BootManager Download Latest Version APK

Download BootManager Latest Version APK

With this app modul you could prevent selected apps of running on system startup. Only apps with the permission BOOT_COMPLETED are shown in the list. System apps are marked with an exclamation mark.
To restrict system apps you have to donate.

Your device has to be rooted to install the required X-posed framework:

Description for non-developers:
Each app with permission “android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED” is placed in a (Windows slang) “startup folder”. For my 200 installed apps that are about 33%. On system boot every of these apps gets started. Possible options:
– app shows a notification
– app starts a (hidden) service in background
– app exits again (eg user has set an option)
If you disable an app in the BootManager it does not get that event and is not started at *next system boot*.

An app still starts at system boot? Android has many other events which could start an app!
Example: Skype has the permission “android.permission.MOUNT_UNMOUNT_FILESYSTEMS”. This means, (again Windows slang) if you insert a DVD into you drive, “autorun” is executed and starts Skype.
Note: As your sd-card is mostly always inserted, this could be used to start apps at system boot….

Other triggers are: A BlueTooth device (dis-)connect, connection type changes (2g/3g/wlan) or power adapter is (un-)plugged.
All these could be restriced with my other app “ReceiverStop”. Be carefull and do not disable the wrong.

Donator-App & Features:
See in the app or on website

>>>Download BootManager 3.9.2 APK<<<

BootManager 3.9.2 screenshots 1BootManager 3.9.2 screenshots 2BootManager 3.9.2 screenshots 3

>>>Download BootManager 3.9.2 APK<<<

Fire Screen Simulated Download Latest Version APK

Download Fire Screen Simulated Latest Version APK

Fire Screen ignites very realistic flame animation on the screen of your phone. Touch the screen and you will see realistic flames burning on your mobile screen.

Fire effect shows up in the place where your finger is touching, so you can burn your screen anywhere you want to. You will be able to set the time after which the flame will be extinguished. You also have two kinds of background to choose: transparent and black ones. Choosing the transparent background will give you an impression as if your phone bursts into flames.

★Touch to generate realistic fire, flames
★Realistic burning animation of the fire with sound.
★Transparent background mode.

Disclaimer : This is just prank app and to play with friends and family. fire flames are animated and it will not produce real fire on mobile screen. Please do not think fire screen is real game. this is just made for fun

>>>Download Fire Screen Simulated 5.0 APK<<<

Fire Screen Simulated 5.0 screenshots 1Fire Screen Simulated 5.0 screenshots 2Fire Screen Simulated 5.0 screenshots 3Fire Screen Simulated 5.0 screenshots 4Fire Screen Simulated 5.0 screenshots 5

>>>Download Fire Screen Simulated 5.0 APK<<<

Super AirTraffic Control Download Latest Version APK

Download Super AirTraffic Control Latest Version APK

Do you love airplanes? Do you love arcade games? Super AirTraffic Control is for you!

Guide your planes to a safe landing at various airports. Draw their flight lines to avoid crashes and see whether you can beat your friends’ high scores!

What are you waiting for? It’s flight time!
Hey Guys!

We are very proud to bring you a brand new game! We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we’ve enjoyed making it!

Stay Huuuge!

>>>Download Super AirTraffic Control 1.4.1 APK<<<

Super AirTraffic Control 1.4.1 screenshots 1Super AirTraffic Control 1.4.1 screenshots 2Super AirTraffic Control 1.4.1 screenshots 3Super AirTraffic Control 1.4.1 screenshots 4Super AirTraffic Control 1.4.1 screenshots 5

>>>Download Super AirTraffic Control 1.4.1 APK<<<

Golden Farm : Idle Farming Game Download Latest Version APK

Download Golden Farm : Idle Farming Game Latest Version APK

Hey! You had a busy day? We suggest you to get a farm game simulator. Create your village life with growing and selling harvest. Reconstruct buildings, grow animals. Widen the harvest land. Join the village family and become the top farmer.

Golden Farm: game simulator for the whole family! Start your happy day in the village and finish as an idle farmer in the town. When the town surrounds you have a unique possibility to create your paradise – village land. Pick harvest, fruits, vegetables and animals every day. Hey, do not forget to sell your agricultural products in the town.

* Build and upgrade farm buildings!
* Grow fruit trees and plants in fields and gardens!
* Breed animals: feed a chicken flock, milk a cow and shear sheep!
* Explore diamond mines below the farm!
* Produce and trade all sorts of goods: from dairy to jewelry!
* Connect with locals! Add Facebook friends as neighbors, or make new friends in the family farm!
* Compete with other farmers at the Fair of Achievements!
* Manage a top grade delivery service: by car, train or even airship!
* Customize your farm! Choose from tons of furniture, decor and flower items to make it look trendy!
* Visit neighboring farms to find out whose grass is greener!
* Get your daily serving of farming fun! Grab a lottery ticket and scratch off your way to the jackpot.

Download and start your idle farming empire.
The traditional feast of culinary art has begun! Over the next few days, your farm will turn into a gastronomic paradise. Prepare delicious dishes with berries and fruits and get valuable prizes!
LIKE and stay tuned for hot news:

>>>Download Golden Farm : Idle Farming Game 1.13.2 APK<<<

Golden Farm : Idle Farming Game 1.13.2 screenshots 1Golden Farm : Idle Farming Game 1.13.2 screenshots 2Golden Farm : Idle Farming Game 1.13.2 screenshots 3

>>>Download Golden Farm : Idle Farming Game 1.13.2 APK<<<

Unrar Download Latest Version APK

Download Unrar Latest Version APK

Easy unrar, rar files for Android

RAR can create RAR and ZIP and unpack RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, XZ, 7z, ISO, ARJ archives. List of functions include repair command for damaged ZIP and RAR files, benchmark function compatible with RARLAB’s WinRAR benchmark, recovery record, usual and recovery volumes, encryption, solid archives, utilizing multiple CPU cores to compress data.

Additionally to standard ZIP files, unzip function supports ZIP and ZIPX with BZIP2, LZMA, PPMd and XZ compression also as password protected ZIP. Unrar command is available for all versions of RAR archives including the latest RAR5, password protected and multipart files.

RAR displays advertising to cover development costs. You can pay in options menu to turn off ads. RAR requests access to network, viewing network connections and billing to display or disable ads. “Install unknown apps” permission is requested, so .apk files can be started
from RAR in Android 8+.

The features included in current version are –
1. Extract rar file.
2. View rar file info.
3. Extract password protected rar file.
4. Extract multi-part rar archives.
5. View files in archive.
6. Extract selected files from archive.
7. Extract files in selected folder.
8. Mini file browser.
9. Ask for option if file exist (Options are – Yes(Overwrite), No, All, Never, Rename, Rename All)
10. View rar comment if present.
11. Can keep broken/corrupted files.
12. Unicode support.
13. Large file support (Larger than 2GB).
14. Search functionality.
15. Open/Extract rar directly from email attachment.
16. Support Rar version 5.
17. Zip support (Experimental).
18. Background extraction.
Rar & unrar easily with Unrar

>>>Download Unrar 1.0 APK<<<

Unrar 1.0 screenshots 1Unrar 1.0 screenshots 2Unrar 1.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download Unrar 1.0 APK<<<

New Escape Games – Fantasy Warehouse Download Latest Version APK

Download New Escape Games – Fantasy Warehouse Latest Version APK

It’s time to move out from your parents house now that you are in legal age. But even though you are moving away, your parents want to make sure that you are okay. In fact, they want you to find the most warehouse in the city. You’ve been haunting for that warehouse and you finally saw one on the internet. The ad is so great so you went to the place to check it personally. It looks good on the outside but it’s the total different on the inside. This is not the house that you want to live in. So, you decided not the take the house. But the problem is, the house took you. Seems like this house is haunted and you can’t escape from it. Good luck and have fun!
Fantasy Warehouse Escape is the new point and click type of escape game developed by Best Escape Games.

>>>Download New Escape Games – Fantasy Warehouse V1.0.0.0 APK<<<

New Escape Games - Fantasy Warehouse V1.0.0.0 screenshots 1New Escape Games - Fantasy Warehouse V1.0.0.0 screenshots 2New Escape Games - Fantasy Warehouse V1.0.0.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download New Escape Games – Fantasy Warehouse V1.0.0.0 APK<<<

Scary Halloween Live Wallpaper Download Latest Version APK

Download Scary Halloween Live Wallpaper Latest Version APK

Enjoy this scary and beautiful live wallpaper in the Halloween night!

The dark house, bats, graveyard and impressive skies are just what you need to see on your screen.
Install this scene and enjoy the amazing colors of skies and clouds

You can easily choose desired color scheme or it will be smoothly changed from one scene to another. Enjoy red sunset, blue sunrise and other mystics and beautiful scenes

You also can easily change a current scene at any time by double touch on the screen

Happy Halloween!

Main features:
– Handy scenes switch by double touch on the screen
– Six predefined color schemes. You can select a specific one or it can be randomly animated
– Very smooth and nice sky animation between scene changes
Minor fixes
Brightness level has been added
Rate dialog has been added

>>>Download Scary Halloween Live Wallpaper APK<<<

Scary Halloween Live Wallpaper  screenshots 1Scary Halloween Live Wallpaper  screenshots 2Scary Halloween Live Wallpaper  screenshots 3Scary Halloween Live Wallpaper  screenshots 4Scary Halloween Live Wallpaper  screenshots 5Scary Halloween Live Wallpaper  screenshots 6Scary Halloween Live Wallpaper  screenshots 7Scary Halloween Live Wallpaper  screenshots 8Scary Halloween Live Wallpaper  screenshots 9Scary Halloween Live Wallpaper  screenshots 10Scary Halloween Live Wallpaper  screenshots 11

>>>Download Scary Halloween Live Wallpaper APK<<<

Fighting Tiger – Liberal Download Latest Version APK

Download Fighting Tiger – Liberal Latest Version APK

You are Gin, a Kung Fu fighter, and desperately want to leave your gang, but your gang has other ideas. You need to fight for your girlfriend and your life, which could end very soon if you make the wrong move.

Features include:
* Special fighting styles : Liberal Kungfu ( Chinese boxing, Sanda, Bajiquan, Chinese sword ) or use a gun. To knock enemies down with protean attack.
* Sensitive and special 3D fighting control system : It’s very easy to control on your mobile device.
* Sophisticated 3D characters and large scenes!
* Smooth and intense motion! You can use punching, kicking, catching, throwing, and dodge… use everything to defend yourself in the brawl on the street! Combine these fighting skills to create a variety of deadly attacks.
* You can pick up varied weapons to strike the enemies.
* Learn Kung Fu and martial art using 3D interactive mode.

With Fighting Tiger – Liberal on your device, you’ll battle the evil forces of the Savage-Tiger Gang and attempt to rescue your lover, Shan. You are given many different defenses and attack techniques to help you fend off these attackers who want you dead. Master all the techniques , so you can survive!
New last duel scene.
New boss!
New fighting style in nightmare scene.

>>>Download Fighting Tiger – Liberal 2.6.0 APK<<<

Fighting Tiger - Liberal 2.6.0 screenshots 1Fighting Tiger - Liberal 2.6.0 screenshots 2Fighting Tiger - Liberal 2.6.0 screenshots 3Fighting Tiger - Liberal 2.6.0 screenshots 4Fighting Tiger - Liberal 2.6.0 screenshots 5Fighting Tiger - Liberal 2.6.0 screenshots 6Fighting Tiger - Liberal 2.6.0 screenshots 7Fighting Tiger - Liberal 2.6.0 screenshots 8Fighting Tiger - Liberal 2.6.0 screenshots 9Fighting Tiger - Liberal 2.6.0 screenshots 10Fighting Tiger - Liberal 2.6.0 screenshots 11Fighting Tiger - Liberal 2.6.0 screenshots 12Fighting Tiger - Liberal 2.6.0 screenshots 13Fighting Tiger - Liberal 2.6.0 screenshots 14Fighting Tiger - Liberal 2.6.0 screenshots 15Fighting Tiger - Liberal 2.6.0 screenshots 16Fighting Tiger - Liberal 2.6.0 screenshots 17Fighting Tiger - Liberal 2.6.0 screenshots 18

>>>Download Fighting Tiger – Liberal 2.6.0 APK<<<

SummerTime The Vacation App Download Latest Version APK

Download SummerTime The Vacation App Latest Version APK

Take a SummerTime Adventure with our app!

Visit a Mountain Cabin; Go River Rafting in Glenwood Springs, Colorado; Ride a Skidoo in Laughlin, Nevada; Watch a Baseball game in So. Cal.; Attend the Orange County Fair and then Watch the Blue Angels fly over the former El Toro Naval Air Base. Get through all of that and then Watch Out for the Final Surprise on where your SummerTime Adventure ends!

Touch the Yellow Button to view the HELP screen before playing for the first time.

Practice and Four Scoring Goals – each progressively harder – must be completed by touching the flashing colorful icons when they appear.

Touch the yellow Sun to get started – the app comes alive with flashing icons
Sounds too easy? The Higher Levels require scores of 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 points for completion.

Each Icon has a score value from 10 to 300 points. There are no negative value icons – only positive ones!

The scoreboard is located in the bottom middle of the screen.

A catch increases your score by the icon value and a miss decreases your score by the same icon value.

The action is very quick so don’t worry about the scoreboard – just concentrate on catching the icons!

If you can complete each level then your SummerTime Picture / Video show is your reward.

Touch the Green Play button to view the video – the Red Stop button ends the show.

Touch NEXT to advance to the next level or if the score is not met then the app will repeat the same level.

Complete all levels of play to view the High Score.

Challenge your friends to see who can win the app with the best High Score.

Touch REPLAY to go again.

Come on and play SummerTime and Get Out There!

>>>Download SummerTime The Vacation App APK<<<

SummerTime The Vacation App  screenshots 1SummerTime The Vacation App  screenshots 2SummerTime The Vacation App  screenshots 3SummerTime The Vacation App  screenshots 4SummerTime The Vacation App  screenshots 5SummerTime The Vacation App  screenshots 6SummerTime The Vacation App  screenshots 7SummerTime The Vacation App  screenshots 8SummerTime The Vacation App  screenshots 9SummerTime The Vacation App  screenshots 10SummerTime The Vacation App  screenshots 11SummerTime The Vacation App  screenshots 12SummerTime The Vacation App  screenshots 13SummerTime The Vacation App  screenshots 14SummerTime The Vacation App  screenshots 15SummerTime The Vacation App  screenshots 16SummerTime The Vacation App  screenshots 17SummerTime The Vacation App  screenshots 18SummerTime The Vacation App  screenshots 19

>>>Download SummerTime The Vacation App APK<<<

nexGTv Kids – Rhymes Cartoons Download Latest Version APK

Download nexGTv Kids – Rhymes Cartoons Latest Version APK

India’s first Kids infotainment mobile app with Live kids TV channels, Movies, nursery rhymes, poems, animated series and TV shows.

Watch kids content, which includes:

• Preschool & Nursery rhymes like twinkle twinkle, Ringa Ringa, johnny johnny, humpty dumpty
• Kids channels like Cartoon Network, Pogo etc.
• Live TV, Kids videos, educational videos, animated series and movies for kids globally.
• Super fun, educational and interactive app for kids to sing-along with music and animations.
• Animated Videos Series like Akbar Birbal, Peekaboo, Singhasan Battisi and many more.

Why would parents and kids like this app?
• nexGTv Kids primarily focuses on the right balance between education and fun, it does not provide fun on the expenses of learning.
• This app only has curated content therefore kids will only watch content meant for their age group.
• Kids can watch and learn 123s, ABCs, Colours, Animals, Fruits and much more. Enjoy Nursery rhymes like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Jingle Bells, Wheel on the Bus, Humpty Dumpty, London Bridge, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Bingo, Old Mac Donald, Rock a bye lullaby, Row Row your boat and many more.
• This app features many videos and live TV channels for kids including Cartoon Network, Pogo and many more.
• Kids can enjoy movies like Bumm Bumm Bole, Makdee, Bal Ganesh, Popeye series.
• There are many animated Videos Series like Akbar Birbal, Peekaboo, Singhasan Battisi etc.
What’s New-
• Data Saving Mode: This feature allows Mobile TV users to manage their data consumption while streaming videos on their phone.
• Updated UI: Meet a brand new vibrant look and feel for our app streaming Indian TV channels.
• Quicky: Brand new feature, choose the time you have and our mobile TV app will serve the best video recommendations for your viewing pleasure.
• Reminders and TV Guide: View the entire TV guide of upcoming week & setup reminders for your favorite TV shows.
• Minimized Player Window: Browse the App without interrupting your Mobile TV watching experience by minimizing the new video player.
In addition to the above, there are state-of-the-art features such as Multi-screen viewing, adaptive bitrate, easy controls and many more and this unique nexGTV Kids mobile TV app is now available for free download.

Key Features:
• Watch Kids Live TV on your device Free
• Watch Animated Series, movies, nursery Rhymes and kids songs
• Watch Live TV Channels –Cartoon Network, Pogo Network and many more
• Watch Online movies – Bumm Bumm Bole, Makdee, Bal Ganesh and many more
• Toddler will learn nursery rhymes
• Interactive animation delight for kids
• Happy music and sounds
• Simple and easy controls, easy for kids to play
• RESUME feature to watch movies and videos from where you left off
• Full Screen Viewing with Play and Pause option available
• Picture in picture feature on Live TV allowing quick switch
• Advanced Search with Integrated Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for all channels
• Easy Volume control & Interactive On- screen controls enable easy scrolling through channels and settings adjustment even while watching your favorite TV show
• Adaptive bit rate streaming allows you to adjust video quality according to internet speed
• International- You can enjoy nexGTv Kids from India worldwide.
• Social Connect and Sharing via Facebook and Twitter enables you to share what you are watching with friends
• Features no advertisement (made for kids)

* Data Charges will vary as per the data plan subscribed

nexGTv Kids is available globally and can be watched outside of India as well. However, the content catalogue may vary as per respective territory.
Also you can Search for My nexGTv app on play store and discover a collection of awesome apps for your wholesome entertainment.
For any query, please call our customer care number in india @ 18601081010 / 18601081008 or mail us at [email protected]
Minor bug fixes and improvements

>>>Download nexGTv Kids – Rhymes Cartoons 1.1.0 APK<<<

nexGTv Kids – Rhymes Cartoons 1.1.0 screenshots 1nexGTv Kids – Rhymes Cartoons 1.1.0 screenshots 2nexGTv Kids – Rhymes Cartoons 1.1.0 screenshots 3nexGTv Kids – Rhymes Cartoons 1.1.0 screenshots 4nexGTv Kids – Rhymes Cartoons 1.1.0 screenshots 5nexGTv Kids – Rhymes Cartoons 1.1.0 screenshots 6nexGTv Kids – Rhymes Cartoons 1.1.0 screenshots 7nexGTv Kids – Rhymes Cartoons 1.1.0 screenshots 8nexGTv Kids – Rhymes Cartoons 1.1.0 screenshots 9nexGTv Kids – Rhymes Cartoons 1.1.0 screenshots 10nexGTv Kids – Rhymes Cartoons 1.1.0 screenshots 11nexGTv Kids – Rhymes Cartoons 1.1.0 screenshots 12nexGTv Kids – Rhymes Cartoons 1.1.0 screenshots 13nexGTv Kids – Rhymes Cartoons 1.1.0 screenshots 14nexGTv Kids – Rhymes Cartoons 1.1.0 screenshots 15

>>>Download nexGTv Kids – Rhymes Cartoons 1.1.0 APK<<<