Trim Healthy Mama Journey Download Latest Version APK

Obtain Trim Wholesome Mama Journey Newest Model APK

Welcome to your journey…

Your journey is uniquely yours and that is the place you may journal each step alongside the way in which, set your targets, monitor your meals, watch your progress, discover inspiration from others, examine your progress images, and a lot extra!

Begin by seeing who else is right here! Get impressed by following different mamas and seeing what they share. Then set your private targets and begin logging your meals. You’ll be able to share every meal to the THM Residence Feed the place your followers will see them or you may maintain them in your non-public log. Take selfies and side-by-side comparability images ceaselessly to maintain your self motivated!

Create reminders for your self if you wish to area out your meals or remind your self to drink these sippers!

Feeling misplaced, tempted, or unmotivated? Simply press the panic button and take heed to encouraging and inspirational soundbites from us … your founding sisters Serene and Pearl. (coronary heart emoji)

What’s Trim Wholesome Mama?

It’s plenty of sure! Trim Wholesome Mama doesn’t say “no” to any meals group. It isn’t a “No” plan . . . it’s a “Sure” plan. You get to take pleasure in all three essential macronutrients: carbs, fat and protein, all whereas trimming your self to a wholesome weight. You may be so busy having fun with all of your “sure” meals all day lengthy that you will barely have time to dwell on those you’re avoiding. So, let’s rapidly get them out of the way in which. There are solely a few them.

Keep away from:
Sugar and white flour (which is definitely sugar in your bloodstream) are out. You are able to do it!

• S (Satisfying) meals deal with fat for gasoline.
• E (Energizing) meals deal with carbs for gasoline.
• FP (Gasoline Pull) meals deal with neither fats nor carbs (these meals can go along with any meal kind).
• XO (Crossover) meals deal with each fats and carbs.

• Separate fat and carbs for weight reduction.
• Ensure each meal comprises protein.
• Don’t neglect your veggies – they belong in your meals day by day!
• Juggle your fuels – don’t get in a rut. Take pleasure in meals from each meals group!

Use our free meals analyzer app to determine what meals are what gasoline or try the meals lists in our books! For the complete particulars on how all this works, try the Trim Wholesome Starter E book or the Trim Wholesome Plan E book.

Separating fat and carbs isn’t eternally! Those that are pregnant, nursing, or wishing to keep up their weight ought to take pleasure in some XO meals. Even having fun with just a few XO meals right here and there through the weight reduction seasons is okay too. Your journey is yours and will not seem like everybody else’s… so discover your groove and what works for you and roll with it! Bear in mind it is a light journey. Give your self a number of grace and plenty of time to get to the end line. It isn’t a fast-paced race, however a sluggish, regular and amazingly joyful one.
* Added new possibility in profile to get direct help by e-mail
* Mounted identify alignment points on Discover Mamas display
* Up to date put up presentation to restrict the seen dimension of lengthy person names
* Improved suggestions response for the like button
* Corrected a problem the place the app would crash when viewing the remark display in sure circumstances
* Up to date the presentation of meal classification badges

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Trim Healthy Mama Journey  screenshots 1Trim Healthy Mama Journey  screenshots 2Trim Healthy Mama Journey  screenshots 3Trim Healthy Mama Journey  screenshots 4Trim Healthy Mama Journey  screenshots 5Trim Healthy Mama Journey  screenshots 6Trim Healthy Mama Journey  screenshots 7Trim Healthy Mama Journey  screenshots 8

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CodeCheck: Food & Cosmetic Product Scanner Download Latest Version APK

Download CodeCheck: Food & Cosmetic Product Scanner Latest Version APK

CodeCheck is your personal shopping assistant when it comes to healthy and conscious consumption ?️‍-. Simply scan the barcode or EAN number of your food ? or cosmetics ? and in just a few seconds you can find out whether the products are vegan, vegetarian or gluten- or lactose-free. Additionally, if they contain: palm oil, microbeads, nanoparticles, parabens, paraffins, too much sugar, etc.. CodeCheck also helps you, if you have an allergy to something. Now you can also customize CodeCheck to fit you best. Based on your individual needs, it will give you a personal rating circle which shows whether a product is suitable for you. You can set warnings, for gluten or if a product is vegan or vegetarian or not ⚠️. You will always receive suggestions of better alternatives, too. But CodeCheck isn’t just a product scanner and a smart shopping assistant. It’s also a wiki and a news feed – all in one app ?!

Download the free app or subscribe to the ad-free premium version
Login and select one of four profiles or build your own.
Further customize your profile based on your own lifestyle and diet to receive personalized ratings and alerts for example a vegan-, vegetarian- or gluten-alert.
Use the scanner and with a glance, find out if a product is suitable for you.
After scanning, simply scroll down to be shown more suitable alternatives.
Stay up to date with the latest news on healthy and sustainable consumption
Live more healthily, sustainably, consciously and happily ?.

We follow the latest scientific findings or independent expert opinions from organizations such as Greenpeace, BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany), the WWF, the Food Standards Agency, and consumer protection bodies like Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg, Verbraucher Initiative e.V. and Stiftung für Konsumentenschutz. The sources referenced for ratings are always listed under each ingredient.

Is your product not listed? Then why not become an active member of our CodeCheck community and enter products and all their ingredients into our database? Our algorithm will then immediately link these to the corresponding ratings by relevant experts.

Our news feed will show you all the relevant information besides offering fantastic tips, vegan or gluten-free recipes ?‍? and much more.

Ad-free Version
You can buy an ad-free version of CodeCheck. If you decide to purchase CodeCheck ad-free, it will be done through your Play-Store account.

If you have any questions, requests or suggestions, please write us at [email protected]!

Do you like CodeCheck? If so, we welcome a positive ★★★★★ rating! We hope you have a great time shopping in a healthy, sustainable way.

Your CodeCheck Team

———- website


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CodeCheck: Food & Cosmetic Product Scanner  screenshots 1CodeCheck: Food & Cosmetic Product Scanner  screenshots 2CodeCheck: Food & Cosmetic Product Scanner  screenshots 3CodeCheck: Food & Cosmetic Product Scanner  screenshots 4CodeCheck: Food & Cosmetic Product Scanner  screenshots 5CodeCheck: Food & Cosmetic Product Scanner  screenshots 6CodeCheck: Food & Cosmetic Product Scanner  screenshots 7CodeCheck: Food & Cosmetic Product Scanner  screenshots 8

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Pollenflug-Vorhersage Download Latest Version APK

Download Pollenflug-Vorhersage Latest Version APK

Die Pollenflug-Vorhersage mit vielen weiteren Funktionen für die Allergie-Saison. Welche Pollen fliegen heute? Die Android-App von Hexal zeigt Ihnen die Pollenflug-Vorhersage aktuell und zielgenau – mit vielen Extras, wie der Alarmfunktion.

• Die Pollenflug-Vorhersage für 15 allergieauslösende Pflanzen: tagesaktuell und ortsgenau
• Vorhersage für 7 Tage (bei Drehen des Bildschirms)
• Komfortable Slider-Navigation
• Jahres-Pollenflugkalender der 15 Pflanzen
• Symbole auch über Ihre Form unterscheidbar (für User mit Rot- Grün Sehschwäche)
• Übersichtliche Vorhersage- Karten für Deutschland und die Bundesländer
• Zielgenaue Suche nach Ort, Postleitzahl oder Standorterkennung (GPS) in Deutschland
• Deutschland-Trend: So entwickelt sich der aktuelle Pollenflug
• Individualisierte Nutzung: Eigene Orte und Pflanzen in den Einstellungen auswählen
• Lassen Sie sich warnen: Mit persönlichen Push- Benachrichtigungen, wenn „Ihre“ Pollen vorhergesagt sind!
• Informationen zu den allergieauslösenden Pflanzen
• Widget
• Tagebuchfunktion
• 3x tägliche Aktualisierung der Daten
• Notruf- Telefonnummern
• Installierbar auf SD Karte (App2SD)
The pollen forecast with many other functions for the allergy season. Which pollen are flying today? The Android app from Hexal shows you the pollen forecast up-to-date and precisely – with many extras, such as the alarm function.

• The pollen forecast for 15 allergy-causing plants: up-to-date and accurate to the location
• Forecast for 7 days (when rotating the screen)
• Convenient slider navigation
• Annual pollen calendar for the 15 plants
• Symbols can also be distinguished by their shape (for users with red-green poor eyesight)
• Clear forecast maps for Germany and the federal states
• Precise search for place, postcode or location recognition (GPS) in Germany
• Germany trend: This is how the current pollen count is developing
• Individualized use: Select your own locations and plants in the settings
• Be warned: with personal push notifications when “your” pollen is predicted!
• Information on the plants that cause allergies
• widget
• Diary function
• 3x daily update of the data
• Emergency telephone numbers
• Can be installed on SD card (App2SD)

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Pollenflug-Vorhersage  screenshots 1Pollenflug-Vorhersage  screenshots 2Pollenflug-Vorhersage  screenshots 3Pollenflug-Vorhersage  screenshots 4Pollenflug-Vorhersage  screenshots 5Pollenflug-Vorhersage  screenshots 6Pollenflug-Vorhersage  screenshots 7

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ratiopharm Pollen-Radar Download Latest Version APK

Download ratiopharm Pollen-Radar Latest Version APK

Mit dem ratiopharm Pollen Radar sind Sie dem Heuschnupfen eine Nasenlänge voraus: Richten Sie sich die kostenlose Pollen App passend für Ihre Allergie ein. Bestimmen Sie, welche Pollen in der Pollenflug Vorhersage dargestellt werden sollen. So wird Ihnen jederzeit die individuelle Belastung in Ihrer Nähe angezeigt. Neben dem aktuellen Pollenflug können Sie im Allergiekalender festhalten, wie sich die Pollen Belastung auf Ihr Befinden auswirkt.

Nützliche Alltagstipps zu Ihrer Allergie runden den Service des ratiopharm Pollen-Radars ab.

Die wichtigsten Funktionen im Überblick:
– Pollenflug und Wetterdaten für Deutschland und Österreich in Echtzeit
– Wählen Sie Ihren Standort automatisch oder finden Sie diesen via Name oder Postleitzahl
– Sehen Sie Ihre persönliche Pollenflug-Vorhersage für 7 Tage
– Stellen Sie das Pollen-Radar passend zu Ihrer Allergie ein
– Halten Sie Reaktionen auf die Pollen Belastung im Allergiekalender fest
– Informieren Sie sich über den landesweiten Pollenflug auf einer interaktiven Karte
– Erhalten Sie praktische Alltagstipps für Allergiker
With the ratiopharm pollen radar you are one step ahead of hay fever: Set up the free pollen app to suit your allergy. Determine which pollen should be shown in the pollen forecast. This way, you can see the individual load in your area at any time. In addition to the current pollen count, you can record in the allergy calendar how the pollen load affects your well-being.

Useful everyday tips for your allergy complete the service of the ratiopharm pollen radar.

The most important functions at a glance:
– Pollen count and weather data for Germany and Austria in real time
– Choose your location automatically or find it by name or zip code
– See your personal pollen count forecast for 7 days
– Set the pollen radar to suit your allergy
– Record reactions to the pollen load in the allergy calendar
– Find out about the nationwide pollen count on an interactive map
– Get practical everyday tips for allergy sufferers
Kleinere Fehlerbehebungen und Verbesserungen.
Bleiben Sie gesund!

>>>Download ratiopharm Pollen-Radar APK<<<

ratiopharm Pollen-Radar  screenshots 1ratiopharm Pollen-Radar  screenshots 2ratiopharm Pollen-Radar  screenshots 3ratiopharm Pollen-Radar  screenshots 4ratiopharm Pollen-Radar  screenshots 5ratiopharm Pollen-Radar  screenshots 6ratiopharm Pollen-Radar  screenshots 7ratiopharm Pollen-Radar  screenshots 8ratiopharm Pollen-Radar  screenshots 9ratiopharm Pollen-Radar  screenshots 10ratiopharm Pollen-Radar  screenshots 11ratiopharm Pollen-Radar  screenshots 12ratiopharm Pollen-Radar  screenshots 13ratiopharm Pollen-Radar  screenshots 14

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AllTrails: Hiking, Running & Mountain Bike Trails Download Latest Version APK

Download AllTrails: Hiking, Running & Mountain Bike Trails Latest Version APK

Explore the outdoors with AllTrails! Discover nature with hiking, biking, backpacking and running trails around the world. Log your hike, walk, run or mountain bike ride with our GPS activity tracker. Looking for a good spot for camping or backpacking? The AllTrails community is a great place to get inspired.

View trail maps to find that kid friendly or dog friendly trails that you’ve been searching for. Take the mountain biking, horseback riding, or backpacking trip you’ve always wanted to do. Explore national parks or discover new running maps, biking and hiking trails in your area. Download offline maps, get to the trailhead and start your outdoor adventure.

Whether it’s a hike or a cycling ride you’re after, AllTrails inspires you with trail maps for your next outdoor adventure.

Explore 100,000+ Hiking Trails and Mountain Bike Routes
• AllTrails has the largest collection of GPS trail maps, topo maps, and downloadable offline maps for trails in national parks and your own neighborhood
• Discover the outdoors with new mountain biking, running or hiking trails, with reviews and ratings from a community of hikers, cyclists and trail runners like you
• Find a hike, mountain bike ride, or trail run that’s perfect for your fitness and experience level
• Filter by dog friendly, kid friendly, and wheelchair friendly walking trails

Record Your Outdoor Adventures with the AllTrails GPS Activity Tracker
• Turn your phone into a GPS activity tracker and follow your trail so you don’t get lost while exploring the outdoors
• View your hiking, running and cycling stats at a glance
• Share your latest backpacking, hiking, running and mountain biking activities with friends on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp

Save Your Favorite Trails
• Explore all the hiking and cycling trails on your bucket list and add new ones to check out
• Easily save your favorite trails to run, hike, camp or bike again and again
• Follow the hikers, cyclists and runners that inspire you

Get GPS Driving Directions to the Trailhead
• With just one tap, get GPS driving directions so you can get to the trailhead in no time

Hike across the most beautiful national parks and nature preserves on the planet. Whatever your fitness or experience level, AllTrails will help you explore new trails with confidence.

Get More with AllTrails Pro!
• Download offline maps – track your exact GPS location as you navigate the trail, even when you don’t have a signal
• Never miss a turn with off-route notifications
• Stay safe with Lifeline – assign safety contacts who know your plan and can track your progress
• Know what to expect with real-time map overlays including air quality, satellite weather, pollen, and light pollution
• Always have a backup – design and print stunning custom topo maps
• Experience AllTrails ad-free – remove the distraction of ads and focus on the journey
• 1% for the Planet – feel good knowing that part of your subscription will be going directly to helping the environment

AllTrails Pro is available as an annual subscription for USD $29.99/year, or you can get three years for the price of two when you buy our 3 Year Plan via a one-time payment of USD $59.99. You can subscribe and pay through your Google Play account. Your annual subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Auto-renew can be turned off anytime by going to your My Subscriptions page on Google Wallet. Access more AllTrails Pro features on our website:

Sign up required to favorite trails, record your activity, or follow users

We love hearing from our users! Email us here: [email protected]

Terms of Use:
Thanks for using AllTrails! This update includes:
– A new share experience that allows you to share your recordings to your favorite social platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
– Resolved bugs and improved performance for sharing recordings.

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AllTrails: Hiking, Running & Mountain Bike Trails  screenshots 1AllTrails: Hiking, Running & Mountain Bike Trails  screenshots 2AllTrails: Hiking, Running & Mountain Bike Trails  screenshots 3AllTrails: Hiking, Running & Mountain Bike Trails  screenshots 4AllTrails: Hiking, Running & Mountain Bike Trails  screenshots 5

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Yuka – food & cosmetic scan Download Latest Version APK

Download Yuka – food & cosmetic scan Latest Version APK


Yuka scans food & personal care products to decipher their ingredients and evaluate their impact on your health.

In a world of incomprehensible labels, Yuka provides clarity in one quick scan so you can make clear-sighted purchases.

Yuka uses a simple color code to inform you of the product’s impact on your health: excellent, good, mediocre, or poor. You can access a detailed info page for each product, to help you understand its grade.

◆ 700,000 FOOD PRODUCTS ◆

Every product is evaluated according to 3 objective criteria: nutritional value, additives, and the organic dimension of the product.


The scoring method relies on analyzing all of the product’s ingredients. Every ingredient is assigned a level of risk, based on current scientific research.


For any product with a negative grade, Yuka will recommend in total independence a similar product that’s better for your health as an alternative.


Yuka is a 100% independent application. This means that product evaluations and recommendations are completely objective: no brand or manufacturer can influence them in one way or another. In addition, the application does not advertise. Find out more about our funding on our website.
We keep on building the app by fixing bugs and improving the UI, to make your scans even more efficient.

>>>Download Yuka – food & cosmetic scan APK<<<

Yuka - food & cosmetic scan  screenshots 1Yuka - food & cosmetic scan  screenshots 2Yuka - food & cosmetic scan  screenshots 3Yuka - food & cosmetic scan  screenshots 4Yuka - food & cosmetic scan  screenshots 5Yuka - food & cosmetic scan  screenshots 6

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STAYAWAY COVID Download Latest Version APK

Download STAYAWAY COVID Latest Version APK

STAYAWAY COVID is an application that runs on mobile phones and is intended to support the country in its efforts to screen for COVID-19. By monitoring your most recent contacts, the app allows you to know, simply and safely, whether you have been exposed to the disease. The STAYAWAY COVID app is entirely voluntary and free and at no time requires access to your identity or personal data.

Once installed, the mobile phone indicates its presence to all nearby devices using random identifiers, not disclosing any personal information. The information shared between devices allows STAYAWAY COVID to know the mobile phones one has been close to, how close and for how long. The World Health Organisation considers that an exposure within 2 meters and longer than 15 minutes to someone with COVID-19 presents a high contagion risk.

1. No high-risk contacts

If the app does not detect any high-risk contacts with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 then it displays that exact message and the date of the latest evaluation.

2. Exposure notification

If, in the last 14 days, we have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 and that has shared this information with the STAYAWAY COVID system, then the app will promptly notify us so that we can isolate ourselves and call Linha SNS 24 (808 24 24 24).

3. If tested positive to COVID-19

Should we test positive to COVID-19, along with the diagnosis we will receive a numeric code allowing us to share, anonymously and through the app, this information with the STAYAWAY COVID system. It is this important step that enables the app to timely alert all those that have been exposed to our contagion, even before displaying any symptoms. No identity is ever disclosed to anyone.

The STAYAWAY COVID APP has been developed by INESC TEC, ISPUP, Keyruptive and Ubirider for the Directorate-General for Health / Ministry of Health.
Bug fixing.
Introduces mechanism to help app recovery when there is something preventing it to run in the background.


STAYAWAY COVID  screenshots 1STAYAWAY COVID  screenshots 2STAYAWAY COVID  screenshots 3STAYAWAY COVID  screenshots 4STAYAWAY COVID  screenshots 5


Moonly : symptothermie, suivi d’ovulation Download Latest Version APK

Download Moonly : symptothermie, suivi d’ovulation Latest Version APK

Moonly est l’application la plus simple et pratique pour le suivi symptothermique du cycle féminin.
Tu peux enregistrer tes règles, ta température, tes pertes fertiles (glaire cervicale), ton col de l’utérus, tes SPM, tes perturbateurs, tes douleurs, ton humeur, tes notes personnelles et bien d’autres choses encore.

Nous protégeons tes données, car elles sont très personnelles et c’est primordial pour nous !

Moonly te permet de savoir grâce à son algorithme basé sur la méthode de symptothermie Sensiplan, ayant une fiabilité de plus de 98 % (source OMS et HAS) si tu es en période fertile ou infertile. Cela te permet d’avoir un moyen de contraception sans hormones, naturel et écologique. Un calcul permet d’ajouter des jours de sécurité afin d’assurer un maximum de fiabilité à la méthode. Tout est expliqué pas à pas dans l’application. Tu peux également l’utiliser pour t’aider à concevoir un enfant en repérant plus facilement ton ovulation.

L’application ne fait aucune prédiction, tout est basé sur les données que tu renseignes. C’est ce qui permet à la symptothermie d’avoir un taux d’efficacité aussi élevé que la pilule.

Nous avons à coeur de prendre soin de nos utilisatrices et vos retours sont très importants pour améliorer l’application alors n’hésites pas à nous dire ce qui te ferait envie !


• Suis les différentes phases de ton cycle
• Enregistre tes règles
• Suis tes périodes fertiles et infertiles
• Pas de prédiction de ton ovulation, l’appli t’indique précisément où tu en es au fur et à mesure
• Enregistre ta température et tes symptômes pour mieux comprendre ton cycle


• Combine ta température et tes pertes fertiles (pertes blanches) pour reconnaître ton ovulation
• Suis ta période pré-ovulatoire (infertile présumée), ovulatoire (fertile) et post-ovulatoire (infertile)


• Observe ta courbe de température
• Repère en un seul coup d’oeil où tu en es dans ton cycle
• Suis tes différents symptômes au cours du cycle


• Découvre chaque jour les conseils et les explications adaptés à ton profil
• Apprends pas à pas la symptothermie
• Découvre des articles sur le cycle féminin et la santé


Besoin de plus d’informations contacte la Team Moonly ici :
[email protected]
Moonly is the most simple and practical application for symptothermal monitoring of the female cycle.
You can record your period, your temperature, your fertile losses (cervical mucus), your cervix, your PMS, your disruptors, your pain, your mood, your personal notes and much more.

We protect your data because it is very personal and it is essential for us!

Moonly lets you know thanks to its algorithm based on the Sensiplan symptothermal method, having a reliability of more than 98% (source WHO and HAS) if you are in fertile or infertile period. This allows you to have a contraceptive without hormones, natural and ecological. A calculation makes it possible to add safety days in order to ensure maximum reliability of the method. Everything is explained step by step in the app. You can also use it to help you conceive a child by finding your ovulation more easily.

The application does not make any predictions, everything is based on the data you enter. This is what allows symptothermia to be as effective as the pill.

We are committed to taking care of our users and your feedback is very important to improving the application so don’t hesitate to tell us what would make you want!


• Follow the different phases of your cycle
• Save your rules
• Follow your fertile and infertile periods
• No prediction of your ovulation, the app tells you exactly where you are as you go
• Record your temperature and symptoms to better understand your cycle


• Combine your temperature and your fertile losses (white losses) to recognize your ovulation
• Follow your pre-ovulatory (presumed infertile), ovulatory (fertile) and post-ovulatory (infertile) periods


• Observe your temperature curve
• Find out where you are in your cycle at a glance
• Follow your different symptoms during the cycle


• Discover the tips and explanations adapted to your profile every day
• Learn symptothermy step by step
• Discover articles on the female cycle and health


Need more information contact Team Moonly here:
[email protected]
L’appli facile pour la contraception sans hormones, la conception et qui protège tes données !

>>>Download Moonly : symptothermie, suivi d’ovulation APK<<<

Moonly : symptothermie, suivi d’ovulation  screenshots 1Moonly : symptothermie, suivi d’ovulation  screenshots 2Moonly : symptothermie, suivi d’ovulation  screenshots 3Moonly : symptothermie, suivi d’ovulation  screenshots 4Moonly : symptothermie, suivi d’ovulation  screenshots 5Moonly : symptothermie, suivi d’ovulation  screenshots 6Moonly : symptothermie, suivi d’ovulation  screenshots 7Moonly : symptothermie, suivi d’ovulation  screenshots 8Moonly : symptothermie, suivi d’ovulation  screenshots 9

>>>Download Moonly : symptothermie, suivi d’ovulation APK<<<

ameli, l’Assurance Maladie Download Latest Version APK

Download ameli, l’Assurance Maladie Latest Version APK

Connectez-vous à votre compte via l’authentification biométrique ou avec votre numéro de sécurité sociale et votre code personnel et accéder à tous les services suivants :

Consultez vos remboursements de soins :
– Visualisez tous vos remboursements en détails

Consultez tous vos documents :
– Téléchargez votre attestation de droits ou d’indemnités journalières
– Téléchargez vos relevés mensuels de remboursements

Réalisez certaines démarches sans vous déplacer :
– Suivez vos arrêts de travail
– Commandez votre carte européenne d’assurance maladie (CEAM) et visualisez-la sur votre smartphone/tablette
– Déclarez la perte ou le vol de votre carte Vitale
– Commandez une carte Vitale
– Modifiez votre nom d’usage
– Déclarez votre nouveau-né à votre caisse
– Inscrivez votre enfant sur les cartes des deux parents
– Déclarez un accident causé par un tiers
– Accédez à la simulation de vos droits aux aides sociales
– Consultez les délais de traitement de votre caisse

Gérez vos informations personnelles :
– Retrouvez toutes vos informations personnelles
– Modifiez votre adresse email et vos numéros de téléphone
– Déclarez votre changement de coordonnées bancaires

Contactez votre caisse d’Assurance Maladie :
– Posez vos questions par e-mail directement à un conseiller et obtenez une réponse en 48h

Consultez l’annuaire Santé partout en France :
– Trouvez un médecin ou un établissement de santé autour de vous et consultez leurs tarifs
– Localisez la borne la plus proche de vous pour mettre à jour votre carte vitale ou imprimer vos attestations
Log in to your account via biometric authentication or with your social security number and personal code and access all of the following services:

Consult your healthcare reimbursements:
– View all your refunds in detail

Consult all your documents:
– Download your certificate of rights or daily allowances
– Download your monthly reimbursement statements

Take certain steps without having to travel:
– Track your work stoppages
– Order your European health insurance card (CEAM) and view it on your smartphone / tablet
– Report the loss or theft of your Vitale card
– Order a Vitale card
– Change your username
– Declare your newborn baby at your cash register
– Register your child on the cards of both parents
– Report an accident caused by a third party
– Access the simulation of your rights to social assistance
– Consult the processing times for your cash register

Manage your personal information:
– Find all your personal information
– Change your email address and phone numbers
– Declare your change of bank details

Contact your health insurance fund:
– Ask your questions by e-mail directly to an advisor and get an answer within 48 hours

Consult the Health directory everywhere in France:
– Find a doctor or health facility around you and check their prices
– Locate the terminal closest to you to update your vital card or print your certificates
Correction de bugs : les services “Mes Aides” et “Recours contre un tiers” sont de nouveau disponibles sur l’application.

>>>Download ameli, l’Assurance Maladie APK<<<

ameli, l'Assurance Maladie  screenshots 1ameli, l'Assurance Maladie  screenshots 2ameli, l'Assurance Maladie  screenshots 3ameli, l'Assurance Maladie  screenshots 4ameli, l'Assurance Maladie  screenshots 5ameli, l'Assurance Maladie  screenshots 6ameli, l'Assurance Maladie  screenshots 7ameli, l'Assurance Maladie  screenshots 8ameli, l'Assurance Maladie  screenshots 9ameli, l'Assurance Maladie  screenshots 10ameli, l'Assurance Maladie  screenshots 11ameli, l'Assurance Maladie  screenshots 12ameli, l'Assurance Maladie  screenshots 13ameli, l'Assurance Maladie  screenshots 14ameli, l'Assurance Maladie  screenshots 15ameli, l'Assurance Maladie  screenshots 16

>>>Download ameli, l’Assurance Maladie APK<<<

Deciplus Download Latest Version APK

Download Deciplus Latest Version APK

L’application Deciplus fait peau neuve ! Plus intuitive, plus rapide et plus conviviale !
Découvrez les grandes nouveautés de la nouvelle version de l’appli Deciplus.

Dès maintenant, vous pouvez :
• Lier directement vos réservations à votre agenda.
• Recevoir une notification pour vous rappeler votre cours (ou vous prévenir en cas d’annulation, changement, etc.).
• Connaître en temps réel votre position sur la liste d’attente d’une réservation.
• Avoir des explications claires si vous ne pouvez pas réserver.
• Vous connecter à plusieurs clubs avec un seul et même compte.

Et très bientôt, vous pourrez :
• Inviter des amis sur le créneau de votre choix.
• Vous motiver et vous challenger avec vos amis
• Offrir à un proche une prestation à partir de la boutique.

Bien sûr, l’application Deciplus, c’est toujours :

Réservez votre activité en quelques clics :
• Filtrez par club, date, activité ou durée.
• Liez directement vos réservations à votre agenda. NOUVEAU
• Recevez une notification pour vous rappeler votre cours (ou vous prévenir en cas d’annulation, changement, etc.). NOUVEAU
• Connaître en temps réel votre position sur la liste d’attente d’une réservation. NOUVEAU
• Ayez des explications claires si vous ne pouvez pas réserver. NOUVEAU

Gérez vos infos instantanément :
• Contactez votre club, consultez ses horaires et rédigez des commentaires. NOUVEAU
• Gérez vos informations personnelles.
• Modifiez votre mot de passe, vos données bancaires. NOUVEAU
• Consultez vos abonnements / cartes en cours, vos factures et échéanciers. NOUVEAU

Rechargez votre carte ou votre abonnement en toute sécurité depuis votre mobile* :
• Profitez en exclusivité des offres de votre club. NOUVEAU
• Limitez vos contacts avec les terminaux de paiement en achetant vos prestations depuis votre smartphone.
• Gagnez du temps lors de vos achats en enregistrant votre carte bancaire.
• Offrez à un proche une prestation à partir de la boutique. NOUVEAU

Pass mobile*
• Accédez directement à votre salle en badgeant avec votre smartphone.
• Ne cherchez plus votre badge.
• Sécurisez votre accès : vous seul pouvez utiliser votre Decipass.
• Faites un geste pour la planète : moins de badge, moins de plastique !

*Sous réserve que cette option soit activée pour votre club.
The Deciplus application is getting a new look! More intuitive, faster and more user-friendly!
Discover the big news in the new version of the Deciplus app.

From now on, you can:
• Link your reservations directly to your calendar.
• Receive a notification to remind you of your course (or notify you in case of cancellation, change, etc.).
• Know in real time your position on the waiting list for a reservation.
• Have clear explanations if you cannot book.
• Connect to several clubs with one and the same account.

And very soon, you will be able to:
• Invite friends on the niche of your choice.
• Motivate and challenge you with your friends
• Offer a service from the store to a loved one.

Of course, the Deciplus app is always:

Book your activity in a few clicks:
• Filter by club, date, activity or duration.
• Link your reservations directly to your calendar. NEW
• Receive a notification to remind you of your course (or notify you in case of cancellation, change, etc.). NEW
• Know in real time your position on the waiting list for a reservation. NEW
• Have clear explanations if you cannot book. NEW

Manage your info instantly:
• Contact your club, view its schedules and write comments. NEW
• Manage your personal information.
• Modify your password, your bank details. NEW
• Consult your current subscriptions / cards, your invoices and deadlines. NEW

Reload your card or subscription securely from your mobile *:
• Take advantage of exclusive offers from your club. NEW
• Limit your contact with payment terminals by purchasing your services from your smartphone.
• Save time when shopping by registering your bank card.
• Offer a service from the store to a loved one. NEW

Mobile pass *
• Access directly to your room by badge with your smartphone.
• Stop looking for your badge.
• Secure your access: only you can use your Decipass.
• Do something for the planet: fewer badges, less plastic!

* Subject to this option being activated for your club.
– Correction d’une anomalie qui empêchait de réserver certains créneaux

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