Blocky Dude – Scary Game Download Latest Version APK

Download Blocky Dude – Scary Game Latest Version APK

There is some scary blocky guy in the neighborhood. He is strange wierd guy and does some suspicious stuff. Its time to do those scary activities and explore his haunted house.
The dude is busy in building some strange stuff, which makes you suspect he is a bad guy. Let’s enter into your his house and find his secrets. But be careful , the blocky dude is very active. Sneak into his house. Find the key to open his hidden treasures. Use your strategies to win its exciting episodes.

When he is around, keep hiding until he leaves the room. Search some suspicious things in his house like humans. If your neighbor reaches you then you will fail the level. Its third episode is very challenging. In this episode you have to escape from his haunted house.
Let’s try and enjoy!

Blocky Dude 3D Features:
• High Quality 3D Graphics!
• Amazing Sounds!
• Smooth and Easy Controls!
• Interesting activities!
• Direction map and Hints!
• Addictive gameplay!
Performance Improvement.

>>>Download Blocky Dude – Scary Game 1.9 APK<<<

Blocky Dude - Scary Game 1.9 screenshots 1Blocky Dude - Scary Game 1.9 screenshots 2Blocky Dude - Scary Game 1.9 screenshots 3

>>>Download Blocky Dude – Scary Game 1.9 APK<<<

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