Butter Download Latest Version APK

Download Butter Latest Version APK

What is Butter for ?

Butter is a tool to build a customized app suite for the Linux, OSX,
Windows, Android and iOS platforms. Our Open Source technology is easy to
adapt to specific needs, allowing extreme visual (colors, logos,
styles, …) and functional customizations:

– Offer the ability to connect to a VPN provider (only vpn.ht for now)
– Synchronize views and progress on Trakt.tv
– Use IMDB, TMDB or OMDB to enrich media metadata (or write your own plugin)
– Allow wireless streaming to Chromecast, AppleTV or DLNA devices
– Automated fetching and display of subtitles in a wide range of
languages (currently only via OpenSubtitles)
– Watch content’s trailers in-app (fetched from Youtube)
– App available (as of today) in 38 languages, number that can be easely expanded
– And many more…

Some of the use-cases are:

The Cannes festival could launch an app, with their own colors and styles,
that would allow to watch all of their content presented during the festival all
around the world.

The EZLN could build another app to gather documentaries on their history,
distributed side by side with their “political formation” audiovisual contents.

All this OpenSource technology can run on a private infrastructure or be
distributed on the Internet in order to evade censorship.

Who are we ?

We are a group of independent developers. that got to know each other working
on the Popcorn Time project. Our interests and political views are quite
diverse, but we all share the will to build the best VOD platform in the
world, we all want it to be OpenSource, resilliant and innovative.

We are the developers behind the Popcorn Time, the popcorntime.io version,
that is now closed because of legal hazards (in Canada). We had 15 Millon
users worldwide on a infrastructure that has a monthly cost of 80$USD.
Popcorntime is proven technology and that we didn’t want to let die, so we
decided we wanted to work on the technology without being exposed to
bullying on supposed content copyright issues.

Anyhow, we’re now adding even more modularization steps to lower the
technical requirements to bootstrap custom solutions.

Today, to adapt Butter to a custom organization you need to:
– create a `provider` for the Media Asset Management (MAM) solution that
your org uses, this requires a web developer with Javascript skills.
– create a `skin` with the specific branding that you envision, this
requires a web designer with HTML and CSS skills.

In order to develop Butter and show it as a «Proof of Concept» (to give
an idea of it’s capabilities in a «real world» scenario), we have filled it
with Open content. That is why we built plugins for the vodo.net,
archive.org and media.ccc.de content providers.

Butter being an OpenSource project all it’s users and hackers will be
blessed by the multiplication of `providers`, we are working on implementing
code for the most common MAM solutions observed in the wild

For further technical details, we invite you to check the code:
– https://github.com/butterproject/butter-android

– Fixing app banner

>>>Download Butter 0.5.19 APK<<<

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>>>Download Butter 0.5.19 APK<<<

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