Muscle Princess3 Download Latest Version APK

Download Muscle Princess3 Latest Version APK

The big and beautiful women’s last story!!

The characters that are strong and full of individualities!!

The magnificent story that seems like as if reading a history novel !!

The exciting and thrilling essence of the action !!

We introduce visual novel action game “Muscle Princess 3”!!

※ This game is a story based game with 30% action and 70% story.

※ This game is a continuation of the story of the former episode. Please play muscle princess 1, muscle princess 2 first.

※ For those who are not good in action game, you can skip battle when you lost several times to the same enemy.

◆ Story

The story of the heroes is based on the war among the three countries surrounding the hegemony of the “Nagari Land”.

With both the tight story composition exceeding a twist over a twist and the comical conversations between the muscular women, we will provide you with amazing fun.

The last story of the Muscle Princess series begins now.

◆ Action

The hottest touching sense and ease of operation made the game more fun.
Fixed minor bugs.

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Muscle Princess3  screenshots 1Muscle Princess3  screenshots 2Muscle Princess3  screenshots 3Muscle Princess3  screenshots 4Muscle Princess3  screenshots 5

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Muscle Princess2 Download Latest Version APK

Download Muscle Princess2 Latest Version APK

The big and beautiful women are back !!

The characters that are strong and full of individualities!!

The magnificent story that seems like as if reading a history novel !!

The exciting and thrilling essence of the action !!

We introduce to you the visual Novell action game “Muscle Princess2” !!

※ This game is story priority with 70% story and 30% action.

※ Episodes of the Muscle Princess series are all connected. If possible please play the Muscle Princess 1 first. Otherwise, It’s hard to understand story.

※ For the people who are not good with action games, we have made battle skips possible when losing several times to the same enemy.

◆ Story

The full-scale mind battle between the powerful people of the three countries surrounding the supremacy of the nation “Nagari Land” has begun.

With both the tight story composition exceeding a twist over a twist and the comical conversations between the muscular women, we will provide you with amazing fun.

◆ Action

With fired up sense of hitting and easy to use controls, we have added fun to the game.
Fixed minor bugs.

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Muscle Princess2  screenshots 1Muscle Princess2  screenshots 2Muscle Princess2  screenshots 3Muscle Princess2  screenshots 4Muscle Princess2  screenshots 5

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Forbidden Valley – Altai edition Download Latest Version APK

Download Forbidden Valley – Altai edition Latest Version APK

Archeologist Adam follows his father’s footsteps, hoping to find the mysterious Valley. On the long road to the cherished dream, various adventures and dangers, acquaintances and conflicts, secrets and puzzles await him.

What is hidden in the ancient Forbidden Valley? This and many other secrets you will reveal!

The game is available in English and Russian.


? A fascinating story, the development of which depends on the player’s actions

? Various mini-games designed to diversify the gameplay

? Unique luck system. The results of many player’s actions, exactly as in real life, may depend on luck

? More than 100 stylish illustrations to the text. They will not let the player get bored!

? 11 music tracks specially recorded for the game and perfectly complement its atmosphere

? Over 400 pages of text

? The game can’t end at any time because of each random player’s action. All the events develop logically

? Gameplay does not slow down with additional waiting. You can easily beat the game in one sitting

? Achievements to encourage the most curious explorers

? This is not just a gamebook adventure or a text quest. This is an orchestrated story which will show you the real world of Archeology.
We are happy to present you the English version of the game. There is a beta-version of translation in the game at the moment, but we will finalize it with updates.

>>>Download Forbidden Valley – Altai edition APK<<<

Forbidden Valley - Altai edition  screenshots 1Forbidden Valley - Altai edition  screenshots 2Forbidden Valley - Altai edition  screenshots 3Forbidden Valley - Altai edition  screenshots 4Forbidden Valley - Altai edition  screenshots 5Forbidden Valley - Altai edition  screenshots 6Forbidden Valley - Altai edition  screenshots 7

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Hammer Man Adventure Download Latest Version APK

Download Hammer Man Adventure Latest Version APK

To quote Goethe himself: “It’s not enough to move towards the ultimate goal that you will arrive at the end of the day. Think of each step as a goal and make it work as a step”.

• Climb up an enormous mountain with nothing but a hammer and a pot.
• Listen as I make philosophical observations about the problem at hand.
• Between 2 and ∞ hours of agonizing gameplay, depending. The median time to finish for my playtesters was 5 hours, but the mean was closer to ∞.
• Lose all your progress, over and over.
• Feel new types of frustration you didn’t know you were capable of.

>>>Download Hammer Man Adventure APK<<<

Hammer Man Adventure  screenshots 1Hammer Man Adventure  screenshots 2Hammer Man Adventure  screenshots 3Hammer Man Adventure  screenshots 4Hammer Man Adventure  screenshots 5Hammer Man Adventure  screenshots 6Hammer Man Adventure  screenshots 7Hammer Man Adventure  screenshots 8Hammer Man Adventure  screenshots 9Hammer Man Adventure  screenshots 10Hammer Man Adventure  screenshots 11Hammer Man Adventure  screenshots 12Hammer Man Adventure  screenshots 13Hammer Man Adventure  screenshots 14Hammer Man Adventure  screenshots 15Hammer Man Adventure  screenshots 16Hammer Man Adventure  screenshots 17Hammer Man Adventure  screenshots 18Hammer Man Adventure  screenshots 19Hammer Man Adventure  screenshots 20Hammer Man Adventure  screenshots 21Hammer Man Adventure  screenshots 22Hammer Man Adventure  screenshots 23Hammer Man Adventure  screenshots 24

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Rusty Lake Paradise Download Latest Version APK

Download Rusty Lake Paradise Latest Version APK

Jakob, the oldest son of the Eilander family, is returning to Paradise island after his mother passed away. Since her mysterious death, the island seems to be cursed by the ten plagues. Find the mother’s hidden memories and partake in strange family rituals in order to stop the plagues.

Rusty Lake Paradise is the third premium point-and-click adventure by Rusty Lake, the creators of the Cube Escape series, Rusty Lake Hotel & Rusty Lake: Roots.

Key features:

– Pick-up-and-play:
Easy to start but hard to put down
– Unique storyline:
The first adventure game based around the ten plagues of Egypt
– An unforgettable puzzle experience
Each plague brings its own atmosphere, suspense and a variety of Rusty Lake brain teasers
– Atmospheric graphics
The pastel background paintings are handmade by Dutch painter Johan Scherft
-Immersive Soundtrack:
Each plague has its own theme song and variations
– Achievements
The island has more secrets to unravel
– Small improvements

>>>Download Rusty Lake Paradise APK<<<

Rusty Lake Paradise  screenshots 1Rusty Lake Paradise  screenshots 2Rusty Lake Paradise  screenshots 3Rusty Lake Paradise  screenshots 4Rusty Lake Paradise  screenshots 5

>>>Download Rusty Lake Paradise APK<<<

Broken Sword: Director’s Cut Download Latest Version APK

Download Broken Sword: Director’s Cut Latest Version APK

Paris in the Fall… a brutal murder at the Palais Royale. When Nico Collard is invited to interview statesman Pierre Carchon, she finds herself inextricably drawn into a terrifying conspiracy.

One of the all-time classic adventures, multi BAFTA-nominated ‘Broken Sword: Director’s Cut’ pitches sassy journalist Nico Collard, and intrepid American George Stobbart into a mysterious journey of intrigue and jeopardy. Guide George and Nico on their globe-spanning adventure, exploring exotic locations, solving ancient mysteries, and thwarting a dark conspiracy to reveal the secret truths of the Knights Templar.

Featuring a widely-praised touch interface, ‘Broken Sword: The Director’s Cut’ introduces an intricate new narrative thread, alongside the classic story that has charmed millions of players. It’s time to experience George and Nico’s worldwide adventure in a whole new way, with brand new puzzles, hilarious new jokes, and the distinctive, rich story that made the series so deservedly renowned. This is adventure gaming at its very best.

✪ “…this is a must-play game: a latter day blockbuster in a director’s cut form”. The Independent online (5/5)

Includes full English speech and optional subtitles in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian or Russian. Additional speech languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish) are available to download.
Version 3.0.02
✅ General bug fixes
Version 3.0.01
✅ Language pack downloader
✅ Russian translation
✅ Reduced app size
Version 2.0.07
✅ Improved stability
Version 2.0.06
✅ Achievements
✅ Movie subtitles

>>>Download Broken Sword: Director’s Cut APK<<<

Broken Sword: Director's Cut  screenshots 1Broken Sword: Director's Cut  screenshots 2Broken Sword: Director's Cut  screenshots 3Broken Sword: Director's Cut  screenshots 4Broken Sword: Director's Cut  screenshots 5Broken Sword: Director's Cut  screenshots 6Broken Sword: Director's Cut  screenshots 7Broken Sword: Director's Cut  screenshots 8Broken Sword: Director's Cut  screenshots 9Broken Sword: Director's Cut  screenshots 10Broken Sword: Director's Cut  screenshots 11Broken Sword: Director's Cut  screenshots 12Broken Sword: Director's Cut  screenshots 13Broken Sword: Director's Cut  screenshots 14Broken Sword: Director's Cut  screenshots 15Broken Sword: Director's Cut  screenshots 16Broken Sword: Director's Cut  screenshots 17Broken Sword: Director's Cut  screenshots 18Broken Sword: Director's Cut  screenshots 19Broken Sword: Director's Cut  screenshots 20Broken Sword: Director's Cut  screenshots 21Broken Sword: Director's Cut  screenshots 22Broken Sword: Director's Cut  screenshots 23Broken Sword: Director's Cut  screenshots 24

>>>Download Broken Sword: Director’s Cut APK<<<

歪みの国のアリス Download Latest Version APK

Download 歪みの国のアリス Latest Version APK

【歪みの国のアリス~アンコール 販売開始】


“僕らのアリス さあ シロウサギを 追いかけよう……”







————————————————– —
[Alice ~ encore sale of distortion of the country]
“Distortion Alice in” has appeared in the free category!
To become a separate application, it will not be compatible with the version-up of the paid version Alice.
————————————————– —

Please note: choice of the arrow does not move even “push”. Please move is traced to the left or right slide (Flick)! !

“Let Oikakeyo the our Alice Come white rabbits ……”
The sympathy in many high school girls and is supported and spread Review
Mobile originated adventure game “distortion Alice in” appeared! To Android

+ ————————————————- —- +
In wandered’s distortion of the world, a high school girl “Alice” that have seen …?
When soon forgotten truth is visible, it raised the curtain of a new tragedy … !!

You greet any consequences?
+ ————————————————- —- +

※ “distortion Alice in” is a choice type text adventure.
All is ending in 15 types. By all means, Please enjoy all the consequences.

[Story Overview]
We woke up in the after-school classroom “I”
The front of it was man purchased that suffered a gray hood.
The man called me as “Alice”, it was to say that Oikakero the white rabbits ….

Cheshire Cat, the white rabbits … “Alice in Wonderland” in familiar characters
Funny, sometimes gently, it will lead you and Alice to the truth.

※ corresponding terminal specs: Android2.1 or more, more than WVGA

※ story of this application is the content that matches the prequel-sequel of the mobile version of “distortion Alice in.”

>>>Download 歪みの国のアリス APK<<<

歪みの国のアリス  screenshots 1歪みの国のアリス  screenshots 2歪みの国のアリス  screenshots 3歪みの国のアリス  screenshots 4歪みの国のアリス  screenshots 5

>>>Download 歪みの国のアリス APK<<<

ADV レイジングループ【プレミアムセット】 Download Latest Version APK

Download ADV レイジングループ【プレミアムセット】 Latest Version APK

※注意※ 本プレミアムセットには「レイジングループ」本編に加え、エクストラコンテンツ5本が同梱されています。「メインルート1本+α」を無料でお試しいただける通常版もございます(「レイジングループ」で検索!)


【制作秘話や次回作情報が満載!? ケムコのADVポータル】

近年その人気を不動のものとしつつある「人狼ゲーム(汝は人狼なりや?)」を、「鈍色のバタフライ」「トガビトノセンリツ」「D.M.L.C.-デスマッチラブコメ-」のシナリオライターが、不気味&リアルにアレンジ! 現代日本で奇習を保つ山間の集落で展開される不気味な信仰と、「黄泉忌みの宴」と呼ばれる殺人儀式に、バイク旅行者・房石陽明(ふさいしはるあき)が挑みます。


「KEMCO×dwango」 異例のコラボレーションにより、「ドワンゴクリエイティブスクール」所属の声優界の未来のスターたちが、総勢18名に及ぶキャラクターたちに魂を吹き込みます。大ボリュームのキャラクターボイスをお楽しみください。主題歌「キリノネガイ」をはじめとするボーカルつき楽曲も必聴! キャラCG数、イベントCG数、テキスト量、あらゆる点で従来作を凌駕する、超大作です!





(C)2015 KEMCO
(C)2015 dwango


>>>Download ADV レイジングループ【プレミアムセット】 APK<<<

ADV レイジングループ【プレミアムセット】  screenshots 1ADV レイジングループ【プレミアムセット】  screenshots 2ADV レイジングループ【プレミアムセット】  screenshots 3ADV レイジングループ【プレミアムセット】  screenshots 4ADV レイジングループ【プレミアムセット】  screenshots 5ADV レイジングループ【プレミアムセット】  screenshots 6ADV レイジングループ【プレミアムセット】  screenshots 7ADV レイジングループ【プレミアムセット】  screenshots 8ADV レイジングループ【プレミアムセット】  screenshots 9ADV レイジングループ【プレミアムセット】  screenshots 10ADV レイジングループ【プレミアムセット】  screenshots 11ADV レイジングループ【プレミアムセット】  screenshots 12

>>>Download ADV レイジングループ【プレミアムセット】 APK<<<

AIR (一括ダウンロード版・ボイス有り) Download Latest Version APK

Download AIR (一括ダウンロード版・ボイス有り) Latest Version APK

本アプリは、個別に配信中の「AIR DREAM編」と「AIR SUMMER・AIR編」を一つにまとめた一括ダウンロード版(主人公含む完全フルボイス)で、個別購入よりもお求めになりやすい価格になっています。





空き容量は、本体の 『設定』>『ストレージ』から確認できます。










国崎 往人…緑川 光/神尾 観鈴…川上とも子/霧島 佳乃…岡本 麻見/遠野 美凪…柚木 涼香/みちる…田村 ゆかり/霧島 聖…冬馬 由美/神尾 晴子…久川 綾 ほか




This application, in a batch download version, which was summarized in one “AIR SUMMER · AIR edited” and “AIR DREAM Hen” in the delivery individually (complete full voice, including hero), to tend to be purchased than the individual purchase price it now has.
Order will be the large capacity of the home-use game machine version of the same scale, always on the look at the [attention] of the following, please use.

Please note:
Be sure to check on the [corresponding terminal] later ◆, please use.

◆ If there is an update of the terminal, please use on always went the update.

Please see the [support] information about ◆ model-specific problems.

◆ and download the app for data on the first boot after purchase. In this case, you must have free space of more than 944MB in the storage area of ​​the terminal. By the completion, it will take about 15 minutes when a good Wi-Fi and LTE connection Please note.

[How to check the free space]
Free space, you can see from the “Settings”> “storage” of the body.

In the case of models which use and storage that is built from the beginning to the body, the two types of SD card storage fitted later, “free space” will be multiple display. In this case, please check the “free space” (the “user memory”, “user memory (body),” “internal storage” and referred to as “internal storage” depending on the model), the storage side that has been built from the beginning to the body.

It should be noted, ( “built-in memory,” and depending on the model “system memory (the body),” referred to as “internal storage”), “Installing area of ​​application body” that is displayed at the bottom of the free space display page, app body you have installed It is a free space of the place to be stored. Please note that unlike you since the time of free space for the application for data storage.

[method of operation]
In the game of the title screen, to display the system menu when you flick to the top of the menu icon tap or from the bottom of the screen, you can do that like to see the “operating instructions”.
In addition, when you flick up during game play tap the menu icon or from the bottom of the screen, you can do such as “save”, “Road”, “Preferences”.

◆ prologue
Summer was visiting in the town.

Youth alone to manipulate the doll in front of a bus stop. Only two people children around that. To draw the interest of the audience, gay youth was too boring. The children lose interest, they ran away in situ.

Youth people of the journey. His companion is two. Without touching start walking, timeworn doll.
Imposed on those who have the “power”, much more distant promise.

Such to him, speak one of the girl.
In a friendly way, laugh innocently. In the wake of an encounter with her, it begins life in this land.

Day-to-day, which is wrapped in the summer of the scene, flowing gently.
Is repeated in the sunshine, encounter with the girls.
Summer goes on even anywhere.
Blue sky spread under.

She waits, under its atmosphere.

◆ cast
Kunisaki 往人 … Hikari Midorikawa / Kamio Misuzu … Tomoko Kawakami / Yoshino Kirishima … seen Asa Okamoto / Tono Yoshinagi … Ryōka Yuzuki / Michiru … Yukari Tamura / St Kirishima … Touma Yumi / Haruko Kamio … Aya Hisakawa other

[Supported OS]
Android2.1 or more

[corresponding terminal]
Please check the list from the corresponding terminal is linked below.
※ Please do not use the model of the corresponding non-terminal.
※ After the latest update, we have confirmed the operation.

[Contact Us]
Please contact us from the “send mail” in the “developers”.

[Production and copyright]
Co., Ltd. Visual Arts
(C) VisualArt’s / Key

Android 9 Pie向けのレイアウト調整を行いました。

>>>Download AIR (一括ダウンロード版・ボイス有り) APK<<<

AIR (一括ダウンロード版・ボイス有り)  screenshots 1AIR (一括ダウンロード版・ボイス有り)  screenshots 2AIR (一括ダウンロード版・ボイス有り)  screenshots 3AIR (一括ダウンロード版・ボイス有り)  screenshots 4AIR (一括ダウンロード版・ボイス有り)  screenshots 5AIR (一括ダウンロード版・ボイス有り)  screenshots 6

>>>Download AIR (一括ダウンロード版・ボイス有り) APK<<<

学園ハンサム いとをかし Download Latest Version APK

Download 学園ハンサム いとをかし Latest Version APK





「学園ハンサム for スマートフォン 無料版」にて


・Google ウォレット アカウントにログインして、クレジットカード情報が最新であることをご確認ください。
・Google Play アプリとダウンロード マネージャーの両方のキャッシュとデータを消去します。手順は次のとおりです。
MENU キーを押し、[設定] > [アプリケーション] > [アプリケーションの管理] の順にタップします。
[すべて] タブをタップします。
Google Play アプリを選択し、[データを消去]、[キャッシュを消去] の順にタップします。
次に、[ダウンロードマネージャー] を選択し、[データを消去]、[キャッシュを消去] の順にタップします。

to the stage Heian Period, Twink our new story unfolds!
The Gaiden story of BL game “Gakuen handsome” of shock
You can enjoy in full voice.

~ Games Info ~
Even in the Heian period, was handsome –

When the Heian Period. Savage numerous colorful cultural era that has evolved even while.
At the bottom, a number of handsome who are not also written history was present.
This was waged such a Heian Period to stage
It is the story of handsome men have unknown human pattern ….

~ extra content ~
If you clear all characters of a happy ending
You can play the extra scenario.

~ Note ~
Part as compared to the full version there is a change in the voice actor.
Gaiden series is all common voice actor.
Recurring Billing does not occur.
Because there is a possibility that there is trouble in the work with some terminal,
In the “Gakuen handsome for smartphone free version”
We recommend the purchase of after the confirmation of the operation.
DL at time will take longer.
During the DL, it is recommended operation in Wi-Fi communication.
If there is no sufficient free space, there is a possibility that can not be DL.

~ ~ If the can not download
You look like the following Toshimashite workaround.

Log in · Google Wallet account, please check that credit card information is up to date.
· Google Play I will erase the apps and both cache and data of the download manager. To do so, follow these steps.
Press the MENU key, and then tap Settings> Applications> Manage applications].
I tap the All tab.
Select the Google Play app, [to erase the data, and then tap Clear Cache].
Then, select the Download Manager], [to erase the data, and then tap Clear Cache].
And capacity in order to install the app on the mobile terminal or tablet is to make sure that there is enough.
· Wifi environment, such as communication, please perform the download in a stable location.
Delete the account, please try to re-set again.
· You must restart the mobile terminal, please try to download again the app.

If that does not work and have tried all of the above methods,
App there is a possibility that is not fully compatible with your terminal.
In that case, please give me the procedure of refund than purchase history.
(If you passed two hours from purchase, so you will not be able to refund, please support as soon as possible)
Also, if you did not download the app within 2 hours, purchase will be canceled automatically.
Following URL Please also see.


>>>Download 学園ハンサム いとをかし APK<<<

学園ハンサム いとをかし  screenshots 1学園ハンサム いとをかし  screenshots 2学園ハンサム いとをかし  screenshots 3学園ハンサム いとをかし  screenshots 4学園ハンサム いとをかし  screenshots 5学園ハンサム いとをかし  screenshots 6学園ハンサム いとをかし  screenshots 7学園ハンサム いとをかし  screenshots 8学園ハンサム いとをかし  screenshots 9学園ハンサム いとをかし  screenshots 10学園ハンサム いとをかし  screenshots 11学園ハンサム いとをかし  screenshots 12学園ハンサム いとをかし  screenshots 13学園ハンサム いとをかし  screenshots 14学園ハンサム いとをかし  screenshots 15

>>>Download 学園ハンサム いとをかし APK<<<