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The Desires of Gaia Tarot is for many who want unity inside themselves, their relationships, and with heaven and earth. It’s for many who want to discover, and develop a keener understanding of “self,” in addition to those that search to commune with the spirit realms and the Divine.

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The philosophy of the playing cards is straightforward – to hunt, to really feel, to develop, and to heal.

Search – reveal the solutions to the questions inside. Be taught who you have been, who you’re, and who you want to change into. The tarot will enable you talk with the Divine, and your interior self; know your acutely aware thoughts, and discover the unconscious forces – the hard-wired beliefs and patterns that affect your conduct and decisions. Information is energy. Self-knowledge and consciousness are the keys to empowerment.

Really feel – delve into the watery realms of emotion, and start to know why you’re feeling and react as you do. The tarot will enable you shine a lightweight in your feelings. It’s going to assist you to discover their depths, and embrace the gorgeous and highly effective consciousness that your responses and reactions are a pure a part of who you’re, but in addition inside your energy to manage and alter.

Develop – you’re in a relentless, cyclic state of progress and alter. Development and evolution are each inevitable and unavoidable, but so many worry them, even supposing life itself is each a transformative and transmutative course of. The tarot will enable you to acknowledge and reply when a time of progress and alter approaches, and to face it with elevated confidence. You might be right here to dwell and expertise life; to worry much less and meet your fullest potential.

Heal – there are experiences in your previous that may do hurt in your current as a result of you’ve got sure them to you by holding on to the feelings and beliefs they’ve fostered. These bonds are the inspiration of all that limits and restricts you within the current, and prevents you from shifting ahead with confidence and belief. Consciousness will enable you heal and let go.

The Desires of Gaia Tarot will enable you to rediscover your historical and everlasting reference to Gaia and the Nice Spirit. Common use of the deck will carry perception and understanding.
– bug fixes
– resolved challenge with zoom characteristic after show wakes from sleep

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Dreams of Gaia Tarot  screenshots 1Dreams of Gaia Tarot  screenshots 2Dreams of Gaia Tarot  screenshots 3Dreams of Gaia Tarot  screenshots 4Dreams of Gaia Tarot  screenshots 5Dreams of Gaia Tarot  screenshots 6Dreams of Gaia Tarot  screenshots 7Dreams of Gaia Tarot  screenshots 8Dreams of Gaia Tarot  screenshots 9Dreams of Gaia Tarot  screenshots 10Dreams of Gaia Tarot  screenshots 11Dreams of Gaia Tarot  screenshots 12Dreams of Gaia Tarot  screenshots 13Dreams of Gaia Tarot  screenshots 14Dreams of Gaia Tarot  screenshots 15Dreams of Gaia Tarot  screenshots 16Dreams of Gaia Tarot  screenshots 17Dreams of Gaia Tarot  screenshots 18Dreams of Gaia Tarot  screenshots 19Dreams of Gaia Tarot  screenshots 20Dreams of Gaia Tarot  screenshots 21Dreams of Gaia Tarot  screenshots 22Dreams of Gaia Tarot  screenshots 23Dreams of Gaia Tarot  screenshots 24

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ICA – recept, erbjudanden och inköpslista Download Latest Version APK

Obtain ICA – recept, erbjudanden och inköpslista Newest Model APK

Förenkla din matvardag
Varje vecka får du suggestions på goda recept, aktuella erbjudanden och annan härlig matinspiration. Du kan smidigt skapa inköpslistor, se ditt saldo och, om du vill, betala direkt med appen.

Personliga erbjudanden varje vecka
Se vilka stammispriser, personliga erbjudanden och andra schyssta rabatter du kan ta del av simply nu. Om du sparar dina favoritbutiker får du smidig tillgång until butikens aktuella erbjudanden, öppettider och annan butiksinformation.

Smarta inköpslistor
Lägg until hela recept, utvalda ingredienser eller erbjudanden until din inköpslista. Dela listan med ditt hushåll och sortera den efter din ICA-butik. Om du självscannar kan du dessutom i de flesta butiker se din inköpslista direkt i scanninghandtaget.

Recept för vardag och fest
Sök bland tusentals recept, bläddra bland utvalda kategorier och spara recept du gillar. Sugen på att testa något nytt? Skaka telefonen så slumpar vi fram ett recept åt dig.

Full koll på saldo och bonus
Håll enkelt koll på ditt saldo och din insamlade bonus. Har du ett betalkort från ICA Banken kan du dessutom betala direkt med mobilen i butiken.

Appen ICA är för dig som är eller vill bli stammis hos oss.
Simplify your meals day
Each week you get recommendations on good recipes, present provides and different nice meals inspiration. You may simply create procuring lists, see your stability and, if you want, pay immediately with the app.

Customized provides each week
See what tribal costs, private provides and different good reductions you may get proper now. Saving your favourite shops offers you quick access to the shop’s present provides, opening hours and different retailer info.

Good procuring lists
Add complete recipes, chosen substances or provides to your procuring listing. Share the listing together with your family and type it by your ICA retailer. As well as, if you happen to self-scan, you may see your procuring listing immediately in most scanning shops in most shops.

Recipes for on a regular basis and celebration
Search 1000’s of recipes, browse chosen classes and save recipes you want. Seeking to check one thing new? Shake the telephone and we’ll randomize a recipe for you.

Full management of stability and bonus
Simply maintain observe of your stability and your collected bonus. In case you have a debit card from ICA Financial institution, you may as well pay immediately with the cell within the retailer.

The ICA app is for these of you who’re or need to change into a daily with us.

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ICA – recept, erbjudanden och inköpslista  screenshots 1ICA – recept, erbjudanden och inköpslista  screenshots 2ICA – recept, erbjudanden och inköpslista  screenshots 3ICA – recept, erbjudanden och inköpslista  screenshots 4ICA – recept, erbjudanden och inköpslista  screenshots 5ICA – recept, erbjudanden och inköpslista  screenshots 6ICA – recept, erbjudanden och inköpslista  screenshots 7

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나만의냉장고(GS25) Download Latest Version APK

Obtain 나만의냉장고(GS25) Newest Model APK

GS25 나만의냉장고는 GS25 편의점 행사 증정품, 구매한 상품을 앱 보관함에 저장하였다가 전국 GS25 편의점에서 교환할 수 있는 ‘GS25 증정품 키핑(보관) 서비스’ 입니다. GS25에서 상품 구매 시, GS&POINT 적립/사용과 제휴된 할인카드로 빠르게 결제할 수 있습니다.
(설치 최소 사양 Android V4.4 이상)
모바일에서 직접 할인/적립/결제까지 할 수 있는 편의점 쇼핑 서비스로, 도시락 예약과 무료배송 상품까지 쇼핑할 수 있습니다.
* 나만의냉장고는 GS계열사 아이디/비밀번호로 로그인하여 사용하시거나, 본인 인증을 통하여 사용 가능합니다.

[담고, 쌓고, 쓰고! GS25 나만의냉장고 주요 기능]
모바일에서 원플러스콘/도시락/무료배송 상품 구매하기
구매 시 GS&POINT 적립/통신사 할인/팝카드 결제를 동시에!
증정품과 구매품을 보관하고 필요할 때 찾아가기
보관중인 상품을 다른 상품으로 변경하기

[주요 기능]
현명한 내 지갑관리의 시작! 소비데이터!
1+1, 2+1, 덤증정 행사상품 알뜰하게 구매하기
내가 원하는 도시락을 내가 원하는 시간, 원하는 매장에서 찾아가기
QR코드 하나로 할인/적립/보관/결제까지 한번에!

[GS25 편의점 나만의냉장고 주요기능]
● 원플러스콘(1+1, 2+1, 덤증정 등)
– 편의점 1+1, 2+1, 덤증정 행사상품 조회 및 구매 가능
● 예약주문
– GS25 편의점 도시락, 김밥, 햄버거, 샌드위치 조회 및 예약주문 가능
● 보관함
– 증정품/구매품(구매상품) 보관 내역 확인 및 사용 가능
– 선물하기, 선물 주고받기, 보관상품 변경하기 가능
– 쿠폰함(온라인/오프라인 할인쿠폰), 모바일 영수증 확인
● 소비데이터
– 나의 소비 수준은 평균 대비 어느 정도일까? 어디에서 내 돈을 제일 많이 쓰고 있지?
– 현명한 내 지갑 관리의 첫 걸음을 한 눈에 볼 수 있는 THE POP 소비 데이터로 시작해 보세요
● 이벤트
– 나만의냉장고 이벤트, GS25 홈페이지 연동 이벤트, 증정 할인 행사 / 상품 안내
● 멤버십카드
– GS&POINT 카드 등록 및 적립/사용 내역 조회 가능
– 통신사 할인카드(KT 올레 멤버십, LG U+ 멤버십) 등록 및 온/오프라인 바로 적용 가능
– 모바일팝 등록 가능
● 기타 기능
– 점포 찾기 : 내 주변 GS25 편의점 위치 찾기
– 고객지원 : 공지사항, FAQ, 이용 가이드
– 설정 : 자동 로그인 설정, 이용약관 확인 및 설정, 최신버전 업데이트
– 간편 결제 : 카드, 계좌를 한번만 등록하고 계속 사용해요.

*41개 은행과 증권사 계좌, 8개 카드사

– 안전하고 빠른 결제: 매번 인증으로 불편하셨죠? 원클릭 결제 설정 한번만 하면 추가 인증 없이 바로 결제할 수 있어요.

– 포인트 적립 혜택
1. 가입시 5천 포인트 적립(8.17~9.16)
* THE POP리워즈 2,500점 + GS SHOP적립금 2,500점),
2. 2percent상시 적립(GS&POINT, 계좌 연동 결제 시 제공, 기본 0.1% +추가1.9%, 익월 20일 일괄 적립)

안드로이드 4.4 이상 사용을 권장합니다.

-앱 접근 권한 안내-
「정보통신망 이용촉진 및 정보보호 등에 관한 법률」 제22조의2에 따라 필요한 접근권한을 아래와 같이 안내드립니다.

[필수적 접근권한]
* 없음

[선택적 접근권한]
* 위치 : 점포 찾기를 위한 위치정보 확인
* 주소록 : 친구에게 선물하기 할 경우 전화번호 검색 시 사용, 본인인증 로그인 시 이메일 주소 자동 입력
시그널가계부 연동으로 SMS,MMS 정보를 읽는데 필요한 권한입니다.

※ 고객 편의를 위한 서비스 제공을 위해 위 권한을 사용하고 있으며, 서비스 이용에 필요한 항목만 필수 접근하고 있습니다. 고객님은 동의하지 않을 권리가 있으며 선택 접근 권한은 해당 기능을 사용할 때 허용이 필요하며, 비 허용 시에도 해당 기능 외 서비스 이용이 가능합니다.
※ 안드로이드 6.0 미만 버전의 경우, 항목에 대한 개별 동의가 불가능하여 모든 항목에 대해 필수 접근합니다.
GS25 My Fridge is a ‘GS25 reward conserving (storage) service’ that means that you can retailer presents and bought merchandise at GS25 comfort shops within the app and change them at GS25 comfort shops nationwide. When buying merchandise from GS25, you possibly can rapidly pay with a reduction card affiliated with GS&POINT accumulation/use.
(Set up minimal specification Android V4.4 or increased)
It’s a comfort retailer buying service that means that you can low cost/accumulate/pay straight out of your cell system.
* You need to use your individual fridge by logging in together with your GS affiliate ID/password, or by verifying your self.

[Contain, build, write! GS25 Personal Refrigerator Main Features]
Purchase OnePlus Con/Lunch Field/Free Transport merchandise on cell
GS&POINT accumulation/communication firm low cost/pop card fee on the identical time when buying!
Retailer presents and purchases and get them if you want them
Altering a product in storage to a different product

[main function]
The beginning of sensible pockets administration! Consumption knowledge!
Purchase 1+1, 2+1, bonus reward occasion merchandise at an affordable worth
Discover the lunch field you need, on the time you need, on the retailer you need
Low cost / accumulation / storage / fee suddenly with one QR code!

[GS25 convenience store own refrigerator main functions]
● One Plus Con (1+1, 2+1, bonus reward, and many others.)
– Comfort retailer 1+1, 2+1, bonus reward occasion merchandise will be considered and bought
● Pre-order
– GS25 comfort retailer lunch containers, gimbap, hamburgers, sandwiches will be considered and pre-ordered
● Storage field
– You’ll be able to examine and use the storage historical past of presents/bought merchandise (bought merchandise)
– Giving presents, giving and receiving presents, and altering storage merchandise
– Coupon field (on-line/offline low cost coupon), cell receipt affirmation
● Consumption knowledge
– What’s my consumption stage in comparison with the common? The place am I spending probably the most of my cash?
– Begin with THE POP consumption knowledge that you could see at a look step one in sensible pockets administration
● Occasions
– My very own fridge occasion, GS25 web site hyperlink occasion, reward low cost occasion / product info
● Membership card
– GS&POINT card registration and accumulation/use historical past will be considered
– May be registered and utilized straight on/offline to telecommunication firm low cost playing cards (KT Olleh membership, LG U+ membership)
– Cell pop registration attainable
● Different options
– Discover a retailer: Discover the placement of a close-by GS25 comfort retailer
– Buyer Help: Discover, FAQ, Consumer Information
– Settings: Computerized login settings, examine and set phrases of use, replace to the newest model
– Simple fee: Register your card or account solely as soon as and use it repeatedly.
*41 financial institution and securities firm accounts, 8 bank card corporations
– Protected and quick fee: Have been you inconvenient with authentication each time? One-click fee setup means that you can pay instantly with out extra authentication.
– Factors incomes advantages
1. Earn 5,000 factors if you enroll (8.17~9.16)
* THE POP Rewards 2,500 factors + GS SHOP 2,500 factors),
2. 2% common accumulation (GS&POINT, supplied when fee is linked to an account, primary 0.1% + extra 1.9%, lump sum accumulation on the twentieth of the next month)

We suggest utilizing Android 4.4 or increased.

-App entry permission guide-
In accordance with Article 22-2 of the 「Act on Promotion of Info and Communications Community Utilization and Info Safety, and many others.」, the required entry rights are supplied as follows.

[Required access rights]
* doesn’t exist

[Optional access rights]
* Location: Examine location info to search out shops
* Handle Ebook: When gifting to a good friend, it’s used to seek for a cellphone quantity, and mechanically enters an e mail deal with when logging in for self-verification.
That is the permission required to learn SMS and MMS info by linking the sign account guide.

※ We use the above authority to offer companies for buyer comfort, and entry solely the objects vital for service use. You’ve gotten the fitting to not agree, and optionally available entry rights require permission when utilizing the perform, and you should use companies aside from the perform even when you don’t enable it.
※ Within the case of Android variations under 6.0, particular person consent to objects just isn’t attainable, so entry to all objects is necessary.
[ver 4.0.20]
– 로그인 기능 개선
– 고객 편의를 위한 기능 추가

>>>Download 나만의냉장고(GS25) APK<<<

나만의냉장고(GS25)  screenshots 1나만의냉장고(GS25)  screenshots 2나만의냉장고(GS25)  screenshots 3나만의냉장고(GS25)  screenshots 4나만의냉장고(GS25)  screenshots 5

>>>Download 나만의냉장고(GS25) APK<<<

Bill Letter Download Latest Version APK

Obtain Invoice Letter Newest Model APK

우편 이메일로 받아보던 통신요금서, 카드명세서, 지방세, 도시가스 등 각종 청구서를 통합하여 관리할 수 있는 ‘Invoice Letter’로 내 자산 관리부터 내 소비습관, 생활 혜택까지 다양한 금융서비스를 경험하세요.

[주요 기능]
■ 청구서를 신청하고 각종 청구서를 한 번에 관리 및 편리하게 납부하세요!
-SK텔레콤 / SK브로드밴드 / 신용카드(KB국민•삼성•우리•하나카드) / 지방세(경기도 제외) / 도시가스 / 상하수도 / 현금영수증
-계좌이체 / SK pay / 신용카드 / OK캐시백 포인트 / 편의점QR 로 통신요금 납부 가능

■ 내 모든 자산 정보를 한눈에 보실 수 있어요!
– 신용점수 / 통신요금/ 신용카드 / 부동산 / 자동차 / 현금

■ 실시간 카드명세서와 통신요금서 등 각 지출 소비 내역을 통해 소비패턴을 알 수 있어요!
– 신용카드 내역/ 통신요금/ 전자영수증 등

■ 요즘 Hot한 다양한 생활서비스를 누려보세요!
– 신용카드 추천 / 비대면 은행 / 증권계좌 신청 / 쇼핑 / 문화 / 생활혜택 등

■ 빌레터 고객을 위한 맞춤추천과 이벤트를 함께 하세요!
– 추천 정보 / MY자산의 금융 부가서비스 / MY소비 카드추천 서비스 등

내 손안의 통신금융생활 ‘Invoice Letter’를 통해 각종 청구서를 받아보세요.
우편물 도난 및 분실로 인한 개인정보 유출 가능성이 낮아 안전하고 편리하게 청구서를 통합하여 받아보실 수 있습니다.

• 불편하신 사항은 고객센터 114로 문의하시면 신속한 도움드리겠습니다.

[앱 접근 권한]
-전화 (필수): 스마트폰에서 받은 인증 상태를 유지하고 앱 서비스 이용을 위해 필수 동의가 필요한 권한입니다.
-저장공간 (선택): 단말기 자원의 효율적 사용을 위해 필요한 권한입니다.
*선택적 접근권한의 허용에는 동의하지 않아도 서비스의 이용이 가능합니다.
*안드로이드 OS 6.0 미만 버전 스마트폰을 이용하시는 경우, 선택적 접근없이 모두 필수적 접근권한으로 적용될 수 있습니다. 이 경우 안드로이드 OS를 6.0으로 업그레이드 하고 앱을 삭제 후 재설치 하셔야 접근 권한 설정이 정상적으로 가능합니다.

[유의 사항]
– 안드로이드 OS 4.4 이상 버전 부터 서비스 이용이 가능합니다.
– 원할한 이용을 위해, 단말기 OS와 앱을 최신 버전으로 업데이트 해주세요.
– LTE, 3G 상에서 서비스 이용 시 데이터 통화료 요금이 발생할 수 있습니다.(SKT 이동전화에서 SKT/SKB 요금안내서 이용 시에는 데이터 통화료가 발생하지 않습니다.)
– SKT, KT, LG U+ 회선 가입자만 이용이 가능합니다. (일부 MVNO 가입자는 이용할 수 있습니다.)
– 가입 통신사, 개인 정보 보호 및 명의자 본인 여부에 따라 서비스 제공에 제한이 있을 수 있습니다.
– SKT 요금안내서를 등록하시면 기존에 받아보시던 요금안내서 유형(우편, 문자 등)이 Invoice Letter로 변경되며, 티월드에서 요금안내서 유형 변경을 하실 수 있습니다.
– 제공되는 납부방식은 청구 회사에 따라 다를 수 있습니다.
*개발자 연락처: +8215990011
개발자 연락처 :
Expertise quite a lot of monetary companies from managing your property to your consumption habits and dwelling advantages with’Invoice Letter’ that permits you to combine and handle numerous payments resembling communication payments, card statements, native taxes, metropolis fuel, and many others. that you simply obtained by mail or e-mail.

[main function]
■ Apply for invoices, handle and pay numerous invoices directly!
-SK Telecom / SK Broadband / Credit score Card (KB Kookmin·Samsung·Woori·Hana Card) / Native Tax (excluding Gyeonggi-do) / Metropolis Gasoline / Water and Sewerage System / Money Receipt
-Account switch / SK pay / Bank card / OK Cashback Level / Comfort retailer QR to pay communication costs

■ You may see all my asset info at a look!
-Credit score rating / communication charge / bank card / actual property / automobile / money

■ You may know the consumption sample by way of the consumption historical past of every expenditure resembling real-time card assertion and communication invoice!
-Bank card particulars/ communication costs/ digital receipts, and many others.

■ Get pleasure from quite a lot of scorching dwelling companies nowadays!
-Bank card advice / Non-face-to-face financial institution / Inventory account utility / Buying / Tradition / Dwelling advantages, and many others.

■ Do personalized suggestions and occasions for billletter prospects!
-Advice info / Monetary supplementary service of MY property / MY consumption card advice service, and many others.

Obtain numerous invoices by way of’Invoice Letter’, the communication finance life in my hand.
The opportunity of private info leakage as a result of theft or lack of mail is low, so you possibly can obtain invoices safely and conveniently.

• In case you have any inconvenience, please contact Buyer Heart 114 and we’ll allow you to shortly.

[App access rights]
-Cellphone (required): This permission requires obligatory consent to keep up the authentication standing obtained from the smartphone and to make use of the app service.
-Cupboard space (non-obligatory): Permissions required for environment friendly use of terminal assets.
* You should utilize the service even when you don’t agree to permit the selective entry proper.
*In case you are utilizing a smartphone model of Android OS lower than 6.0, all important entry rights may be utilized with out selective entry. On this case, you could improve the Android OS to six.0, delete the app, and reinstall the app to correctly set entry rights.

-You should utilize the service from Android OS 4.4 or greater.
-For clean use, please replace the terminal OS and app to the newest model.
-Information name costs could also be incurred when utilizing the service on LTE or 3G.
-Solely SKT, KT, and LG U+ line subscribers can use it. (Some MVNO subscribers can use it.)
-There could also be restrictions on the availability of companies relying on the subscriber’s service, private info safety, and the identify holder.
-For those who register the SKT charge information, the kind of the beforehand obtained charge information (mail, textual content, and many others.) will probably be modified to Invoice Letter.
-The fee methodology offered could differ relying on the billing firm.
*Developer contact info: +8215990011
– 일부 기능 개선 및 문구 변경

>>>Download Bill Letter APK<<<

Bill Letter  screenshots 1Bill Letter  screenshots 2Bill Letter  screenshots 3Bill Letter  screenshots 4Bill Letter  screenshots 5

>>>Download Bill Letter APK<<<

Mos Burger Download Latest Version APK

Obtain Mos Burger Newest Model APK

Some contents are for registered members solely. Develop into a member at present! (registration freed from cost)

App Options
[Point 1:Member Coupons]
Discover your favourite menu by utilizing our coupon. Coupons can be found for restricted time solely.

[Point 2:Connect with smartphone page!!]
Now you can see your registered data on the smartphone web site too.
Use each the smartphone web site and the app to your particular wants.

[Point 3:Receive value deals first on mail magazines!]
Mail magazines are despatched 3-4 instances a month with new marketing campaign and coupon data.
You may choose which mail magazines to subscribe to.

[Point 4:GPS feature to find the closest store!!]
GPS function means that you can simply discover the closest retailer!
It’s also possible to register the shop you continuously use as your “My Retailer”to recieve precious data!
As much as 20 “My Shops” are in a position to register. Entry from “discover retailer” within the App menu.

[Point 5:Smartphone digital contents!]
Cute unique smartphone “Mossan” sport now accessible on the App.

Phrases and Circumstances
●This app is obtainable solely in Japanese.
●Coupons are legitimate in Japanese Mos retailers solely.
●Advisable Atmosphere
Android OS: Model 2.1 or later (contents is probably not viewable on some gadgets.)
Contents is probably not displayed accurately on a number of the newest gadgets. We are going to improve the model as wanted and admire your persistence in ready.

>>>Download Mos Burger APK<<<

Mos Burger  screenshots 1Mos Burger  screenshots 2Mos Burger  screenshots 3Mos Burger  screenshots 4Mos Burger  screenshots 5

>>>Download Mos Burger APK<<<

GBK Download Latest Version APK

Obtain GBK Newest Model APK

Eat burgers and get rewarded – the GBK app is slicker than ever. Don’t consider us? Obtain it now and discover out for your self! Tasty options embrace; Order & Pay at your Desk, Order & Acquire, Allergy/Life-style Pointers and Dietary Data at your fingertips. There you’ve got it, an app that rewards you in your love of burgers, with extra burgers. What you ready for? Finest, Crew GBK.

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GBK  screenshots 1GBK  screenshots 2GBK  screenshots 3GBK  screenshots 4GBK  screenshots 5

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제사의 달인 – 제사상, 차례상 Download Latest Version APK

Obtain 제사의 달인 – 제사상, 차례상 Newest Model APK

홍동백서, 어동육서는 많이 들어봤지만 갑자기 제사상, 차례상을 준비하려 막막할 뿐입니다.

컴퓨터를 보면서 상을 차리려니 왔다갔다 하긴 버겁고, 간단하게 스마트폰으로 보면서 도움을 받는것은 어떨까요?

제사상, 차례상 상차림의 일반적인 방법에서부터 현대식 간소한 방법, 지역별 방법을 알아보기 쉬운 그림으로 표현하였습니다.
(보편적인 제사상 상차림 예시입니다. 지내오신 상차림과 달라도 너그럽게 이해바랍니다^^)

또한 제사 기일을 제사 음력달력에 간편하게 등록해두고 확인할 수 있으며, 미리 알림을 받아 준비할 수 있답니다. (양음력, 휴일, 대체 휴일 확인이 용이합니다.)

그럼 이제 즐거운 명절을 보내보자구요!

◇ 메뉴 설명 ◇

1) 제사 순서 : 제사, 보통 기제사에 대한 순서를 정리하였습니다.

2) 제사상 지역별 상차림 : 각 지역별 또는 일반/현대식 제사 상차림 방법을 그림으로 소개합니다.

3) 지방 쓰는 법 : 고조부모, 증조부모, 조부모, 부모의 지방 이미지를 안내합니다.

4) 제사 달력 : 간편한 달력 확인(양력/음력 달력, 휴무일 표시) 및 제사 일정을 등록하고, 알람 설정이 가능합니다. 제사상 준비는 미리미리~

5) 커뮤니티 : 유용한 제사 정보 안내 및 제사의 달인 카페에서 서로 정보를 나누어 보아요^^
(제사상, 차례상 사진을 업로드하여 서로 이야기 나누어요)
개발자 연락처 :
I’ve heard a variety of Hongdong white papers and eodongseok, however out of the blue I’m simply making an attempt to arrange for a ritual and switch.

It is onerous to travel whereas trying on the pc, and why do not you simply take a look at your smartphone for assist?

The normal technique of rituals and sequential rituals, easy and fashionable strategies, and regional strategies are offered in easy-to-understand footage.
(This can be a typical sacred ritual instance.

As well as, you may simply register and examine the memorial date within the ritual lunar calendar, and you may put together by receiving a reminder. (It’s straightforward to examine the lunar calendar, holidays, and various holidays.)

So let’s have a great vacation!

◇ Menu Description ◇

1) Order of Sacrifice: The order of rituals and atypical rituals is summarized.

2) ritual desk for every memorial service: This part introduces every area or common / fashionable ritual desk.

3) How one can use fats: guides mother and father ‘grandparents, great-grandparents, grandparents, mother and father’ fats picture.

4) ritual calendar: Straightforward calendar examine (lunar / lunar calendar, vacation show) and memorial schedule will be registered, the alarm will be set. Preparation for the memorial prematurely ~

5) Group: Helpful info of the sacrificial info and attempt to share the knowledge with one another within the cafe of the grasp of sacrifice ^^
    (Upon memorial, in flip, add pictures to speak to one another.)
앱 안정성 개선

>>>Download 제사의 달인 – 제사상, 차례상 APK<<<

제사의 달인 - 제사상, 차례상  screenshots 1제사의 달인 - 제사상, 차례상  screenshots 2제사의 달인 - 제사상, 차례상  screenshots 3제사의 달인 - 제사상, 차례상  screenshots 4제사의 달인 - 제사상, 차례상  screenshots 5제사의 달인 - 제사상, 차례상  screenshots 6

>>>Download 제사의 달인 – 제사상, 차례상 APK<<<

Astronym – звездный помощник Download Latest Version APK

Download Astronym – звездный помощник Latest Version APK

Гороскоп 3 в 1.
Ежедневный астрологический гороскоп на все знаки зодиака.
Ежедневный лунный гороскоп с рекомендациями на день.
Тест на совместимость знаков зодиака. Узнай какой знак тебе или твоим друзьям лучше подходит в любви, дружбе или браке.

Современный дизайн и минималистичный интерфейс позволит получать информацию быстро и удобно.

Различные темы позволят настроить приложение под любой вкус.
Horoscope 3 in 1.
Daily astrological horoscope for all zodiac signs.
Daily lunar horoscope with recommendations for the day.
Zodiac sign compatibility test. Find out which sign is best for you or your friends in love, friendship or marriage.

Modern design and minimalistic interface will allow you to receive information quickly and conveniently.

Various themes will allow you to customize the application for every taste.
Ежедневный гороскоп
Лунный прогноз
Совместимость знаков
Добавлены новые темы
Исправлены технические проблемы

>>>Download Astronym – звездный помощник APK<<<

Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 1Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 2Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 3Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 4Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 5Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 6Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 7Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 8Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 9Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 10Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 11Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 12Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 13Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 14Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 15

>>>Download Astronym – звездный помощник APK<<<

rublys – raffles, vouchers Download Latest Version APK

Download rublys – raffles, vouchers Latest Version APK

Free scratchcards for your smartphone.

Winning amazing prizes has never been that easy. Simply select one of the various scratchcards, uncover the three scratch-areas and instantly see if you have won!


-> Cool prizes
-> Vouchers and coupons
-> Coupon codes
-> Special offers
-> Cashback offers

You can redeem your prizes directly on your mobile phone, whether you’re at your favorite store or shopping online from the comfort of your home.

So? Does it tingle in your fingers?


* Start scratching for free without registration and win amazing prizes
* Cool competitions and special offers
* Redeem prizes directly within the app
* Choose between scratchcards which are redeemable online or in stores nearby
* Snatch your daily nuts and trade them for scratchcards
* Send prizes to your friends as gifts
* Unlock special scratchcards and win together with your friends
* Mark your favorite prizes and get a reminder before they expire
* Check out our lucky winners of all main prizes in the winners list
* Update your profile, invite friends and get rewarded
* Snatch additional nuts by performing various actions
* Win coupons of our partners & shops

You have questions or feedback?
Contact us: support@rublys.com
bug fixes

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rublys - raffles, vouchers  screenshots 1rublys - raffles, vouchers  screenshots 2rublys - raffles, vouchers  screenshots 3rublys - raffles, vouchers  screenshots 4

>>>Download rublys – raffles, vouchers APK<<<

real – Services & Benefits Download Latest Version APK

Download real – Services & Benefits Latest Version APK

Always up to date with real,- specials and services – now mobile with the real,- app

The fourth version of the real,- app is here, and it was completely redesigned just for you. The benefits for you: see special offers and sales, monitor your customer loyalty points, and see the latest petrol prices at real,- filling stations. The app interface is designed so that you can go directly to the important areas – have a look at the many updates!

Browse through the weekly specials at real,- stores and scout for the best sales. The search function with suggestion navigation in the real,- app saves time, too. With the new and even clearer layout of weekly specials, you can quickly choose the best offers for your needs. You can choose between the familiar grid layout or browse through the brochure format by personalising the real,- app to suit your preferences. We are pleased to announce that we’ve implemented another customer request: the rating function for real,- store brands. Exchange information with other users and share your opinion about our real,- store brands with us.

Use the practical store finder in the real,- app to find your local real,- store along with the exact address, business hours, as well as a detailed layout of the store. Figuring out how to get to the store is no longer a problem with the real,- app.
Discover the new version of the real – Benefits & Services App!

This is better:
– The app now supports a darker display.
– Our exterminators have removed many more minor bugs.

>>>Download real – Services & Benefits APK<<<

real - Services & Benefits  screenshots 1real - Services & Benefits  screenshots 2real - Services & Benefits  screenshots 3real - Services & Benefits  screenshots 4real - Services & Benefits  screenshots 5

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