Astronym – звездный помощник Download Latest Version APK

Download Astronym – звездный помощник Latest Version APK

Гороскоп 3 в 1.
Ежедневный астрологический гороскоп на все знаки зодиака.
Ежедневный лунный гороскоп с рекомендациями на день.
Тест на совместимость знаков зодиака. Узнай какой знак тебе или твоим друзьям лучше подходит в любви, дружбе или браке.

Современный дизайн и минималистичный интерфейс позволит получать информацию быстро и удобно.

Различные темы позволят настроить приложение под любой вкус.
Horoscope 3 in 1.
Daily astrological horoscope for all zodiac signs.
Daily lunar horoscope with recommendations for the day.
Zodiac sign compatibility test. Find out which sign is best for you or your friends in love, friendship or marriage.

Modern design and minimalistic interface will allow you to receive information quickly and conveniently.

Various themes will allow you to customize the application for every taste.
Ежедневный гороскоп
Лунный прогноз
Совместимость знаков
Добавлены новые темы
Исправлены технические проблемы

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Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 1Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 2Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 3Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 4Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 5Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 6Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 7Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 8Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 9Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 10Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 11Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 12Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 13Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 14Astronym - звездный помощник  screenshots 15

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rublys – raffles, vouchers Download Latest Version APK

Download rublys – raffles, vouchers Latest Version APK

Free scratchcards for your smartphone.

Winning amazing prizes has never been that easy. Simply select one of the various scratchcards, uncover the three scratch-areas and instantly see if you have won!


-> Cool prizes
-> Vouchers and coupons
-> Coupon codes
-> Special offers
-> Cashback offers

You can redeem your prizes directly on your mobile phone, whether you’re at your favorite store or shopping online from the comfort of your home.

So? Does it tingle in your fingers?


* Start scratching for free without registration and win amazing prizes
* Cool competitions and special offers
* Redeem prizes directly within the app
* Choose between scratchcards which are redeemable online or in stores nearby
* Snatch your daily nuts and trade them for scratchcards
* Send prizes to your friends as gifts
* Unlock special scratchcards and win together with your friends
* Mark your favorite prizes and get a reminder before they expire
* Check out our lucky winners of all main prizes in the winners list
* Update your profile, invite friends and get rewarded
* Snatch additional nuts by performing various actions
* Win coupons of our partners & shops

You have questions or feedback?
Contact us: [email protected]
bug fixes

>>>Download rublys – raffles, vouchers APK<<<

rublys - raffles, vouchers  screenshots 1rublys - raffles, vouchers  screenshots 2rublys - raffles, vouchers  screenshots 3rublys - raffles, vouchers  screenshots 4

>>>Download rublys – raffles, vouchers APK<<<

real – Services & Benefits Download Latest Version APK

Download real – Services & Benefits Latest Version APK

Always up to date with real,- specials and services – now mobile with the real,- app

The fourth version of the real,- app is here, and it was completely redesigned just for you. The benefits for you: see special offers and sales, monitor your customer loyalty points, and see the latest petrol prices at real,- filling stations. The app interface is designed so that you can go directly to the important areas – have a look at the many updates!

Browse through the weekly specials at real,- stores and scout for the best sales. The search function with suggestion navigation in the real,- app saves time, too. With the new and even clearer layout of weekly specials, you can quickly choose the best offers for your needs. You can choose between the familiar grid layout or browse through the brochure format by personalising the real,- app to suit your preferences. We are pleased to announce that we’ve implemented another customer request: the rating function for real,- store brands. Exchange information with other users and share your opinion about our real,- store brands with us.

Use the practical store finder in the real,- app to find your local real,- store along with the exact address, business hours, as well as a detailed layout of the store. Figuring out how to get to the store is no longer a problem with the real,- app.
Discover the new version of the real – Benefits & Services App!

This is better:
– The app now supports a darker display.
– Our exterminators have removed many more minor bugs.

>>>Download real – Services & Benefits APK<<<

real - Services & Benefits  screenshots 1real - Services & Benefits  screenshots 2real - Services & Benefits  screenshots 3real - Services & Benefits  screenshots 4real - Services & Benefits  screenshots 5

>>>Download real – Services & Benefits APK<<<

Immonet Property Search Download Latest Version APK

Download Immonet Property Search Latest Version APK

The next generation property search: more info, more images, more properties. Now complete with new user interface, individual quick start and smarter favourite functions.

The most important features at a glance:

My Immonet: synchronisation of your wish list
– Synchronise your saved properties with
– You will find the registration section in the menu

Android Wear integration
– New search results are displayed directly on your Android Wear watch
– Save favourite dream properties directly via your Android Wear watch

– Innovative fast navigation through the search
– Can cleverly mark search area on map using finger
– Practical search in various city districts
– Check out available properties nearby with the GPS based radius search
– Many filter options for the perfect match e.g. “Balcony” or “Garage”

Search results
– Easily switch back and forth between list and map display*
– Points of interest on map display (doctors, shops, restaurants/cafes, schools and leisure facilities)
– Enlarged images – easy sliding direct in list display
– Save properties in / sort out favourites list by easy swipe
– Find out about new search results automatically even with closed app

Further useful features
– Save photos and notes direct in the exposé
– Easy to contact provider using details in exposé
– Practical viewing of property location and surrounding area on the map*
– Integrated route planner for the shortest route to the chosen property (car, bicycle, on foot)

* Only properties whose addresses have been provided in the exposé are displayed in the map view which may mean that fewer properties are shown in the map view than in the list view.

Do you have questions or ideas about our app? We look forward to receiving your feedback on: [email protected]
Wir haben zahlreiche Optimierungen und Bugfixes durchgeführt, um dein Sucherlebnis noch besser zu machen.
Vielen lieben Dank für das kontinuierliche Feedback!

>>>Download Immonet Property Search APK<<<

Immonet Property Search  screenshots 1Immonet Property Search  screenshots 2Immonet Property Search  screenshots 3Immonet Property Search  screenshots 4Immonet Property Search  screenshots 5Immonet Property Search  screenshots 6Immonet Property Search  screenshots 7Immonet Property Search  screenshots 8Immonet Property Search  screenshots 9Immonet Property Search  screenshots 10Immonet Property Search  screenshots 11

>>>Download Immonet Property Search APK<<<

UCI KINOWELT Filme & Tickets Download Latest Version APK

Download UCI KINOWELT Filme & Tickets Latest Version APK

Lieblingsplätze online buchen: Sitzplätze bequem auswählen und Kinotickets für alle UCI KINOWELTen direkt buchen. Alle aktuellen Filmtrailer, Filminhalte, Spielpläne, News und Events. Freunde einladen, Filme merken, Anfahrtpläne. Tickets einfach stornieren, wenn der Kinobesuch doch nicht klappt.

Warum verschwindet nach einem Neustart meines Gerätes die Verknüpfung für die App?
Wenn die App auf bestimmten Geräten der Samsung Galaxy Reihe installiert wird kann es vorkommen, dass eine auf dem Homescreen eingerichtete Verknüpfung nach dem Geräteneustart nicht mehr vorhanden ist. Dieser Fehler kann vermieden werden, wenn die App im internen Speicher und nicht z.B. auf der externen SD Karte installiert wird.

Um alle Funktionen der App nutzen zu können, benötigen Sie ein Gerät mit Android 4 oder höher.
Book online haunts: Select seats comfortably and book cinema tickets for all UCI cinema worlds directly. All current movie trailers, movie contents, fixtures, news and events. invite friends remember movies, access routes. Tickets just cancel if the cinema but not expanded.

after rebooting my machine Why disappears the shortcut for the app?
If the app is installed on certain devices of Samsung Galaxy series, it may happen that an arranged on the homescreen shortcut after restarting the device is no longer available. This error can be avoided if the app in the internal memory and not as is installed on the external SD card.

To use all the features of the app to use, you need a device with Android 4 or higher.
Bugfixes und Aktualisierung der Saalpläne zur Entsprechung der gültigen Hygienevorschriften

>>>Download UCI KINOWELT Filme & Tickets APK<<<

UCI KINOWELT Filme & Tickets  screenshots 1UCI KINOWELT Filme & Tickets  screenshots 2UCI KINOWELT Filme & Tickets  screenshots 3UCI KINOWELT Filme & Tickets  screenshots 4UCI KINOWELT Filme & Tickets  screenshots 5UCI KINOWELT Filme & Tickets  screenshots 6UCI KINOWELT Filme & Tickets  screenshots 7

>>>Download UCI KINOWELT Filme & Tickets APK<<<

Poll Pay: Make money & free gift cards w/ a survey Download Latest Version APK

Download Poll Pay: Make money & free gift cards w/ a survey Latest Version APK

? Earn money with surveys, earn money fast! Free gift cards! ?

Poll Pay allows you to earn money with your smartphone. Complete simple polls and surveys to help you earn your second salary. Receive your rewards as either free PayPal Cash, a free voucher, or vouchers. Your mobile mini-job is not only easy but also fast with Poll Pay, make money with surveys now. Real rewards and free gift cards are waiting for you! Be smart and earn money with a survey! Poll Pay is leading the way for survey apps that pay cash. Earn money from home while you search for an alternative job. Increase your PayPal balance with PayPal credit.

The perfect side job these days is on your cell phone! Ingenious vouchers and free gift cards don’t earn themselves, but with Poll Pay, it’s easy. Easy tasks to earn money are waiting for you!

?‍♀️ What are the free rewards? ?‍♀️
• Amazon gift card
• Xbox gift card
• Netflix gift card
• GooglePlay gift card
• PayPal credit
• iTunes gift card

? Rewarded surveys enable you to earn free gift cards! How do you get your coupons, a voucher or free gift cards? ?
1. Login
2. Complete surveys on your phone
3. Exchange balance for Gift cards, a Voucher, PayPal credit or other rewards.

How do you get the rewards you’ve earned?
• Free PayPal Cash – earn PayPal credit via your PayPal account
• Free Xbox gift card – Xbox live Voucher via email coupon
• Free GooglePlay gift cards – earn a GooglePlay voucher and get it via email coupon
• Free Amazon gift cards – earn an Amazon voucher and get it via email coupon

Your Poll Pay team pays a lot of attention to data security at all times.!

No survey available? No problem! There are new surveys to earn money daily, that’s right, every day. These can be short opinion polls or longer market research. We select the very best ones for you so that you can make money comfortably and easily from home. This survey app replaces a part-time job! Use your time from anywhere and enjoy working from your smartphone.

Surveys for cash: The dream job for everyone! But there are not many survey apps that pay cash. Poll Pay is one of the only well working survey apps that can pay cash in the form of PayPal credits! Do you want something more specific? No problem, exchange your free cash for a voucher, such as an iTunes gift card.

You always wanted to improve your pocket money, or you just wanted to earn something with your mobile phone? No problem! With Poll Pay this is now super easy and possible for everyone. Complete the surveys like a quiz and earn $-points that you can redeem for your desired reward. It works like a cashback system that is unique in the Google Play Store. Also ideal for players who want to earn extra gems, gold or bucks.

Invite your friends to Poll Pay and earn extra free cash for each invite. Just share your referral or invite code and start earning credits.

Fast and secured payouts after less than 48 hours!

Poll Pay makes one thing possible: earn money from home! Your opinion is important to us!

If you have free time and want to use that time, you can use simple surveys to earn fast money. You sit at the kitchen table in the morning and earn credit with Poll Pay while you enjoy a coffee. You can get your phone out during your break at work or any other opportunity and earn vouchers and rewards with just a few clicks. You still lack a little money on PayPal to fill your next wish? Earn PayPal credit easily by answering some opinion polls. With Poll Pay, absolutely anyone can earn an extra salary.

❓ How does it work? ❓
1. Register with Poll Pay
2. Participate in surveys to get and increase your balance.
3. Exchange your balance for PayPal credits, Amazon vouchers, and many other voucher cards.
4. Benefit from daily new surveys

Poll Pay experiences and ratings show that Poll Pay is a good app for paid surveys. Complete a survey now!
The latest version contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

>>>Download Poll Pay: Make money & free gift cards w/ a survey 4.0.5 APK<<<

Poll Pay: Make money & free gift cards w/ a survey 4.0.5 screenshots 1Poll Pay: Make money & free gift cards w/ a survey 4.0.5 screenshots 2Poll Pay: Make money & free gift cards w/ a survey 4.0.5 screenshots 3Poll Pay: Make money & free gift cards w/ a survey 4.0.5 screenshots 4Poll Pay: Make money & free gift cards w/ a survey 4.0.5 screenshots 5Poll Pay: Make money & free gift cards w/ a survey 4.0.5 screenshots 6Poll Pay: Make money & free gift cards w/ a survey 4.0.5 screenshots 7Poll Pay: Make money & free gift cards w/ a survey 4.0.5 screenshots 8Poll Pay: Make money & free gift cards w/ a survey 4.0.5 screenshots 9Poll Pay: Make money & free gift cards w/ a survey 4.0.5 screenshots 10Poll Pay: Make money & free gift cards w/ a survey 4.0.5 screenshots 11Poll Pay: Make money & free gift cards w/ a survey 4.0.5 screenshots 12Poll Pay: Make money & free gift cards w/ a survey 4.0.5 screenshots 13Poll Pay: Make money & free gift cards w/ a survey 4.0.5 screenshots 14Poll Pay: Make money & free gift cards w/ a survey 4.0.5 screenshots 15Poll Pay: Make money & free gift cards w/ a survey 4.0.5 screenshots 16

>>>Download Poll Pay: Make money & free gift cards w/ a survey 4.0.5 APK<<<

Google Home Download Latest Version APK

Download Google Home Latest Version APK

Set up, manage, and control your Google Home, Google Nest, and Chromecast devices, plus thousands of connected home products like lights, cameras, thermostats, and more – all from the Google Home app.

One view of your home.
The Home tab gives you shortcuts for the things you do most, like playing music or dimming the lights when you want to start a movie. Control it all with just a tap – and get to the good stuff faster. The Feed tab highlights the most important events in your home all in one place. Here you’ll also find ways to get more out of your devices and improve your home setup.

Create routines that allow you to turn on lights, check the weather, play the news, and more with one simple command.

See all the active audio and video streams on all your home devices in one place, change their volumes, skip to the next track, or quickly change which speakers they’re playing from.

Understand what’s going on at home with a glance. The Google Home app is designed to show you the status of your home and keep you up to date with what you missed. Check in on your home anytime and see a recap of recent events. You can also get a notification if something important happens while you’re away.

Set up your Nest Wifi in minutes using the Google Home app. Manage your network from your mobile device. Run speed tests, set up a guest network, and easily share your Wi-Fi password with family and friends. Decide which devices to prioritize for faster speeds and use parental controls like Wi-Fi pause to manage online time for the kids.

* Some products and features may not be available in all regions. Compatible devices required.
Over the next few days we’ll be rolling out the following:

Import your Wi-Fi network from the Google Wifi app so you can manage your network and other connected devices in one place. Use Google Assistant to do things like pause Wi-Fi, check your internet speed, and show your guest Wi-Fi password on smart displays.

>>>Download Google Home APK<<<

Google Home  screenshots 1Google Home  screenshots 2Google Home  screenshots 3Google Home  screenshots 4Google Home  screenshots 5Google Home  screenshots 6Google Home  screenshots 7Google Home  screenshots 8Google Home  screenshots 9Google Home  screenshots 10Google Home  screenshots 11Google Home  screenshots 12

>>>Download Google Home APK<<<

Ibiza Video Chat Download Latest Version APK

Download Ibiza Video Chat Latest Version APK

Join video calls with various people from different cultures.
Earn incoming call rewards in your free time, and cash out later.

[Key Features]
– Meet new people through live video calls!
– No language barrier. Text and voice chats are translated in real-time
– Enjoy the conversation. Try face filters and chat stickers for smoothing talks
– Safely stay connected. Keep making video calls/text with new friends, no contact sharing needed.
– Value your time. Earn rewards by engaging with people and redeem money when you meet the requirements

[Community Safety]
The top priority is to maintain user safety and positive experience for the team. We achieve this by providing the utmost care and service so that everyone may safely enjoy what it has to offer. Please respect other users and follow our guidelines to keep it clean at all times!

[Data Protection]
All user data is protected in our secure server and never shared with any third party. Only your profile information you agree to make public will be shown to other users. Be mindful of personal or private information you may reveal through conversations. Your location is never fully disclosed.

[App Permissions]
– Storage: to send, download, and save photos.
– Location: to find matches around your current location.
– Microphone: to transmit your voice during video calls.
– Camera: to transmit your video during video calls.

Your suggestions are valuable for us.
You can reach us at [email protected]
– Improve stability

>>>Download Ibiza Video Chat APK<<<

Ibiza Video Chat  screenshots 1Ibiza Video Chat  screenshots 2Ibiza Video Chat  screenshots 3Ibiza Video Chat  screenshots 4Ibiza Video Chat  screenshots 5Ibiza Video Chat  screenshots 6

>>>Download Ibiza Video Chat APK<<<

New HappyMod – Happy Apps Download Latest Version APK

Download New HappyMod – Happy Apps Latest Version APK

MOD Apps: HappyMOD is the biggest hub for Modified and cracked apps that will give users the best premium apps for no cost.
Simple UI: The user interface for HappyMod is designed similar to the professional app to give users the best experience.
MOD Parameters: HappyMod provides you the parameters of each modified app to let users know the cracked features in each app.
The HappyMod interface looks like a basic marketplace where you’ll see different apps organized by games or tools. On the other hand, you’ll also find a window where you can find APKs that have been uploaded to the catalog recently.
HappyMod is the best place for mod lover! Welcome!
Happya pps is one of the most interesting features in HappyMod, Happy apps is that for each app you’ll see the modified parameters that the version includes.
Happyapps: Older Versions: If any of the MOD apps does not support your Android device, you can always download the older version APK file for compatibility issues.
Trending List: Happymod Download the cracked versions of trending apps and games. Happymod and more games.
HappyMod is paltform for mod lovers to download, request and test android mods. HappyMod don’t make the mods, and all the mods came from internet.Over 30,0000 android app mods can be downloaded here. And we will add more android mod apps.
HappyMod Apps & Games

>>>Download New HappyMod – Happy Apps APK<<<

New HappyMod - Happy Apps  screenshots 1New HappyMod - Happy Apps  screenshots 2New HappyMod - Happy Apps  screenshots 3New HappyMod - Happy Apps  screenshots 4New HappyMod - Happy Apps  screenshots 5New HappyMod - Happy Apps  screenshots 6

>>>Download New HappyMod – Happy Apps APK<<<

GiFi Download Latest Version APK

Download GiFi Latest Version APK

Avec l’application mobile GiFi, profitez de 50% de réduction sur une sélection d’articles variés pour décorer votre maison, simplifier votre quotidien ou encore profiter de la saison.

Grâce à l’application gratuite GiFi :
> Votre fidélité est récompensée : profitez de 50% de réduction dès le téléchargement de l’application
> Trouvez en un clic le magasin le plus proche de vous, où que vous soyez
> Feuilletez le catalogue promotionnel en cours
> Créez vos alertes personnalisées sur l’actualité de votre magasin favori : opération spéciale, ouverture exceptionnelle, changement d’horaires…

Pour tout savoir de cette application :
Pour toute remarque ou suggestion relative à cette application, contactez nous : [email protected]

L’utilisation de l’application nécessite l’accès au GPS, son utilisation continue affecte les performances de la batterie.
With the mobile application GiFi, enjoy 50% discount on a selection of various items to decorate your home, simplify your life and still enjoy the season.

With the free app GiFi:
> Your loyalty is rewarded: Enjoy a 50% discount from the application download
> Find in a nearest you click the store, wherever you are
> Browse promotional current catalog
> Create your custom news about your favorite store alerts: special operation, exceptional opening schedule changes …

To learn more about this application: / application-mobile-vip.html
For any comments or suggestions regarding this application, contact us [email protected]

Use of the application requires access to GPS, its continued use affects battery performance.
Améliorations messagerie

>>>Download GiFi APK<<<

GiFi  screenshots 1GiFi  screenshots 2GiFi  screenshots 3GiFi  screenshots 4GiFi  screenshots 5GiFi  screenshots 6GiFi  screenshots 7GiFi  screenshots 8GiFi  screenshots 9GiFi  screenshots 10GiFi  screenshots 11GiFi  screenshots 12GiFi  screenshots 13GiFi  screenshots 14GiFi  screenshots 15

>>>Download GiFi APK<<<