Dwell Click New! Download Latest Version APK

Download Dwell Click New! Latest Version APK

Dwell Click allows you to control your phone using a pointing device such as a bluetooth mouse, joystick or head-tracking device.

A cross-hairs tracks your movements and when you keep still for a moment mouse clicks and other gestures can be automatically executed.

You can also disable the dwell function and just use the app to improve the mouse pointer visibility as well as provide handy soft-keys.

You can evaluate Dwell Click using your finger on the screen. Move the cross-hairs to where to want, wait, and a click will be automatically generated.

Visit www.housemate.ie for further information. Our ‘Point-It! Joystick’ product is ideal for use with Dwell Click.
Uses Android 7 accessibility services to create touch events and gestures.
It is no longer necessary to install the ClickToPhone App.
Option for disabling dwell and using cross-hairs only.
Soft key added to select from recent apps.

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Dwell Click New! 6 screenshots 1Dwell Click New! 6 screenshots 2Dwell Click New! 6 screenshots 3Dwell Click New! 6 screenshots 4Dwell Click New! 6 screenshots 5Dwell Click New! 6 screenshots 6Dwell Click New! 6 screenshots 7Dwell Click New! 6 screenshots 8Dwell Click New! 6 screenshots 9Dwell Click New! 6 screenshots 10

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DLS AMB Download Latest Version APK

Download DLS AMB Latest Version APK

Management can track position and status of Ambulance.
Driver can know the path of patient.
Once patient is assigned driver, patient can track the ambulance position.
Able to search any hospital and providing path from patient location to specified hospital

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DLS AMB 1.0.5 screenshots 1DLS AMB 1.0.5 screenshots 2

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Youper – Anxiety & Depression Download Latest Version APK

Download Youper – Anxiety & Depression Latest Version APK

The most beloved AI Assistant on the planet is based on therapy and meditation. Through quick and insightful conversations, Youper helps you master life’s ups and downs, beat depression and anxiety.

Great people always have an assistant by their side. Tony Stark has Jarvis, Princess Leia has C3PO, and you have Youper! ?

Once a day, Youper asks, “How are you?” You respond to this small but powerful question by selecting one of many color-coded moods. Then, Youper builds a conversation around your response with the goal of helping you get to know your mind, improve your mood, and help you overcome stress, and symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Created by a team of experts led by psychiatrist Dr. Jose Hamilton, Youper utilizes AI (artificial intelligence) to personalize techniques drawn from different psychological therapies, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Meditation, to fit your needs.

Over time, your daily chats with Youper build into a dynamic record of your mind and emotional health. Access the powerful mood tracker and review Youper’s colorful charts to understand more about your emotions, improve your behavior, and keep moving forward on the journey of becoming the best version of yourself.

Youper also helps you detect and monitor emotional health symptoms, including anxiety, depression, panic, PTSD, and BPD (borderline personality).

The integration with Google Fit helps you take control of your mental health and have informed conversations with your doctor, making self-help and self-care easy.

The Science Behind Youper

Youper is using AI to unlock a new understanding of the human mind. This quest is only possible because we’re partnering with thousands of users around the world to understand how emotions, thoughts, and behaviors are connected.

Learn more here http://www.youper.ai/science

Questions or Feedback?
[email protected]
Thank you for being a super user!
What’s new in this version:

* Improved artificial intelligence capabilities
* More personalized experience based on your goals
* Bug fixes

If you’ve got questions, drop us a line at [email protected]

Stay Super!
Youper Team

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Youper - Anxiety & Depression 6.06.007 screenshots 1Youper - Anxiety & Depression 6.06.007 screenshots 2Youper - Anxiety & Depression 6.06.007 screenshots 3Youper - Anxiety & Depression 6.06.007 screenshots 4Youper - Anxiety & Depression 6.06.007 screenshots 5Youper - Anxiety & Depression 6.06.007 screenshots 6Youper - Anxiety & Depression 6.06.007 screenshots 7Youper - Anxiety & Depression 6.06.007 screenshots 8

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MFA Hearing Test Download Latest Version APK

Download MFA Hearing Test Latest Version APK

“MFA Hearing Test” uses UnlimiterHear’s MFA Inside technology, a hearing detection algorithm, so you can quickly know your personal hearing status. Users with iPhone or iPad with headphone can take the hearing test. Individual test results can be uploaded to the cloud server, and the hearing arguments can be downloaded from the cloud and to the MFA assisted listening devices, and become secondary personal hearing device.

MFA hearing test is only a informational purposes only and is not intended to replace professional hearing test. Test results can not be used as a diagnosis. If you want to like to know more about your hearing, you should visit a qualified and licensed hearing professional.

– Hearing test
– Support storing more than one hearing test results
– Support uploading information to cloud service

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MFA Hearing Test 1.0 screenshots 1MFA Hearing Test 1.0 screenshots 2

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Freedom Knee v1.6.3 Download Latest Version APK

Download Freedom Knee v1.6.3 Latest Version APK

The Freedom Knee(R) Surgeon Library was developed to provide the global orthopedic medical community with on-demand access to the latest Freedom Total Knee System information. From at-a-glance overviews of the system’s innovative components and instruments, to in-depth design rationale briefs, comprehensive training tools, surgical videos and case studies, the app provides surgeons with the resources needed to assess and implement the best Freedom Total Knee system options for their patients.

Highlights include:
– System overviews for partial, primary and revision Freedom Knee systems
– Videos, presentations and manuals of surgical techniques
– Sizing options of the Freedom Total Knee System
– Interesting case studies from around the world
– Industry news that is updated weekly to ensure you are always “in the know”
Sharing of Downloaded contents

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Freedom Knee v1.6.3 1.8.1 screenshots 1Freedom Knee v1.6.3 1.8.1 screenshots 2Freedom Knee v1.6.3 1.8.1 screenshots 3Freedom Knee v1.6.3 1.8.1 screenshots 4Freedom Knee v1.6.3 1.8.1 screenshots 5Freedom Knee v1.6.3 1.8.1 screenshots 6Freedom Knee v1.6.3 1.8.1 screenshots 7Freedom Knee v1.6.3 1.8.1 screenshots 8Freedom Knee v1.6.3 1.8.1 screenshots 9

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Ada – Your Health Guide Download Latest Version APK

Download Ada – Your Health Guide Latest Version APK

Understand what could be wrong if you or someone you care about is not feeling well.
Developed by over 100 doctors & scientists, Ada knows thousands of symptoms and conditions, from a common cold to rare diseases.

Given a 5-star rating by over 90,000 users, Ada helps thousands of people every day to live a healthier life.

How Ada can help you:
1. Tell Ada what’s troubling you
2. Answer personalized, simple questions
3. Understand what could be wrong
4. Get instant information relevant to you

• 100% Private – First names only and your data is always safe
• Share Health Data – Share info about your health and activity with your doctor
• Personalized – Unlike a WebMD search, Ada gets to know you and gives health information specific to you

No topic is off the table. Ask Ada about:
• Skin Problems like Rashes, Acne, Bites
• Urinary Complaints
• Sexual Health Problems
• Pregnancy-related Problems
• Infectious Diseases
• Pediatric Concerns, Children’s Health
• Neurologic Disorders
• Mental Health Issues
• Problems Sleeping
• Indigestion Problems
• Vomiting, Diarrhea
• Flu, Cold, Fever, Sore Throat
• Persistent Coughs
• Chronic Diseases
• Cold Sores
• Pink Eye, Eye Infections
• Rheumatic Diseases

You speak, we listen!
Your feedback helps us to improve Ada.

Just send an email to [email protected]
Thanks for using Ada! This release brings small bug fixes and performance improvements to help you manage your health better.

If you have any questions or need any help with the app, please contact us at [email protected]

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Ada - Your Health Guide 2.34.0 screenshots 1Ada - Your Health Guide 2.34.0 screenshots 2Ada - Your Health Guide 2.34.0 screenshots 3Ada - Your Health Guide 2.34.0 screenshots 4Ada - Your Health Guide 2.34.0 screenshots 5

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DBT app for trauma therapy – Morpheus Download Latest Version APK

Download DBT app for trauma therapy – Morpheus Latest Version APK

Morpheus is the app for trauma therapy. Developed together with the leading researchers of the Central Institute of Mental Health, Germany and their patients. Read our publication about the evaluation of the app in the JMIR Journal (2016): http://mental.jmir.org/2016/2/e27/.

No matter if you are in treatment for borderline, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), etc. Morpheus supports various forms of trauma therapy, such as Prolonged Exposure (PE) and Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET), as well as in a dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) setting.

Features: 1) Record the therapy session and listen to it again later to process what you have experienced. 2) Assess your feelings before, after and during listening. 3) See the course of therapy in your statistics. 4) You can stop listening at any time to change your mind through mini-games.

Warning: Morpheus is intended to be used within a therapy guided by a qualified expert. Morpheus is not meant to be used without such professional psychotherapy. We strongly advise against using Morpheus for “self-therapy”. Morpheus is not a replacement for a therapist. For more information read the following section about Morpheus’ purpose definition.

Purpose definition
This section describes the differentiation of Morpheus from a medical device, specifically from a medical app, by a purpose definition according to §3 No.10 MPG. The differentiation is based on the guidance provided by the BfArM.

What Morpheus is intended for
+ Morpheus stores audio recordings made by the user. This function is intended for use during a psychotherapy session, subject to the consent of the persons present. The recording is archived by Morpheus so that the user can listen to it again later to remember the previous therapy session.
+ Morpheus stores user self-assessments before, after and during listening to an archived audio recording. These self-assessments serve two different purposes: (i) The assessment before and after listening is archived and displayed to the user to provide motivating feedback to the user about his or her feelings during the course of the therapy. With the user’s consent, the therapist can gain insight into the self-assessments collected. This data is only communicated, no treatment recommendation is derived based on this data. (ii) The assessment during the listening is used to offer the user a distraction when a certain value is exceeded, so that he or she can distance him- or herself from what he or she has just heard. The user can reject the offer and continue listening.

What Morpheus is not intended for
Morpheus does not meet the criteria used to classify a medical app according to §3 No. 1 MPG. The purpose of Morpheus is not intended for:
– Detection, prevention, surveillance, treatment or alleviation of disease,
– Detection, monitoring, treatment, relief or compensation of injuries or disabilities,
– Examination, replacement or modification of the anatomical structure or a physiological process,
– Conception control.

Furthermore, the purpose of Morpheus is not intended for:
– Decision support or independent decision making, e.g. with regard to therapeutic measures,
– Calculation e.g. of drug dosages (in contrast to the pure reproduction of a table from which the user derives the dosage himself),
– Monitoring of a patient and data collection, e.g. by recording measured values, if the results influence diagnosis or therapy.

Supplement according to the American authority FDA
Examples provided by the FDA indicate that Morpheus is not classified as a medical app.
– New App icon
– Fixes bug after finishing skill

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DBT app for trauma therapy – Morpheus  screenshots 1DBT app for trauma therapy – Morpheus  screenshots 2DBT app for trauma therapy – Morpheus  screenshots 3

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Freedom Telemedicine- Right Care. Right Now 24/7 Download Latest Version APK

Download Freedom Telemedicine- Right Care. Right Now 24/7 Latest Version APK

Download Freedom Telemedicine Mobile App today and unlock features such as;
– Signing up with ease
– Login and start your consultation 24/7 with our App client portal feature
– Share our App with just a few click, so others can enjoy the Freedom of Telemedicine right care, right now
– Feedback Wall feature leave reviews and other discreet comments for others to see
– Receive Push Notifications with tips, news, updates and more
– About Us and many more features to check out. Download our Mobile App today and experience what freedom feels like know you have help if need with all your healthcare needs!

Our goal is to provide healthcare to anyone who needs it. And a great benefit is that our members talk to a doctor from home, work and traveling.

Health care costs are rising – care in a doctor’s office ranges from $115 to $330*. Urgent Care ranges from $75 to $160. Emergency Room costs range from $510 to $700.* We provide members with medical care for non-emergency conditions at a low monthly membership cost and the benefit to our members experience is no unexpected medical bills.

As a member, you have immediate access to a doctor with an average wait time of 23 minutes or you can schedule a call that is convenient for you. A typical visit to a doctor on average is 121 minutes, 37 minutes for travel and 64 minutes waiting for 15 minutes of time with doctor.

Freedom Telemedicine wants to connect you to a doctor when you need it most. Join us by becoming a member now!
50.1 Update
Smashing Bugs

>>>Download Freedom Telemedicine- Right Care. Right Now 24/7 1.0.4 APK<<<

Freedom Telemedicine- Right Care. Right Now 24/7 1.0.4 screenshots 1Freedom Telemedicine- Right Care. Right Now 24/7 1.0.4 screenshots 2Freedom Telemedicine- Right Care. Right Now 24/7 1.0.4 screenshots 3

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Hearing Test Pro Download Latest Version APK

Download Hearing Test Pro Latest Version APK

Pure-tone audiometry is the basic hearing examination which determines the degree of hearing loss in relation to the sound frequency.

Hearing Test features:
* pure tone audiometry using bundled headphones and predefined calibration coefficients from the database (possible for systematically increasing number of devices),
* calibration of the device (in the case of lack of predefined coefficients or for headphones other than bundled).

Additional features:
* viewing tests results,
* adding notes to tests results,
* printing of the tests results,
* adjustment of calibration (calibration coefficients may be adjusted on the basis of your audiogram produced using an audiometer).
* verification of calibration coefficients,
* suppressing of the masking noise for the purpose of free field audiometry.

Pro version features:
* local database (offline access to tests results, without connecting to the server),
* synchronization (your tests results can be stored on a remote account, created for a given email address; data are easy to recover, transfer to/from any other mobile or simultaneously synchronize on different devices).
New features (version 16):
* bug fixes
New features (version 15):
* customization of the test frequencies,
* support for high frequency audiometry,
* estimation of the “hearing age”,
* audiogram interpretation: age norms, speech banana,
* optional hiding of results when tested,
* support for new versions of Android: material design, permission adjustments, documents printing

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Hearing Test Pro  screenshots 1Hearing Test Pro  screenshots 2Hearing Test Pro  screenshots 3

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Gray’s Anatomy – Atlas Download Latest Version APK

Download Gray’s Anatomy – Atlas Latest Version APK

Gray’s Anatomy
This is FREE application to learn about human anatomy.

+) Features:
– You can use this app offline, do not need internet and 3G connection.
– Simple, easy interface
– You can press next and back to view other image
– You can zoom in/out to view larger image
– Find images quickly with search tool

+) Anatomy Systems:
– Skeletal System
– Muscular System
– Nervous System
– Cardiovascular System
– Respiratory System
– Digestive System
– Endocrine System
– Urinary System
– Reproductive System
– Lymphatic System
– Integumentary System
– Sensory System

+) Anatomy Position:
– Skeletal System
– Head Position
– Neck Position
– Upper Limb
– Back Position
– Thorax Position
– Abdomen Position
– Pelvis and Perineum position

+) Medical Quiz – Anatomy Quiz
– Liver Quiz
– Glasgow Coma Scale Quiz
– Cardiac Quiz
– Diabetes Quiz
– First Aid Quiz
– Pathology Quiz

+) Medical dictionary – Anatomy dictionary
– This is the medical reference for difficult terms and phrases. Doctors define difficult medical language in easy to understand explanations

If you like this app. Please RATE for us 5 star. Thanks for using this application!

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Gray's Anatomy - Atlas 3.8 screenshots 1Gray's Anatomy - Atlas 3.8 screenshots 2Gray's Anatomy - Atlas 3.8 screenshots 3

>>>Download Gray’s Anatomy – Atlas 3.8 APK<<<