Infinite Korean Download Latest Version APK

Download Infinite Korean Latest Version APK

Learn Korean by playing fun and interactive games in space! No multiple choice, flashcards, or any other boring stuff! ✌

★ Learn over 200 words.

★ Learn Korean naturally without using English!

★ Questions are asked in three different orders that include text, audio, and icons, which promotes better memory recall.

★ Review all words from each category with a challenging review game.

★ Switch between phonetic & hangul text to fit your learning style.
Bug fixes and performance improvements. If you’re still experiencing issues please contact us directly at: [email protected]

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Infinite Korean 4.1.8 screenshots 1Infinite Korean 4.1.8 screenshots 2Infinite Korean 4.1.8 screenshots 3Infinite Korean 4.1.8 screenshots 4Infinite Korean 4.1.8 screenshots 5Infinite Korean 4.1.8 screenshots 6Infinite Korean 4.1.8 screenshots 7Infinite Korean 4.1.8 screenshots 8Infinite Korean 4.1.8 screenshots 9Infinite Korean 4.1.8 screenshots 10Infinite Korean 4.1.8 screenshots 11Infinite Korean 4.1.8 screenshots 12Infinite Korean 4.1.8 screenshots 13Infinite Korean 4.1.8 screenshots 14Infinite Korean 4.1.8 screenshots 15Infinite Korean 4.1.8 screenshots 16Infinite Korean 4.1.8 screenshots 17Infinite Korean 4.1.8 screenshots 18Infinite Korean 4.1.8 screenshots 19Infinite Korean 4.1.8 screenshots 20Infinite Korean 4.1.8 screenshots 21

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The One – Bedtime Story Download Latest Version APK

Download The One – Bedtime Story Latest Version APK

A warm story of a teddy bear’s search for a loving, caring owner for children aged 3 and above to share with parents or enjoy alone.

Includes in story games, an array of on-touch animations and sound effects and optional text, narration and background music.

With the interactive features on this app children can become the heroes of this story and learn about some of the true values in life.

Richly illustrated by children’s book illustrator Emily Skinner and beautifully narrated by Granny Gulf
30 on touch animations and sound effects.
8 optional in story games allow reader to take part in the story.
Sound effects woven into the narration.
Select your own combination of narration, atmospheric background music and text.
Scroll up text allows children or parents to read at their own speed.
No in-app purchases.
Child friendly controls.

Bernard is a bear who feels rather proud of himself; but being the most expensive bear in the shop means that not everyone can afford to buy him. When, finally, someone does come along, Bernard is sure that he is setting off on a journey to love and appreciation. He soon learns that we do not always get what we expect. Will Bernard ever find someone to truly love him?

Nev’s Hat Media is a small family business, and as such we care that your family has a pleasant journey through our book apps. We hope that you all enjoy “The One”, and welcome any comments or questions. Should you have any technical problems or other difficulties, please do contact us at [email protected]
– Added a new language to options

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The One - Bedtime Story  screenshots 1The One - Bedtime Story  screenshots 2The One - Bedtime Story  screenshots 3

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Sumo Mochi: A Fun Geometry Game Download Latest Version APK

Download Sumo Mochi: A Fun Geometry Game Latest Version APK

Still having nightmares about geometry? Can’t seem to figure out your shapes and angles? Or do you just want to indulge your appetite for math? Here’s a game geared towards helping you get over your geometry troubles. Prove your mettle in the world of lines and shapes.

Sumo Mochi is designed to improve your geometry skills. Your goal is to help Sumo overcome different challenges; each challenge unlocks a new and delicious flavour of mochi.

Join the dots on each grid constructing different shapes, or select one of the many options to solve challenges. Completing 10 rounds within a challenge helps you collect a mochi!

Do you have it in you to collect all the flavours while mastering the fundamentals of Geometry?

Game Features:
Play this exciting game to perfect the following Geometry concepts:

• Lines
• Angles
• Triangles
• Squares and Rectangles
• Other Polygons
• Similarity and Congruency
• Circles
• Perimeter
• Area
– Improvements

>>>Download Sumo Mochi: A Fun Geometry Game 1.0.1 APK<<<

Sumo Mochi: A Fun Geometry Game 1.0.1 screenshots 1Sumo Mochi: A Fun Geometry Game 1.0.1 screenshots 2Sumo Mochi: A Fun Geometry Game 1.0.1 screenshots 3Sumo Mochi: A Fun Geometry Game 1.0.1 screenshots 4Sumo Mochi: A Fun Geometry Game 1.0.1 screenshots 5Sumo Mochi: A Fun Geometry Game 1.0.1 screenshots 6

>>>Download Sumo Mochi: A Fun Geometry Game 1.0.1 APK<<<

My Talking English conversation Download Latest Version APK

Download My Talking English conversation Latest Version APK

Get started to learn Talking English in the most intuitive way with “My Talking English conversation”. The app is perfect for all the beginners to get started with their Talking English lessons. Learn quickly the basics of English using images and interactive flashcards. All the English Talking lessons are well categorized and organized to help the beginners get used to learning English lessons.

The app focusses on the basics of Talking English Grammar step by step. The lessons become more advanced with kids and beginners learning lessons. You can also revisit the lessons anytime to recap the sessions. Listen and Speak along with the app to improve your Talking English vocabulary pronunciation. With “My Talking English conversation for kids and beginners” Talking English learning app in your mobile phone you can practice listening and speaking English lessons anytime from any part of the country.

Never feel shy among the people if you don’t understand or unable to speak English. The app will not only help you learn English basics but also build up your confidence level to speak among the audience. Watch fun animated conversations and practice fun filled exercises. Download the best English learning app “My Talking English conversation for kids and beginners” for kids and beginners. The app is designed beautifully with amazing graphics and best sound effects.! Take up the interesting quizzes at the end of lessons to track your progress.

We are constantly working hard on making this “My Talking English conversation” English learning app better and more beneficial for you. Please feel free to email us for any queries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hello. If you have enjoyed any feature of the “My Talking English conversation” game, do rate us on play store and share among your friends who love candy games.

>>>Download My Talking English conversation 1.0.0 APK<<<

My Talking English conversation 1.0.0 screenshots 1My Talking English conversation 1.0.0 screenshots 2My Talking English conversation 1.0.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download My Talking English conversation 1.0.0 APK<<<

WhoHePlayFor (Basketball) Download Latest Version APK

Download WhoHePlayFor (Basketball) Latest Version APK

WhoHePlayFor is a simple educational game where you test your knowledge and see if you know WhoHePlayFor. Start the game, wait for the player’s picture to load, take a guess, that’s it.

Whether you just started watching the NBA or have been watching for a couple of years, WhoHePlayFor is made for you. With 5 different grid setups and 7 different game modes (2 of which are multiplayer modes) you can be sure that you’ll be able to find a comfortable place to start.

Grid Setups are:
– 2×2 (Rookie)
– 3×3 (Pro)
– 4×4 (All Star)
– 5×5 (Hall of Fame)
– 5×5 (GOAT)

Modes are:
– Normal Mode
– Clutch Mode
– Time Attack
– 1 Minute
– Horse (Multiplayer)
– 1 Minute (Multiplayer)

Compare your High Scores for all grid setups and games modes with your friends.

Use Player Stats to find unique statistics for each player, like the average number of guesses it takes you to correctly guess a player’s team.

Compete with your friends locally using multiplayer modes. Don’t worry your iOS friends can play with you too.

Credit to ESPN and NBA for the player and team data/pictures.
Credit to NBA on TNT for inspiration #bbqChickenAlert.

Shot Clock style font is Copyright © 1999 by Samuel Reynolds, checkout his site:

Credit to Jonathan Dennill for the game Music, his twitter handle is @JonathanDennill. This app is designed to educate users on what team a NBA player plays for.

All data and images are used under fair use. No copyright/trademark infringement intended. All logos and players shown or represented in this game are trademark and/or copyright of their respective corporation or entity.

WhoHePlayFor (Basketball) app is not affiliated with or endorsed by NBA, ESPN, NBPA, or NBA Players.

Please contact me if you feel that there is a copyright or trademark violation.

This game is dedicated to Ian.
– Roster update fix

>>>Download WhoHePlayFor (Basketball) 2.5 APK<<<

WhoHePlayFor (Basketball) 2.5 screenshots 1WhoHePlayFor (Basketball) 2.5 screenshots 2WhoHePlayFor (Basketball) 2.5 screenshots 3

>>>Download WhoHePlayFor (Basketball) 2.5 APK<<<

Super Wings Puzzle Download Latest Version APK

Download Super Wings Puzzle Latest Version APK

Choose your Super Wings Hero. Is it Jett, Dizzy, Donnie, Paul, Jerome or Mira? All of them are in this game. Pick up one and figure out its picture.
Fixing errors.

>>>Download Super Wings Puzzle 1.05 APK<<<

Super Wings Puzzle 1.05 screenshots 1Super Wings Puzzle 1.05 screenshots 2Super Wings Puzzle 1.05 screenshots 3

>>>Download Super Wings Puzzle 1.05 APK<<<

Cat Simulator – Kitty Cat Run Download Latest Version APK

Download Cat Simulator – Kitty Cat Run Latest Version APK

Cat Simulator – Kitty Run game is the AMAZING endless running Cat and Kitty game every one is talking about! Designed for Girls, Boys, Children and Families who want to enjoy, play rush with the cutest Kitty Kittens in Town!

Cat Simulator – Kitty Cat Run Rush Features

⭐️ Unlock the magical my little Cat & Kitten
⭐️ Awesome graphics and endless fun simulator
⭐️ Play as 8 magical Cats and Kittens for Girls & Boys
⭐️ Rush and collect coins and get gems to upgrade
⭐️ Open daily prizes for exclusive rewards and exciting pickups for free
⭐️ Play with our famous Cats and Kittens

In this exciting version of Cat Simulator – Endless Boys Running Game you can help take Gizmo, Kitty and friends for a run in this game designed for Boys & Girls of all ages.

Slide, jump, roll and dash past animals and obstacles in your way and enjoy this magical simulator running rainbow runner adventure game!

In this very fun rush adventurous runner game simulator, make your talking Cat run, duck, jump. surf and slide as fast as you can! Keep helping Gizmo, your cute little kitten survive from obstacles through the park and city in this fun Girls running game.

Want to make friends with the cutest Girly Kitty Cats?
Come and make friends with the sweetest magical Cats and magical Kittens named Gizmo, Molly, Bella, Tiger, Toby, Lilly, Kitty and complete the adventure with Super Samba!

Take your cute Cat Kitten Bella and Super Samba on a fun fairy tale adventure through the park. Run, slide, jump, roll and dodge past any baby animals and obstacles that come in talking and racing your way to the magical Cat Runner!

Invite your friends to play the magical, cute and addictive games designed for Girls & Boys of all ages created by Green Tea Games and challenge your friends to beat your highest score!

Visit our official site at
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Facebook at to get more info about all our upcoming titles.

Rush and download this cute Girls & Boys Cat Simulator Run Game for FREE now and start running!
Cat Simulator – Kitty Cat Run What’s New:
? Fastest Kittens: Rush, race and run with the cutest and fastest kittens ever!! ?
? Improved performance: Performance has been boosted across devices. Enjoy the smoothest Cat Simulator experience yet!! ?
? Bug Fixes: Bugs have been squashed. Jump into fun, cute and bug free gameplay today! ?

>>>Download Cat Simulator – Kitty Cat Run 1.4.10 APK<<<

Cat Simulator - Kitty Cat Run 1.4.10 screenshots 1Cat Simulator - Kitty Cat Run 1.4.10 screenshots 2Cat Simulator - Kitty Cat Run 1.4.10 screenshots 3

>>>Download Cat Simulator – Kitty Cat Run 1.4.10 APK<<<