SaveStory Download Latest Version APK

Download SaveStory Latest Version APK

This app lets you take screenshot of any app. You can also record video with this app.

Some of the features of this apps are:-
– Works on non – rooted devices
– No notification when screenshot is captured
– Continuous screenshotting
– Screenshot/Screenrecording working simultaneously
– Super Fast
– HQ Recording
– Grab Image from recorded video
– Trim Video
– Works on chat screen
– Record video with audio
– No login/registration required
– Simple and easy to use

Please note that: This app might not work as expected on older devices. Make sure that you’ve free ram before starting this app. Don’t run any background apps while using this app. Screen- Recording might crash on certain devices. Future improvements are in proceeds.

Disclaimer: “This app is not sponsored or endorsed by, or affiliated with, Snap Inc.”
Update 2.0 :-
– Fixed app crashing in Android Pie
– Added option to sort media files
– Added option to enable draggable scrollbar

>>>Download SaveStory 2.0 APK<<<

SaveStory 2.0 screenshots 1SaveStory 2.0 screenshots 2SaveStory 2.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download SaveStory 2.0 APK<<<

SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online Download Latest Version APK

Download SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online Latest Version APK

SHEIN is an affordable online shopping platform with a distinct tone focusing on women’s fashion. No matter what the current fashion trend is, is sure to follow it or even lead it. With all the categories like women’s clothing, men’s clothing, kids’ clothing, shoes and accessories, and 20,000+ styles including dresses, blouses, swimwear and T-shirts, SHEIN is a one-stop destination for fashionistas. Shopping becomes even more enjoyable with the new SHEIN mobile app. Welcome to the incredible world of SHEIN–available in your pocket and at your fingertips.

We take pride in satisfying our customers and bringing them the best shopping experience.

Save you more
-Get $5 off on your first order
-Free shipping for orders over $49 & free returns for all orders
-Get up to 80% off every day with Flash Deals
-Sale alerts and promotional emails
Securely ordering and paying
-Ordering process is risk-free
-Secure payment via PayPal or credit card
-7/24 customer service and Live chat service
SHEIN gals exclusive perks
-500+ daily new arrivals
-Styling tips, ratings and reviews to inspire you.
-Keep up with your friends’ latest activities in Timeline

Contact us:
We have optimized the Saved Items function. The Saved Items page will now display promotional events and is more user-friendly.
The Promotion function has been improved
The user interface has also been upgraded

>>>Download SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online 6.4.6 APK<<<

SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online 6.4.6 screenshots 1SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online 6.4.6 screenshots 2SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online 6.4.6 screenshots 3SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online 6.4.6 screenshots 4SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online 6.4.6 screenshots 5SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online 6.4.6 screenshots 6SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online 6.4.6 screenshots 7SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online 6.4.6 screenshots 8

>>>Download SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online 6.4.6 APK<<<

Panda Keymapper – Gamepad,mouse,keyboard Download Latest Version APK

Download Panda Keymapper – Gamepad,mouse,keyboard Latest Version APK

With Panda Keymapper, you can play android games with gamepad/mouse/keyboard.
FPS, MOBA, Sport games are all supported!

Highlight Features:
* No root or activator required!

* Support various brands of gamepads, keyboards & mouses, like Xbox One/360/One S, PS Dualshock/Sixaxis, IPEGA, Gamesir, Razer, Logitech…

* Preset keymap for 30+ featured games.

Permissions Usage:
Panda Keymapper needs the same permissions with games you play. To run all games properly it will request many permissions in the first place. It’s a safe and professional tool, no permission will be abused.
Remove certain permissions as required.

>>>Download Panda Keymapper – Gamepad,mouse,keyboard APK<<<

Panda Keymapper - Gamepad,mouse,keyboard  screenshots 1Panda Keymapper - Gamepad,mouse,keyboard  screenshots 2Panda Keymapper - Gamepad,mouse,keyboard  screenshots 3

>>>Download Panda Keymapper – Gamepad,mouse,keyboard APK<<<

Talking Baby Boy Download Latest Version APK

Download Talking Baby Boy Latest Version APK

Entertaining Baby boy talks back to you what ever you say in Baby voice. Hit the baby and the baby cries. Shake the phone and baby boy dances for you.

1. Talk to the Baby and baby will listen to you.
2. Baby will talk back to you.
3. Shake the phone and Talking Baby dances for you.
4. Hit the Talking Baby and baby cries for you.
5. If the baby is bored Baby will fall asleep with no sounds. Keep interacting with the baby so that baby does not fall into sound sleep.

Now Talking baby boy completely Ad Free.
Ad Free Version.

>>>Download Talking Baby Boy 5.5 APK<<<

Talking Baby Boy 5.5 screenshots 1Talking Baby Boy 5.5 screenshots 2Talking Baby Boy 5.5 screenshots 3Talking Baby Boy 5.5 screenshots 4Talking Baby Boy 5.5 screenshots 5Talking Baby Boy 5.5 screenshots 6Talking Baby Boy 5.5 screenshots 7

>>>Download Talking Baby Boy 5.5 APK<<<

Naruto Anime 2018 Download Latest Version APK

Download Naruto Anime 2018 Latest Version APK

Download and enjoy the amazing characters of naruto. Share this app with your friends who love naruto like you.

Disclaimer :

This app is made by Naruto fans, and it is unofficial. This app is mainly for entertaiment and for all Naruto fans.

Note :

This app contain ads. Please treat with understanding.

Download this app and enjoy Naruto anime character. Don’t forget to give feedback and let we know what you think about this app. Rate for 5 stars! Thank you!

>>>Download Naruto Anime 2018 1.0 APK<<<

Naruto Anime 2018 1.0 screenshots 1Naruto Anime 2018 1.0 screenshots 2Naruto Anime 2018 1.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download Naruto Anime 2018 1.0 APK<<<

Mods for MCPE Download Latest Version APK

Download Mods for MCPE Latest Version APK

Mods for Minecraft PE is an All in One toolbox which helps you install MCPE mods/ addons/ maps/ resources/ skins easily and automatically, without the hard jobs like searching the web, save and transfer files manually.

Just browse what mod you like, then press Install, ALL DONE. Remember that you need BlockLauncher and official Minecraft Pocket Edition to apply mod.

For addon, you need MCPE version 0.16.0++ (0.16.2, 1.1.0++..) – if you are using old version please update to the latest version for better experience – our app helps import addons directly to your mcpe world, no need to use any launcher.


– Mods installer: you can choose between gun mod, furniture mod, car mod..

– AddOns installer: for Minecraft version 0.16.0++ (0.16.2, 1.1.0..) you can add dinosaurs, pixelmon, dragons, plane, tank, animals (lion, bear, tiger..) with addons supported, you don’t need to install any MCPE launcher, just enjoy using the smooth and stable original MCPE version.

– Maps installer: hundreds of maps for you to discover, include minigame, adventure, survival, PVP, redstone, horror..

– Resource pack/ Texture pack installer: all famous textures for example Soartex Fanver, Ozocraft, Jolicraft, JohnSmith..

– Skins installer: we arrange in several categories like movie, game, fantasy..

– Seeds installer: some interesting world for you to discover.

– One click to install mods / addons/ maps/ textures/ skins.

– Social features include like, comment, video preview, lucky reward..

– Support import mods to Master Minecraft by MCMaster.

– Support import mods to BlockLauncher (for MCPE version 0.15.10 and below, BlockLauncher is required).

We are working hard to add new data every week. So let download and stay tuned. If you need any mod/ addon/ map, don’t hesitate to drop a request in review section.

Thank you for your support !!!


This application does use the internet to load new data, so please be aware of data usage!

This is an unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with
– Support MCPE 1.8 addons
– Improve performance and fix bugs

>>>Download Mods for MCPE 1.17 APK<<<

Mods for MCPE 1.17 screenshots 1Mods for MCPE 1.17 screenshots 2Mods for MCPE 1.17 screenshots 3Mods for MCPE 1.17 screenshots 4Mods for MCPE 1.17 screenshots 5Mods for MCPE 1.17 screenshots 6Mods for MCPE 1.17 screenshots 7Mods for MCPE 1.17 screenshots 8Mods for MCPE 1.17 screenshots 9Mods for MCPE 1.17 screenshots 10Mods for MCPE 1.17 screenshots 11Mods for MCPE 1.17 screenshots 12Mods for MCPE 1.17 screenshots 13Mods for MCPE 1.17 screenshots 14Mods for MCPE 1.17 screenshots 15

>>>Download Mods for MCPE 1.17 APK<<<

Knight Dark Fantasy Live Wallpaper Art Best HD LWP Download Latest Version APK

Download Knight Dark Fantasy Live Wallpaper Art Best HD LWP Latest Version APK

Dark fantasy interactive animated live wallpaper! NO ADS!
Touch active areas to start animation and sounds!

Watch video with full feature list, available as in-app purchase.

Great for those who like CG fantasy art, game art, sci-fi, gothic and horror.
Creepy atmosphere of ancient evil and forbidden magic!
Are you brave enough to summon Moon Knight to your home screen?

…He is a Death Guard, whose dark twisted soul is forever damned to wander in Grim Wastelands, reaping his bloody harvest… He has slayed all those dauntless warriors who dared to challenge his might! Their souls are trapped in his Twilight Sword, sealed by mystic runes. Will you join them? Or do you really have the power to control Moon Knight?

Prepare to Touch the Other Side!!!

Evil magic, medieval gothic theme, magic runes, creepy ravens, scary ghost whisper… what else does a real dark fantasy fan dream about?
This is not a static fantasy picture you often see. Its real interactive live wallpaper at its best!

# Free features (no ads!) ➠
★ animated Moon Knight with moving body parts (2 idle animations)
★ touch Knight’s head, his eyes will glow and he will talk to you or laugh
★ dark fantasy landscape background (HD, optimized for tablet)
★ pulsing moon glow
★ randomly generated moving clouds
★ flying background ravens
★ flickering animated candle
★ rune stone

# Extended feature set (in-app purchase) ➠
★ 2 new Knight theme (Dark Knight armor and Ghost Knight armor)
★ touch Twilight Sword, behold glowing runes and hear creepy whispers of fallen heroes’ souls!
★ touch the Knight’s flag and he will stomp the ground with it. Heavens will shake with roaring thunder!
★ the Knight has yet more things to tell you about The Other Side… Touch his helm if you dare…
★ mysterious fog creeps over Grim Wastelands…
★ touch the moon to start/stop scary background music
★ 2 new Knight idle animations for better variety. They are subtle but every bit counts!
★ ravens explode when touched! Such a relief… and fun! (if you are evil like me)
★ change spawn rate of ravens & clouds to whatever suites you best
★ rune stone tells fortune (ask a question, touch the runestone and ancient runes will tell you the answer! you can find the meaning of runes in Rune Book in settings)

☺ This is a personal project I’ve been working on in my free time for a last 6 months.
Not only code but picture art as well I done myself! 😀
My brother composed creepy music and helped me with horror sound effects like sword ghost whispers (though Knight speaks with my voice! lol)
If you think this LWP is fun and want me to do more good lwp like this please rate this live wallpaper!
Or even better – buy premium version with new great features such as sword ghost whispers!
This will keep me motivated 🙂

✉ Feel free to mail me bug reports or suggestions how to improve this LWP. I’ll do my best to handle them!
If you find bugs in translation or want to help translate wallpaper to your language please also contact me! (home page)

Welcome to my magic dream world!
I hope you will enjoy this fun live wallpaper!

Download it now and set as your home screen interactive picture!
Have a great day!
Fix bugs

>>>Download Knight Dark Fantasy Live Wallpaper Art Best HD LWP 1.1.4 APK<<<

Knight Dark Fantasy Live Wallpaper Art Best HD LWP 1.1.4 screenshots 1Knight Dark Fantasy Live Wallpaper Art Best HD LWP 1.1.4 screenshots 2Knight Dark Fantasy Live Wallpaper Art Best HD LWP 1.1.4 screenshots 3

>>>Download Knight Dark Fantasy Live Wallpaper Art Best HD LWP 1.1.4 APK<<<

16 Secret | Hidden Combinations on your Keyboard Download Latest Version APK

Download 16 Secret | Hidden Combinations on your Keyboard Latest Version APK

16 Secret | Hidden Combinations on your Keyboard, 16 hot computer keyboard keys.

In this Android Application i am going to bring you 16 Secret Shortcut Keys you didn’t know existed on your keyboard.

There are so many Shortcuts Secret Hidden in your Keyboard all capable of controlling your system without a mouse. That’s cool application to polish your hand on Keyboard.

Those Secret Hidden Keyword give you strong command to use your PC or Laptop in easy way and make quickly decision on your work.

Computer keyboard keys
16 Secret | Hidden Combinations on your Keyboard
16 Secret Combinations on your Keyboard
16 Hidden Combinations on your Keyboard
How many keys in keyboard
computer keyboard keys and their functions
how many types of keys in keyboard

Hope you like this android application for your regular work.

>>>Download 16 Secret | Hidden Combinations on your Keyboard 1.0 APK<<<

16 Secret | Hidden Combinations on your Keyboard 1.0 screenshots 116 Secret | Hidden Combinations on your Keyboard 1.0 screenshots 216 Secret | Hidden Combinations on your Keyboard 1.0 screenshots 316 Secret | Hidden Combinations on your Keyboard 1.0 screenshots 4

>>>Download 16 Secret | Hidden Combinations on your Keyboard 1.0 APK<<<

Touchscreen Repair Download Latest Version APK

Download Touchscreen Repair Latest Version APK

The touchscreen of any device deteriorates with use. As a result you experience touch lags and sometimes your touchscreen stops responding. Touchscreen repair app analyzes your touchscreen response time and reduces it so that you can have a smoother experience with your touchscreen.

-> Repairs your touchscreen by removing touch lags and improving your touchscreen responsiveness.
-> Makes it easier for you to type on your keypad.
-> Reduces touchscreen response time.
-> Easy and quick process.
-> Light weight apk. No unwanted graphics.

Touchscreen repair takes 4 response time values from 4 parts of your touchscreen. 3 such samples are taken for better accuracy. Based on these values, the app calculates a reduced, uniform response time and applies it for the touchscreen on software side.
This is how the app repairs your touchscreen.

Checkout this youtube video on how to use the app :

If you only want to calibrate your touchscreen without effecting the response time values, you can use the Touchscreen Calibration app:
Bug Fixes

>>>Download Touchscreen Repair 5.2 APK<<<

Touchscreen Repair 5.2 screenshots 1Touchscreen Repair 5.2 screenshots 2Touchscreen Repair 5.2 screenshots 3

>>>Download Touchscreen Repair 5.2 APK<<<