one could beat you on the track in this highway game!

Customize your ride car with stickers and new paint jobs, the best complements are in this extreme racing game!
Go to the garage, pimp your RC cars and boats and enjoy with a ride drive in this pro driver simulator!
Collect all the Radio Control vehicles and personalize them with tons of accessories to our game workshop. Collect all of them in our arcade driving game!

Drive and compete in ride RC races over the world, challenge your Facebook friends or face your speedcar or boat with random rival vehicles in the new multiplayer mode.
Feel the speed as you participate in Limited-Time Events to stack up rewards in this RC highway game!
Can you reach the top of the World Ranking in the best RC racing game ever? Show who is the best RC driver in asphalt or water, dominate all elements in our arcade racing simulator!

Defeat bosses as you progress from an R/C rookie to a global legend pilot in our hero driver simulator!
Use the nitro to boost the speed, make crazy stunts, jump and fly over the rivals and beat the other highway racers in new driving arcade game!
Unique control system, anyone can learn to play in seconds with only two fingers. Easy to play, hard to master!

Fixed Facebook issues

>>>Download Touch Racing 2 – Mini RC Race APK<<<

Touch Racing 2 - Mini RC Race screenshots 1Touch Racing 2 - Mini RC Race screenshots 2Touch Racing 2 - Mini RC Race screenshots 3

>>>Download Touch Racing 2 – Mini RC Race APK<<<

Real Racing 3 Download Latest Version APK

Download Real Racing 3 Latest Version APK

Real Racing 3 is the award-winning franchise that sets a new standard for mobile racing games – you have to play it to believe it.

This app offers in-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settings.

Over 200 Million Downloads!

TabbyAwards 2014 – WINNER: Best Action, Adventure, Arcade & Racing Game
Mobile Excellence Awards – WINNER: Best Mobile Game 2013
Game Connect Asia Pacific – WINNER: Game of The Year 2013, Technical Excellence, Excellence in Art
Meffy Awards – FINALIST: Best Mobile Game 2013

Real Racing 3 features an ever-expanding roster of officially licensed tracks with 39 circuits at 17 real-world locations, a 43-car grid and over 140 meticulously detailed cars from top manufacturers. Plus Real-Time Multiplayer, Social Leaderboards, Time Trials, night racing, and innovative Time Shifted Multiplayer™ (TSM) technology, allowing you to race anyone, anytime, anywhere.

**This is a resource-intensive game featuring extremely high quality visuals. Please make sure you have at least 1.5GB of free space on your device.**

“Feels a full generation ahead of the competition” (IGN, 9.1/10, Editors’ Choice)
“A stunning visual masterpiece on mobile” (Touch Arcade)
“Sets the new standard on mobile for racing games” (Pocket Gamer, 9/10, Gold Award)

Take the wheel of over 140 intensely detailed vehicles from iconic manufacturers like Ford, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz and test your skills on an authentic 43-car race grid – the most epic racing experience on any handheld.

Burn rubber on a full lineup of 17 real tracks in multiple configurations from top worldwide locations, including Silverstone, Hockenheimring, Le Mans, Dubai Autodrome and many more.

Go bumper to bumper with friends and rivals in global 8-player, cross-platform, real-time racing with drafting. Or drop into any race to challenge their AI-controlled versions in Time-Shifted Multiplayer™.

Compete in over 4,000 events including Cup races, Eliminations and Endurance challenges. Choose from a wide range of upgrades to maximize your car’s performance. Customize your car with a huge collection of paints, vinyls and rims. View the action from a variety of camera angles, tweak the HUD and fine-tune the controls to your personal preference.

Powered by the remarkable Mint™ 3 Engine, Real Racing 3 features detailed car damage, fully functioning rear view mirrors, and dynamic reflections for truly HD racing. Enjoy a rich, next-gen game with the most advanced cross-platform social and competitive racing community ever. Real Racing 3 delivers it all and pushes the boundaries with every update.

Welcome to the definitive racing experience.
User Agreement:
Visit for assistance or inquiries.

EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’ notice posted on

Important Consumer Information: requires a persistent Internet connection (network fees may apply);Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement.
includes in-game advertising; collects data through third party analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details); contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13.
The brand-new Circuit of the Americas track makes its Real Racing 3 debut. Also in this packed update:

• Bring five all-new Nissan cars to your garage: the classic 1969 240z, 1992 300ZX, 1997 Skyline GT-R V-spec, 2018 370z Nismo and the 2018 GT-R Nismo
• Earn the Ferrari FXXK EVO in an exciting Limited-Time Series
• Celebrate 70 Years of Porsche by racing the 1958 Porsche 178

Also, more Real Racing TV and a few more surprises. Tune in today and start racing!

>>>Download Real Racing 3 7.0.0 APK<<<

Real Racing  3 7.0.0 screenshots 1Real Racing  3 7.0.0 screenshots 2Real Racing  3 7.0.0 screenshots 3Real Racing  3 7.0.0 screenshots 4Real Racing  3 7.0.0 screenshots 5Real Racing  3 7.0.0 screenshots 6Real Racing  3 7.0.0 screenshots 7Real Racing  3 7.0.0 screenshots 8Real Racing  3 7.0.0 screenshots 9Real Racing  3 7.0.0 screenshots 10Real Racing  3 7.0.0 screenshots 11Real Racing  3 7.0.0 screenshots 12

>>>Download Real Racing 3 7.0.0 APK<<<